Ghost Stories – Part 8

Were you thinking that, upon your untimely demise, you might escape the pitiless and spiteful judgement of Age of Sigmar’s death god Nagash? Well just don’t bother! Callous jailers in life, the Spirit Torment are employed in undeath to imprison souls in the dank oubliettes and dungeons of the underworld. Rogue souls which escape this fate are hunted down without mercy – and pointing out that you are, in fact, still alive and feeling healthier than ever is considered no excuse. The huge padlocks carried by these malevolent wardens do double duty, as a cold iron shackle with which to imprison wayward ghosts and as a bludgeon by which those still enjoying the benefits of their mortal flesh can be “encouraged” to join the undead legions a little earlier than they intended.

Spirit Torment Nighthaunt Wudugast Warhammer Ghost (1)Spirit Torment Nighthaunt Wudugast Warhammer Ghost (2)Spirit Torment Nighthaunt Wudugast Warhammer Ghost (3)

I really like these spooky looking models and now I’ve got into the swing of painting the tattered robes of the Nighthaunt he was fairly quick and easy to paint. There’s no escaping the will of Nagash!

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