Barbarian Wrath – Part 1

It took me quite a while to get on board with the game Hate. Just the name is a bit off-putting and the promotional material around the game seemed to be trying really hard to be “shocking” and “edgy” and, like a teenage Satanist, wasn’t really pulling it off half as well as they imagine. 

Plus it’s designed and produced by CMON and a decade or so ago I grew so heartily sick of their business practices that I swore I’d never buy anything from them again (although they do produce some very cool looking stuff these days and sometimes it’s hard not to be tempted).

Finally,  and this was the clincher, it was exclusive to kickstarter. Like being nagged in a lift this annoyed me on a number of levels. For one thing it seemed like a blatant attempt to drive sales, and only lead to copies selling for a small fortune on ebay. For another it meant I couldn’t actually buy the damn thing anyway, as I didn’t discover it until long after the kickstarter was all over, and I certainly wasn’t about to rob a bank just to pay some chancer on ebay. It also meant that there was no hope of them ever producing any more expansions, which is a shame because here’s the thing – the miniatures are bloody brilliant. 

I’ve liked Adrian Smith’s artwork, upon which the game is based, for a long time, particularly the work he did for the Warriors of Chaos back in WHFB. The models for Hate reminded me very much of the Chaos worshipping savages of Warhammer, the Drune Kelts of Confrontation and all the other savage barbarians I’ve loved over the years. No matter how much I wanted to dislike the whole thing on principle the quality of the models kept drawing me back. At the same time the hobby hero known far and wide as the Imperial Rebel Ork kept telling me how good it was. Thus it was inevitable that when I spotted a good deal from a guy living not far from me I cracked. 


The world in which Hate is set is a grim and savage one, based on the “Chronicles of Hate” graphic novel in which the Earth Mother has been broken and imprisoned, the sun is gone and blood-thirsty cannibals war over a lightless, dying world. As I have a bit of a soft-spot for hordes of savage barbarians it was inevitable that this would appeal to me. Take a look at  this nasty-looking thug for instance.

Barbarian Chaos Hate Wudugast CMON (1)Barbarian Chaos Hate Wudugast CMON (2)

Most of them, like this guy, are clearly very evil.

Barbarian Chaos Hate Wudugast CMON (3)Barbarian Chaos Hate Wudugast CMON (4)

This chap however could almost look heroic – if he wasn’t carrying around so many people’s heads that is…

Barbarian Chaos Hate Wudugast CMON (1)Barbarian Chaos Hate Wudugast CMON (2)Barbarian Chaos Hate Wudugast CMON (3)

At first I wasn’t entirely sure who these next guys are. The book tends to emphasise implication and interpretation over clear explanations, which I like but which sometimes leaves you having to guess and fill in the blanks for yourself more than we’re used to. My understanding however is that these are troglodyte creatures, living in the depths beneath the earth, bestial and without technology to a degree that makes them almost like zombies.

Hate Art Cavemen 2Hate Art Cavemen 1

The kickstarter goes into a little more depth, explaining that “The clay men slept for centuries. Encased in mud, deep in the earth. Once a proud race of men, they now return from their living grave. Much diminished as humans, they now only crave flesh”. So they’re basically zombies then. No need to be coy about it, zombie cavemen sound pretty damn awesome to me!

Clayman Hate Wudugast CMON (1)Clayman Hate Wudugast CMON (2)

The box comes absolutely jammed to the brim with miniatures so expect to see lots and lots of nasty, barbaric individuals appearing over the coming months as I work my way through them.

22 responses to “Barbarian Wrath – Part 1

  • lordcommandereloth

    These look great, I can certainly see why you liked them. I must say I’m very impressed with the cloak on the second one how you have patterns in it, and the face tattoo of the 3rd that is great!

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! For both the patterns in the fur cloak and things like war-paint or tattoos I always use Contrast paints now. I’m still not a convert to the “Contrast method” of painting, but as a tool in the painting arsenal the stuff still has its uses. For the cloak for instance; choose a neutral base colour, shade as necessary, then paint in a pattern with a strong Contrast colour (just a few slightly wavey lines will do it). Then give it a drybrush and its done. 🙂

      • lordcommandereloth

        Thanks for the top with using contrast like that, I’ve not tried it but will give it a go.
        I had tried 2 different base layers then contrast over the top of both on a wolf a while back, but the contrast was too strong and you could not see the base layers. So I’ll give your method a go.

  • grumpygnome101

    I got lucky and picked up a bunch of those Hate minis on eBay for a good price but have not gotten around to painting them yet. I really like how you have done these. Very inspirational work!

    • Wudugast

      Well done, I didn’t end up paying too much for mine (well, it was steep but there’s so many models in the box that in terms of cost per miniature it was still a bargain – and a hell of a lot less than I’ve seen copies going for so I don’t feel ripped off). Glad you like them – looking forward to seeing yours when you get around to them. 🙂

  • theimperfectmodeller

    I can’t believe I’m agreeing with IRO, these figures look great! I see from the title this is part 1 so I’m now looking forward to seeing how many more of these there are to come. 🙂

    • Wudugast

      It’s a strange and disconcerting experience isn’t it? I’ve found myself agreeing with IRO a few times lately but I still haven’t gotten used to it!
      Glad you like the barbarians because there are indeed many, many more of these to come. Even if I get a wiggle on with painting them this is a project that could run for years.

  • Mark A. Morin

    Great stuff, look evil indeed

  • Alex

    Oooh, they look awesome mate! Looking forward to watching this unfold!

  • Pete S/ SP

    Those love superb- can’t wait to see more.



  • imperialrebelork

    Maaaaaaaate these are so bloody good, like ridiculously GOOD and EVIL all at once. I’m not sure if you remember, as it’s been a while, but I started painting mine in black, white and grey with a splash of red (blood) but now seeing yours in colour I’m tempted to ditch that idea. Man I really want to get back to the Hate minis. They’re some of the best I’ve ever seen in my whole hobby life. Yes expensive, yes incredible macabre but way too cool NOT to own hehe. Thanks for the shoutout man. I can’t wait to see more. Have you got all the expansions? I think I only got the “Mother” one, I think that’s what it was called haha.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers mate, and thank you again for putting me onto these – they’re bloody awesome models and just so much fun to paint. I do remember yours and they do look cool in black and white (and red) but I guess it depends on what inspires you. I sometimes find that if I apply a different technique like that to a few models it can really stretch me and teach me things, but if I do it with a whole project I start to find it a bit contrived. If you can do it and it works for you then go for it I say, it’s certainly cool and unique, but if you start to find it’s putting you off from painting them then do something else.

      I didn’t get all the expansions, I got the main box and the tribes of Vore Nash (the dragon guys) and Sarrassa (the tree/zombies). I’d still like to get my hands on Um’tull (the wolf dudes) and the Mother Prophecy but as yet I haven’t seen them at anything less than a daft price. I’m keeping an eye out though, might spot myself a bargain sooner or later.

  • Kuribo

    I said, “What in tarnation?” to IRO’s recent post and I think I have to do the same here. I was not expecting that you’d be painting up stuff from this game! I don’t know a lot about it but I know the minis and look of the game are pretty distinct. You did an awesome job painting these first few up and I’m looking forward to seeing more. It seems tailor-made for your painting style to me! 🙂

    • Wudugast

      Well you know I like to keep you on your toes, and it’s always good to remind everyone that I don’t just paint GW stuff. 😉 Glad you like these, as you say they’re the kind of models that really suit my style and I’ve been enjoying them a lot so far. 

  • Argentbadger

    They look pretty cool, especially with that lovely war paint. I love that even in such an edge-lord game, the zombies cover their dignity!

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