Dat Der Dokk Iz Bak! 

Cast your mind back to the heady days of June 2020 and you may recall that I painted a Bonesplitterz Wardokk (or a Savage Orc shaman if you speak English). If you need a reminder he looked a little bit like this…

Secretly I was never entirely happy with him. His skin, painted exactly the same way as all my other Orcs and Orks, looked too dark and drab. Perhaps it was the way it contrasted against all the bones he’s wearing but it didn’t look right to me (although I’m perfectly happy with how it looks on all my other greenskins). Plus he needed some tattoos and warpaint to really look the part of a crazed barbarian shaman. In fact it was this dissatisfaction that lead me to try a different shade of skin for my Savage Orcs when I put together a warband of them last Orctober. Here’s an example of the new style. 

Since then I’ve been meaning to go back to the old Wardokk and repaint his skin to bring him into line with the rest of the crew, and now I’ve finally got around to it. 

Savage Orc Wardokk Shaman Warhammer Wudugast (1)Savage Orc Wardokk Shaman Warhammer Wudugast (2)Savage Orc Wardokk Shaman Warhammer Wudugast (3)

And here he is hanging out with a couple of his new buddies as he finally finds his place in the tribe.

Savage Orc Wardokk Shaman Warhammer Wudugast (4)

Needless to say I’m much happier with him now and he can take his place at last alongside the rest of the ladz. 


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