Life On Mars – Part 8

It’s almost the end of 2021 but before the year is quite over there’s just enough time for a final visit to the scoured and irradiated surface of Blessed Mars, the Forge World Prime and home planet of the Adeptus Mechanicus. All year I’ve been trying – with great success I might add – to complete at least one new model for the army every month. With this being December I decided to push myself to finish up the part-painted squad of Sicarian Infiltrators that I started back in the spring. Having managed to get them done before Christmas I turned my attention to a couple of larger models. 

Back in October I painted a Cybernetica Datasmith, the specialist tech-priests charged with responsibility for the limited of robots deemed permissible under Imperial law. Now it’s time for two of those robots, the mighty Kastelans, to stamp their way out of the hangers.

Ad Mech 40k Wudugast ConvertOrDie (3)Ad Mech 40k Wudugast ConvertOrDie (4)Ad Mech 40k Wudugast ConvertOrDie (5)Ad Mech 40k Wudugast ConvertOrDie (6)Ad Mech 40k Wudugast ConvertOrDie (7)Ad Mech 40k Wudugast ConvertOrDie (8)Ad Mech 40k Wudugast ConvertOrDie (9)Ad Mech 40k Wudugast ConvertOrDie (10)Ad Mech 40k Wudugast ConvertOrDie (11)

Here’s the two of them towering over their master.

Ad Mech 40k Wudugast ConvertOrDie (2)

This brings my year on Mars to an end, although I still have several other Adeptus Mechanicus models that I’ll be working on next year. Things will probably slow down a bit with this army though as there are various other projects I’m wanting to concentrate on over the next little while. However before we do that let’s remind ourselves of how the army has grown over the past 12 months. Back at the end of 2020 it stood at a trifling 4 models – 2 of which were borrowed from Blackstone Fortress.

Today however the Martian host has grown significantly and stands ready to put the fear of the Omnissiah into all those who oppose the superiority of the red planet.

Ad Mech 40k Wudugast ConvertOrDie (1)

And with that we come to the end of another year, although there’s just time for me to treat you all to a lovely round-up post looking back at everything I’ve been doing in 2021 – something I’m sure you’re all agog to read. Of course, first of all I’ve got to actually write it but I’ll try to sneak it in before the year is out…


24 responses to “Life On Mars – Part 8

  • lordcommandereloth

    You really have smashed this project this year well done!

  • theimperfectmodeller

    Always nice to achieve a goal or two and it must be satisfying to have this one under your belt. Great figures as always and keen to see what you have in mind for next year. 🙂

    • Wudugast

      Thank you – it is indeed! I was actually just looking back at the list of goals I set myself at the start of the year and I’ve failed to meet most of them so this one is particularly nice to have bagged. On the other hand I have managed to paint a lot of models so I’m starting to think that setting goals just isn’t for me and I should just cut loose and things will be done when they’re done! 🙂

  • Alex

    This is great to see mate – those Kastelan kits are some of my favourite things about AdMech, and yours are absolutely spot on. Bang-tidy job dude!

  • John@justneedsvarnish

    Very nice! 🙂 I really like the retro sci-fi look to them!

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! Me too, I love the idea that tens of thousands of years from now when they discover robots from thousands of years in their past (and therefore thousands of years in our future) they’ll look like we used to think robots would look. It’s a clever little bit of blurring the lines between reality and fiction that really helps to make these look convincing.

  • imperialrebelork

    I’ve never seen these models up close before and didn’t realise how big they were. Nicely done Wudu. The chipping looks great. As John (above) said they’re very retro. They’re like something from Lost in space.

  • Osric

    Those are wonderful models and you’ve done a great job with them. Very tempted to start some Mechanicus now…

  • Argentbadger

    Danger, Will Robinson! Good work here, I especially like the wear and tear on the fists.

  • Kuribo

    These latest bots look really good, mate. They do have a little bit of a throwback look to them which works considering the state of 40k. You certainly deserve a congrats for all of the progress you made on Ad Mech this year. The group shot looks awesome and you’ll have a full-on army of them soon enough! 🙂

    • Wudugast

      Thanks man! The army has really grown this year, more than I really expected it to if I’m honest. I went into it thinking any growth would be good but I didn’t anticipate getting nearly as much done as I did. Out of interest I just ran the numbers and it currently stands at exactly 50 power, the same as the Death Guard (not including the “Princess” – would be more if I counted her as another tech-priest). I’m going to take a little bit of a break from it for the next little while but I’ve got a lot of other things I’d like to add so I reckon I’ll come back to them soon.

  • Mark A. Morin

    First, very nice photography. Second, I love that you did such a great job on the big red dude. Third, I must admit I hope it’s not too long to wait until you paint more of these models. Kudos

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! I think photography is one of the overlooked challenges of this hobby, it’s certainly something I’ve struggled with from time to time, getting pictures that show models to their best effect, so it’s always nice to get positive feedback there. Glad you like the robots and fear not, I’m not going to be painting one every month for a little while but I’ll still be chipping away at them so expect to see more popping up from time to time. 🙂

  • Azazel

    Bloody fantastic, mate – the Mechanicus are a worthy successor to the Skaven’s lineage!

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