Blood Bowl Troll 

I’ve been promising to paint up a troll for my Blood Bowl teams for years now and it’s well past time I just got the hell on with it so here he is at last. 

Blood Bowl Troll Warhammer Wudugast (1)Blood Bowl Troll Warhammer Wudugast (2)Blood Bowl Troll Warhammer Wudugast (3)Blood Bowl Troll Warhammer Wudugast (4)Blood Bowl Troll Warhammer Wudugast (5)Blood Bowl Troll Warhammer Wudugast (6)

He wasn’t the easiest model to paint but actually he wasn’t that difficult either, I think I managed to convince myself that he was going to be very challenging and in the end he wasn’t too bad. I might even talk myself into painting another one soon. In the meantime though he’s done and so, for now, are both my Orc teams (he’ll be playing for both the Orcs and the Black Orcs for the foreseeable). 

17 responses to “Blood Bowl Troll 

  • theimperfectmodeller

    Nicely done and good to see you working through that backlog. 🙂

  • Alex

    Ooh, he’s a tricky bugger to read isn’t he?! Nice to get him out of the way though dude, it’s a pain when you have a mental block over a model

    • Wudugast

      Thanks dude! Yeah, he really doesn’t have a golden angle does he? Several times over the last couple of years I’ve just sat down and forced myself to work on him – and every time (up to now) my brain has refused to co-operate and I’ve found myself working on something else. Actually now I think about it I’ve got a fair bit done by telling myself it’s that or the troll – who knows, by actually finishing him I may have inadvertently stalled my progress on everything else!

  • Kuribo

    I never thought this day would come! 😉 To be a bit more serious, I think this mini lacks openness for painting. Its hard to get your brush in the places you want it to be if he’s fully assembled anyway. Kudos to you for finally getting this one done. It doesn’t look like was a lot of fun to paint and now you’re one step closer to having Blood Bowl painted up!

    • Wudugast

      Ha – I thought this day would never come as well! Aye, he’s just a faffy model to paint really – tricky to get the brush in everywhere (and tricky to photograph for the same reasons) and yet doesn’t lend himself well to sub-assemblies either. And broke so often at the ankle joint that I had to put a pin in there (can’t remember pinning a plastic model before, only ever needed to do it for metal). I actually have a second one now thanks to the Blood Bowl second season boxset and I’d like to convert him up a bit rather than paint two the same but again they don’t lend themselves well to converting either. That said they do look cool in the flesh but all things considered I’m very glad to have him ticked off the list!

      • Kuribo

        Having to pin a plastic model is rough. I don’t blame you for not wanting to paint something after all that. I hope that you’re able to come up with something clever for the second one that makes it a bit more fun to work with!

  • imperialrebelork

    Haha what a wild sculpt. Took me a bit to figure out what was what but I’ve also had six Guinnesses haha. Great work man I really like him

    • Wudugast

      He’s all over the place isn’t he? He makes more sense when you’ve got the model in front of you but in a photo he’s really hard to read. Have another Guinness for me mate! Funnily enough I only really got into drinking Guinness in the last couple of years, before that I wasn’t too keen on it – which is odd because dark beers and ales are my usual go-to. Just perfect on a hot day mind. I’m picturing you, enjoying your holiday, sitting on a tropical beach with an ice cold pint in your hand. I on the other hand am off out to work in the snow all day..!

  • Azazel

    Good job on getting this one done, mate. It’s not a model I’d relish painting myself given how busy it is along with that pose (and not a fan of a second player being part of the model for a “game play” figure, either) so you certainly deserve kudos for not only getting it done but also making it look as good as you have here.

    • Wudugast

      Aye, it’s one of those models where the design is very clever but as something to paint it’s not a lot of fun. Lot’s of cool details – but there’s so many of them that none really stand out individually; a cool pose – but it makes it hard to paint; a real sense of narrative to it – but like you I’m not a fan of including a second player from a game play perspective. In the end I like the model, I’m happy with how I painted him and most of all I’m very pleased that he’s done at last!

      • Azazel

        Yep, I’ve had a similar feeling many times once a model is completed – and getting models completed is (almost) always worthwhile! 🙂

  • patmcf

    Neat one, I can see why it wasn’t easy to paint!

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