Nikkit and Makari

Rarely is the question asked “How many Orks can Wudugast paint in a month?”. In part this is because I usually forget that Orktober is a thing and months, then years go by with my lovely greenskins gathering dust. This year however I’ve actually remembered about this annual celebration of all things Orky and am determined to use the time as a spur towards making inroads to my backlog of greenskins. It’s been a fantastic year for fans of the Orks/Orcs, with new Kruelboyz appearing in Age of Sigmar and a mighty host of warlike ladz stomping around on the 40k side of the fence, and as a result my already significant heap of unpainted Orks (and Orcs) has only grown.

Now as it happens a couple of the Orks I’d like to tackle this month come with little grotty, gobliny gretchin as sidekicks and we wouldn’t want them messin’ about, getting underfoot when we’re supposed to be concentrating on proppa boys now would we? Best to get them out of the way whilst we were still in September so we can spend next month laying about as many Orks as my paintbrush will reach. Readers familiar with the Ork range will recognise these two diminutive little gits and by extension guess which Orks I’m hoping to paint up – the rest of you will just have to wait and see.

First off here’s a sneaky little so-and-so called Nikkit.

Nikkit Orks Gretchin Warhammer 40k Wudugast (1)Nikkit Orks Gretchin Warhammer 40k Wudugast (2)

Then we have Makari, arguably the most famous gretchin in the 40st Millennium (with the possible exception only of the Red Gobbo). Makari vanished for a number of years there, having allegedly been sat upon by his boss, but he’s back now with a new miniature and he’s as mean and stabby as ever. For those who’re wondering, the glyphs on his banner read “Boss” “Waaagh” (War) and “Goffs” (one of the Ork tribes). So that’s the Warboss of the Goffs then – I wonder who that could be..?

Makari Orks Gretchin Warhammer 40k Wudugast (1)Makari Orks Gretchin Warhammer 40k Wudugast (2)

Right, now with those two little gits out of the way let’s get ready for a whole load of Orks! Waaagh!

22 responses to “Nikkit and Makari

  • Alex

    Lovely Grots mate, looking forward to the big lads rocking up!! Happy Orctober 😊

  • imperialrebelork

    Haha these two are great mate. “ This year however I’ve actually remembered about this annual celebration of all things Orky and am determined to use the time as a spur towards making inroads to my backlog of greenskins.” I can echo this statement mate and plan on painting nothing but Orks allllll month. Now, would you care to have a friendly competition to see who can paint the most? The winner gets all the glory the loser (let’s say runner up haha) has to chew and then swallow an actual plastic Ork haha. No the runner up gets to praise the winner. What do you say, are you in? If you are in can I ask that I posted yesterday sneaks in as my first Ork for Orktober? Technically I posted it on the 30th of September haha. You’d still be ahead by one though with this post.

    • Wudugast

      Oh hell yeah, I am well up for that! Yes, I would definitely count the warboss you posted yesterday, he’s bloody amazing mate (I need to post a comment to that effect on your blog and I shall… shortly…). I don’t think I’d count these two of mine though – they’re just grots. Let’s say it’s 1-0 to you and start from there.

      Not sure I’d be up for chewing a plastic orc though, my teeth break at the slightest provocation and I don’t fancy explaining that to my dentist. I will however be more than happy to praise you (assuming you manage to wup me into second place of course!).

      One thing to be clear on though, a big part of my aim is to finish part-painted models – I’ve started a lot of orks and never completed them so I’ll be trying to get them done. Are you happy for them to count? It’s not as though I’ve got hundreds of models each of which only need a couple of minutes to be called done, but equally I’ve got a tray of orks on the desk and at least half of them have *some* paint on them already – varying between just started and almost done. Just wanted to be completely above board about that (in the spirit of friendly competition) and not try to claim a sneaky head start. If you’re happy with that then may the best Ork win! 😀

  • theimperfectmodeller

    A nice little warm up act to the forthcoming main event. Looking forward to seeing the curtain go up on some splendid Ork figures in this coming month. 🙂

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! Well as you’ve seen the first of the boys have come stomping off the desk by the time I got around to answering your comment but I’ve got plenty more to come, can’t let IRO pull ahead of me! 

  • Argentbadger

    I love the little teasers. Gretchin are somehow very cute in 40k despite their clear malevolence.

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! I know exactly what mean about the gretchin. One of the GW developers said that the various goblins they make “seem silly and cute but that’s because it’s not happening to you” and I think that’s spot on and a big part of the appeal. They are silly and cute, but also clearly very spiteful and they’ve nicely balanced the two. I had a nightmare once that I was being attacked by night goblins and let me tell you, it was bloody terrifying! 😅

  • Pete S/ SP

    Brilliant start- love the banner bearer.



  • Kuribo

    Grots and gnoblars are the best part of Orkz in my opinion so I love to see you painting them. Both of these little gits look great and I look forward to seeing what else you have up your sleeves this month!

    • Wudugast

      Wot?!! Grots better than boyz!?! Why you..!! 

      Nah, I hear you, I have a real soft spot for gobbos, grots, snotlings and other weedy little green gits. The Ork range wouldn’t be half as good without them. 

  • mcmattila

    Looking good! I’m hoping to finish my Ghazghkull this month as well, and you’ve just reminded me that I’ve got Makari in my to-do pile as well! Should be a much quicker job than his master /henchman 😀

    Also, very much looking forward to your competition with IRO!

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! Well your Ghaz will undoubtedly put mine to shame but I’m looking forward to seeing him anyway. I’m feeling very enthusiastic about the challenge with IRO too, I reckon it’s going to encourage a lot of painted models – and even more silly banter and smack talk! 😀

  • patmcf

    Well mate as you know I am a Grot fan ever since Fi said I must be related! I will be interested in the comp with IRO ,the word over here is that he has gained amazing energy from the new Modelling Shack, something to do with Big Wazz being a decedent of Merlin! not sure I believe it but who an I I to question that powerful team!!

    • Wudugast

      It’s true – in taking on IRO I face not only the legend himself but the combined power of Big Waz and the shack. However my status as an underdog will surely make my victory even more impressive! Glad you like the grots – I couldn’t possibly comment on whether you’re related to them (although surely there are worse creatures to be descended from… Elves for instance…).

  • Mark A. Morin

    Cool couple of goblins – love the flesh painting

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