Khornate Marauder Lineman

Blood for the Blood God! Bowls for the Bowl Throne!

I know I’ve got unfinished Blood Bowl teams left, right and centre at the moment but here’s another one! I liked the look of the Khorne team as soon as I saw them so I picked them up on release, assuring myself that I would save them until I finished something I’d already started. However I’m a strong believer in riding any wave of creativity that comes along on the grounds that a model painted today is one step closer to completing the team. Plus I just fancied painting something in the traditional Khornate colours of red and brass, rather than the various alternative schemes I’ve tried over the years, and who better than this Marauder Lineman? 

Khorne Blood Bowl Wudugast ConvertOrDie Warhammer (1)Khorne Blood Bowl Wudugast ConvertOrDie Warhammer (2)Khorne Blood Bowl Wudugast ConvertOrDie Warhammer (3)

The real problem I’m having is coming up with a suitably silly team name. I’ve been scratching my head over this for weeks and as yet drawn a blank, which is where you, dear reader, come in. Help a slaughter-brother out, I need suggestions please for a good team name. It should be something suitable for a sports team, reference something to do with the god Khorne and the various attributes associated with him (so things like blood, skulls, gore, violence, war, rage, you get the idea) and preferably it should be silly/funny/a pun. Any ideas? Get them in the comments box and win my gratitude! 

18 responses to “Khornate Marauder Lineman

  • theimperfectmodeller

    Very nicely done but of course the wave of creativity is precisely how lead/resin/plastic piles of shame are created 😉 I’ll think on a name and get back to you if I can get the old grey matter in gear 🙂

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! Yeah, it’s true, I definitely get inspired by more projects than there are hours in the day to tackle. I’m trying to take that in hand a bit more this year, breaking the pile down into all it’s component projects and tackling the ones I really want to complete. How well this works out in the end only time will tell. I suspect in the short term it’s going to make my output even more scattershot than ever but hopefully over time it’ll all come together. 

  • Alex

    Cricking Liney mate, I’ll get my thunking pipe out & have me a think on a name… 🧐

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! I had high hopes you were going to hit me with some classy pun straight out of the gate! You need to spend less time thinking about that Masters and more time concentrating on what really matters in life (helping me).

  • John@justneedsvarnish

    Brilliant! 🙂 I’m no good with names, but spectators could all snack on Khorne Chips during the game (dread to think what might be in ’em)!

  • Kuribo

    I’m not help with the name either but I do enjoy pretty much any Khorne model. Glad to see you paint some more Khorne models and the reds look very vibrant on this guy! 🙂 I’ll be looking forward to seeing more as inspiration strikes!

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! Aye, you can’t beat a bit of Khorne. I’ve been thinking about digging out my old Khorne warband for AoS Skirmish and adding some new recruits (as ever the number of hours in the day falls short of the number of projects I’d like to tackle, you know the way it goes). Definitely want to do more with this team though, just need to get a few other things off the desk first.

      • Kuribo

        That sounds awesome to me, mate and I look forward to it. Unfortunately, I know exactly what you mean on too many projects not enough time. Its the biggest struggle in this hobby!

  • imperialrebelork

    Fantastic. Hmm what about The Butcherhorde (after Kharnes gang), The Lords of Rage. The Hated 8’s (as 8 is their number). The Khornate Giants. Hmm I’ll keep thinking.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! Those are some damn good names mate. Even ones I don’t use go into the gestalt at the back of my brain (most of them end up as the names of Necromunda gangs in the ever growing backstory of my stretch of the underhive). You’ve given me some good food for thought with those ones though, I need to kick them around the old noggin for a bit but I think we might be onto something. 🙂

    • Azazel

      I like the job you’ve done on this Khornate Lineman! Unfortunately, I have no Khorne Team names for you, though I might Steal IRO’s suggestion and use a version of one of those for my own Khorne team…

  • Faust

    Thanks for pointing me this way, and a great start on your team! 1 down, a few more to go, haha!

    Names, hmmm. There Will be Bloods. Double Skulls (what you definitely don’t want to roll in BB). Gore Cowbell. Sorry, my cylinders are not really sparking this morning!

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! Aye, that’s always the thing with Blood Bowl teams isn’t it – on the one hand it’s only a dozen or so models… but on the other hand it’s still a dozen models to paint, plus markers and tokens and big guys and themed balls… Luckily I enjoy painting – and I very much enjoyed this guy so I’d like to get back to the rest of them. As for the team name I’m drawing a blank still too, I’ll have to corral my brain cells and try to get them to behave themselves and focus until they come up with something useful!

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