I’ve had this model for a long time, at least five or six years but possibly longer. I’ve been meaning to get him painted up as part of my underhive civilians collection (not to mention the fact that any Inq28 collection that doesn’t include him is really missing a trick) but what finally pushed me into action was spotting the Data-Scrivener in the House of Artifice book. Each gang in Necromunda can now take a range of hangers-on; these being the servants/assistants/allies of the gang who live in their hideout and enjoy the protection of the gang, but don’t generally get their hands dirty with any actual fighting.

Data-Scriveners are the futuristic hackers who specialise in stealing data from the hive’s ancient cogitators and manipulating them to suit their purposes. There are pretty strict rules about misusing technology in the Imperium but down in the underhive rules are there to be broken. The Van Saar, being tech-wizards to put the finest modern nerds to shame, have a habit of “liberating” whatever they feel like from the cogitator cores which regulate all the systems required to support life in the hive, and then using it against their enemies.

Servitor 40k Necromunda Inq28 Wudugast (2)Servitor 40k Necromunda Inq28 Wudugast (3)Servitor 40k Necromunda Inq28 Wudugast (4)Servitor 40k Necromunda Inq28 Wudugast (5)

Because I want to include him as a hanger on to my Van Saar I went for a colour scheme that tied in fairly closely with the rest of the gang.

Servitor 40k Necromunda Inq28 Wudugast (6)

That said I didn’t to make him look so much like a Van Saar that I couldn’t use him in other roles, he’d still make a fine addition to an Inquisitor’s retinue, an Imperial Guard command post or the citizens going about their business in the hive depths. Hopefully he could even join another gang as their Data-Scrivener without looking too out of place.

Servitor 40k Necromunda Inq28 Wudugast (1)

Of course, having been in my possession for ages without seeing a lick of paint, he’ll be another contribution to the Neglected But Not Forgotten challenge being run by Ann’s Immaterium.


29 responses to “Data-Scrivener

  • Barks

    That’s really nice! I hadn’t realised you could use them in Necromunda now.

  • Steve

    He looks brilliant, ace work 👍 a classic model as well

  • theimperfectmodeller

    Well normally I would congratulate you on your painting skills but on this occasion I am going to praise your dusting abilities, he must have been covered in the suff after 6 years! 😉

  • John@justneedsvarnish

    Really nice! 🙂 He looks like he’ll fit in well in a few places!

    • Wudugast

      Thank you – that was my hope. I had a few ideas in mind for how I could use him when I first bought him and I didn’t want to tie him down to just one when I finally painted him. 🙂

  • lordcommandereloth

    Very nice and ties in great with both his intended gang and the civs.

  • Pete S/ SP

    Really like him- where is the original figure from?



    • Wudugast

      Thank you very much! 🙂 He’s a GW figure – he used to be part of the 40k inquisition/witch hunter range (as opposed to the bigger models from the Inquisitor line). I’m pretty sure he was available until quite recently but I can’t find him on there now so I’m guessing that, as an older metal model, he’s been phased out.

  • Alex

    Lovely mini to paint isn’t he? Nicely done sir 👍

  • Kuribo

    Really nice work and I’m impressed that you can use him in Necromunda and as Imperial scum in 40k! 😉 I really like how you painted the scrolls which is much harder than you’d think to do well and its also pretty darn important on minis like this. If you botch that part of the sculpt, you unfortunately don’t have a great looking mini no matter what the rest of it looks like.

    • Wudugast

      If you put your mind to it you can find a home for all kinds of things in Necromunda! 😉 Glad you like him mate – especially the scrolls. I know exactly what you mean about them – for me scrolls have always been the “tricky thing that I can paint fairly well” (-ish, mostly…). Some people do amazing freehand, or sculpt extra parts, or do tattoos or warpaint – I do scrolls…

      • Kuribo

        Haha, if you’re going to paint 40k, scrolls aren’t a bad specialty to have! Honestly, having to do all the scrolls on The Triumph of Saint Katherine is what scared me away from taking on that project so it really does mean something to be good at them 🙂

  • Argentbadger

    That is very cool. I like the way you’ve tied the colours to the gangers too.

    • Wudugast

      Thanks! I wanted to tie him in at least partially with the gangers, I figured no self-respecting underhive hoodlum who’d stolen a servitor would do less than give it a respray to match their gang colours. Plus when the Enforcers come round they can say “What this? No we’ve had it for ages”.

  • Azazel

    Very nice work on this guy. You’ve got me wondering if I have him tucked away somewhere as well. I thought he might have been from that Templars Chaplain with all the hangers-on at first, but either way, you’ve done great work on him here and he fits in with the Necro aesthetic very well!

    • Wudugast

      Oh yeah, the three little dudes that run around with Grimaldus? I really like those, some of the best servitors in GW’s range I feel. Not too jazzed up about Grimaldus himself as a model (aren’t you a little short to be a space marine?) but I always have half an eye out for the servitors. Hopefully someday GW will see sense and get old Grimaldus across the Rubicon Primaris, or better yet they’ll see even more sense and do a full set of multi-part customisable servitors.

      • Azazel

        I can see Grimaldue getting the Primaris treatment eventually, though it might not be until they decide what sort of Codex/Supplement/PDF the Templars get for this edition. Or the next one. I feel like the multipart customisable Servitors might end up having to be a 3d print solution before GW gives us one given how they’re moving hard back to monopose and limited options…

      • Wudugast

        Aye, I’d love them to do more with the Templars. They’re one of my favourite space marine chapters, although I’ll probably always be a Blood Angel’s man at heart. I love the gothic flourishes of the Templars though, I want to see more of that so I can raid parts for my own marines. For a while there space marines were starting to look very clean and modern, I’m pleased to see them shifting back towards something a bit more gothic lately though. Really they should just treat the Templars the same way they treat the Blood and Dark Angels and the Wolves, and give them their own distinct kits and range – it wouldn’t take much.

  • Faust

    Nice job on your Necro Hacker! I’m sure I’ve seen the Van Saar before, but my memory is foggy, so you must have posted them awhile ago. They look slick though!

    6 years? When I think about it, the previous edition of Blood Bowl came out in 2016, so that’s pretty close. Though of the first few waves of minis, I’ve only the Skaven team left. Though there’s still a ton of other teams for me to paint, that are getting older and older all the time!

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! Just looked it up and I haven’t added anything to the Van Saar since late 2019, longer ago than I thought. I’ve got the new kit though so I should add some cool hoverboards to the crew soon(-ish). You can see a group shot of the gang (minus the hacker of course) here:

      Aye, time flies doesn’t it? It’s hard to believe it’s been so long since they brought Blood Bowl and Necromunda back. Sadly I’ve got models sitting around that have been waiting for attention for a lot longer than 6 years though…

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