The Up-Town Ghouls – Part 4

I’m aware that the last time I posted anything about this team I promised that I’d be adding a couple of ghouls to the roster and since then a) I’ve been completely distracted by other things and b) I’ve still not painted any ghouls. In the interests of redressing the balance a little though here’s a bunch more zombies. 

Blood Bowl Zombie Warhammer Wudugast (1)Blood Bowl Zombie Warhammer Wudugast (2)Blood Bowl Zombie Warhammer Wudugast (3)Blood Bowl Zombie Warhammer Wudugast (4)

No-one can accused this team of lacking bodies (boom boom). Here’s all the zombies I’ve painted so far.

Blood Bowl Zombie Warhammer Wudugast (5)

Anyway, next time I work on this team it really will be ghouls because those aside the team is almost done. 

21 responses to “The Up-Town Ghouls – Part 4

  • Alex

    Cracking job mate – these poor linemen only exist to be pummelled into the turf, but they are adorable for it. Love the subdued tones, bang on 👍

  • Faust

    Ok. I guess you were too lazy to paint the feet, so you just stuck plants on them!! ;D

    Seriously, nice work on them. Love the post title and the lead-up to not actually having painted any ghouls yet, haha! You’ve got a good start on the team though, and I’m sure you can knock out the ghouls in no time.

    • Wudugast

      Yeah, who doesn’t do that? Personally I don’t even bother owning shoes, I just stuck some clumps of grass to my feet years ago and it’s saved me a fortune on shoes and socks ever since.

      Aye, the team is coming together nicely – just need to finish the pair of ghouls (that have been sitting part done on my desk since January…) and we’re good to go now. 🙂

  • John@justneedsvarnish

    Quite an animated, if unsynchronised, bunch! 🙂 I really like ’em!

  • Kuribo

    This team is coming together, mate! I’d be curious to see how they perform in-game. They look like they’d be frail against a team like the Orks but I’m sure they have a rule or two to offset that somehow 🙂

    • Wudugast

      Cheers man! I’ve wondered the same thing actually. These are a tier 2 team and Orcs are tier 1 so you’d expect the green lads to be a bit better though. (Blood Bowl teams are grouped into three tiers – Tier 1 “we’re top athletes and we’re going to the world cup”, Tier 2 – “we’re reasonable athletes and we play for our town”, Tier 3 – “we play for our pub because god knows we need the exercise!”). Keep in mind though that these are just the linemen, the most basic players on the team. This is all theoryhammer because I’ve not tried them out yet but my understanding is that the job of the zombies is to get in the way of the opposing team and get horribly killed and trampled into the dirt, only to rise again and shamble back out of the dugout to do it all over again. And whilst they are getting underfoot (quite literally a lot of the time) better, faster and more skillful members of the team like the ghouls, flesh golems and werewolves can romp home and score.

      • Kuribo

        That makes a lot of sense both in tiers but also in how the undead play. I reckon they’d be good at being in the way and dying only to come back 🙂 I never played Warhammer Fantasy but I feel like they had a similar role there too.

  • theimperfectmodeller

    Well if your up town ghouls want backstreet guys then they won’t need to look further than these Zombie! Lovely work. 🙂

  • templeofthutmos

    Great job on these. So much character in this sorry lot.

  • imperialrebelork

    Brilliant. I particularly like the second one.

  • patmcf

    Great stuff mate, mine the third guy as he reminds me of myself!!!

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