Hobnobs – Part 1

Time for another of Games Workshop’s newer releases, and this time it’s the turn of the Hobgoblins, or as they have now been rebranded “Hobgrots”. For a while I mistakenly believed they were called “Hobgobs” and then, when I was texting a mate about them, noticed that my phone was autocorrecting them to Hobnobs – and that’s what they’ve been called round my house ever since. Although since painting them I’ve started referring to them as “fiddly little bastards” instead…

Hobgoblins Wudugast AoS Warhammer (1)Hobgoblins Wudugast AoS Warhammer (2)Hobgoblins Wudugast AoS Warhammer (3)Hobgoblins Wudugast AoS Warhammer (4)

Much like the Kruelboy Gutrippas I decided to paint these in a slightly different style to that I’ve used for orcs and goblins in the past and as a result the learning curve proved quite steep. Still, now that they’re actually done I’m happy with them, I’ll aim to tackle a few more soon.

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