Avast Improvement

I’ve seen pirates popping up on some of my favourite blogs lately, with Alex from Leadballoony completing his Ghost Archipelago warband and IRO making an entire pirate island, not to mention all the amazing piratical goodness produced by Mikko at Dawn of the Lead. Needless to say I’ve been tempted away from all the things I’m meant to be painting and, abiding by the principle that one should always be oneself unless one has the opportunity to be a pirate instead, I grabbed a treasure map, spliced the mainsail, donned an eyepatch, consumed an inordinate amount of rum and then painted this chap. All things considered I probably could have done a better job of him but I was very drunk and had no depth-perception.

Pirate Wudugast (1)Pirate Wudugast (2)

This scurvy sea-dog comes from Black Scorpion’s Cutlass! range and goes by the name Solomon. I picked him up alongside some of their men-at-arms although I must admit I’m tempted to get myself some more pirates from them as well now.


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