The Ladykillers – Part 16

It wouldn’t be Fembruary without some Eschers, especially as my Necromunda gangs have been a little neglected of late. Since they were released last summer I’ve not got around to painting any of the new Escher models and this month was the perfect excuse to give one of them a try. 

I did toy with the idea of painting a Death Maiden for my gang but I’ve not managed to get around to her yet. Maybe I’ll find a moment before the end of the month. I did however tackle one of the Wyld Runners, the rebellious youth of the house who grow up roaming far into the underhive and outland wastes. I wanted to strike a balance between the bright outlandish colours of the Eschers and a darker scheme suitable for a ranger, hunting alone in the darkness of the ruined cities. Honestly I’m not entirely sure I got the balance quite right but I certainly gave myself some food for thought for when I get around to painting her sisters.

Necromunda Wyld Runner Escher ConvertOrDie Wudugast (1)Necromunda Wyld Runner Escher ConvertOrDie Wudugast (2)Necromunda Wyld Runner Escher ConvertOrDie Wudugast (3)Necromunda Wyld Runner Escher ConvertOrDie Wudugast (4)

With so many different models from all kinds of projects crossing my painting desk at the moment you might be forgiven for thinking that I’ve forgotten all about the acolytes of Tzeentch that I was working on back in January (and indeed I’ve put that project almost entirely on the backburner until Fembruary is over). However almost entirely is not the same as entirely so tomorrow we’ll take a look at a lady who’s dedicated herself to the god of change…

28 responses to “The Ladykillers – Part 16

  • Pete S/ SP

    Stunning figuere there- how well do they do in game?



    • Wudugast

      Thank you! Good question, I’ve not tried any of the new Eschers out yet, and I’m always terrible at working out how something will play until I’ve actually put it on the tabletop and tested it out. Eyeballing the stats they look somewhere between a juve and a ganger. Frankly I just like the idea of shooting exploding arrows at people. 🙂

  • Faust

    Hmmm. So, I do really like your paints on this one. And it’s great seeing another Escher done by you.

    But…the stance on that model is bugging me. I looked at all the different camera angles to see if it was just off, but it seems that way with all of them, like her center of gravity is messed up. Yea, yea, it’s SciFi mini, get over it, Faust. One other question, if she out in the wastes, would it be more appropriate for her to have sandy/wasteland base instead of the steel plates? That might be a game thing, or maybe you want to tie them all in together with the same base, just curious.

    • Wudugast

      So for the stance, I see her as sneaking forward with the bow at the ready, and now she’s paused and settled her weight ready to fire, whilst keeping low behind some barricade or pile of rubble. It’s a bit of an odd pose but I actually really like it, it’s suggestive of movement and action without showing her flying through the air. Maybe try looking at the model on the GW site, they’ve got a nice rotating image of her which might show it better than my photos. Might just be personal taste though 🙂

      Good point about the base, my reasons for sticking with the steel plates is mostly to make things consistent across the whole gang. It really helps to draw a collection together if everyone is on the same kind of bases. Also although she probably does go out hunting in the ash wastes she’ll also spend a lot of time “indoors”, within the hive itself – in abandoned manufactoria and badzones, dark corners of the underhive, even the territory of other houses. And of course sometimes she’ll come home and meet up with the rest of the gang.

      Anyway glad you like her, I don’t think I’ll get to any more Eschers this month (although you never know – I just might) but I’ve got quite a few I’ll tackle at some stage.

      • Faust

        I took a look at the model on GW’s site, and it still looks awkward to me. I think it has a lot to do with the forward leg being in a near locked position (horrible move to make, if you’re ever in a fight, for sure!), and the foot angle looks slightly tilted outward. Then her butt is cocked a bit out as well. It’s not the worst, and yes, THANK DOG it isn’t a flying one foot on the ground archer!! It’s just too bad about the positioning, as it’s a beautiful model otherwise. Granted, it might look better in person, and it sounds like you’re pretty happy with her, so that’s what really counts!

        Ok, that’s what I was wondering about the bases. I don’t know about the newer Necro rules for other areas. So part of me thought she might belong to an outlander warband. But if she spends a good deal of time inside as well, then makes total sense. Plus it gives you another lady to add to your Eschers whenever you need some more muscle!

  • Mark A. Morin

    Man you know how to choose perfectly vibrant colors that look like they belong. Impressed!

    • theimperfectmodeller

      I don’t know much about the dark world this young lady hangs about in but I’d say you struck the right balance between muted drab colours and enough brighter colour for contrast and interest. 🙂 Looks great to me.

      • Wudugast

        So, without wanting to yack on until I’m boring (what do you mean I am already?! Who said that!) the planet of Necromunda is covered in huge, densely populated, heavily industrialised cities. Imagine something like Mega City 1 from Judge Dread or the cities from Blade Runner (but with more industry and pollution). This lady would be something like a ranger, she goes out alone into the territory of rival gangs, the parts of the city that have become just too dangerous and been abandoned, or even outside the city into the (irradiated, mutant infested) wastelands beyond. From that point of view I wanted to make her look stealthy, you don’t want to announce your presence to every mutant/zombie/cyborg/arsehole in the area when you’ve got nothing but your wits and a bow and arrows for backup.

        On the other hand she’s part of House Escher and the Eschers are all about looking good all the time, dressing as loud and glamorous as possible. It’s all about peacocking and making a statement, if you want to get on in House Escher you need brightly coloured clothes, big hair etc. Hence the odd balancing act I was trying to strike between “stealthy” and “loud”. Quite a fine line to walk so I’m glad if you think I pulled it off. 🙂

      • theimperfectmodeller

        Knowing the background story you’ve been working with I now think you have struck a balance even better than I originally thought. I know little about GW and all the various things they do but Necromunda sounds like an imaginative diorama world for sure. 🙂

      • Wudugast

        I always try to strike a balance when I write these posts because on the one hand I know that many of my readers will already be familiar with the background, whilst others won’t be familiar with it at all, and I don’t want to either bore people or write something unintelligible and full of references they don’t get. On the other hand the background is very important to me, when I paint a model I like to know how it fits into the world and I try to paint it in such a way as to be sympathetic to that.

        Yes, there’s some amazing Necromunda dioramas have been made. I really enjoy that kind of thing because, even more than an individual model or a book, it really helps to bring the world to life. Speaking of dioramas have you see pictures of the huge set-pieces they have at Warhammer World? I went down there in 2016, can’t remember if you were following me back then but if not;

      • theimperfectmodeller

        It is clear your interest extends beyond simply painting the figures, I’m much the same with the history of the old west. Very much a part of the hobby and a big part of the inspiration. I can’t remember whose blog it was that brought Warhammer World to my attention, might have been yours but then again it might not, in any event I was blown away by the images I saw. My plan last year was to visit there on my way up to Telford but of course it never materialised. Whether I get to do it this year remains to be seen although annoyingly I see Salute has been moved from April (understandably) to the same weekend as Telford in November so that’ one of them ruled out regardless! Still, WW remains on the to do list for sure. 🙂

  • David MacLellan

    Love it, has a certain Kate Bishop Hawkeye vibe going, which just makes me want to paint my own Runners like that even though it would totally clash with the rest of the gang lol

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! I wasn’t familiar with the character at all, just googled her though and you’re right, there is a distinct (albeit accidental from my end) similarity. So long as they don’t clash too badly I’d go for it, the background describes the Runners as forming their own gangs which will then loosely associate with a gang of “grown up” Eschers, so a different scheme could definitely be justified.

  • Alex

    She is awesome mate, and you are a painting machine!

  • John@justneedsvarnish

    I think the colour combination is spot on! 🙂 Really nice!

  • imperialrebelork

    Haha you make me laugh. Almost entirely is certainly not entirely mate. I love how us modellers give ourselves little caveats all the time. I love the ganger mate. Have you converted her at all? I really like the pose. I like the little dabs of colour youve done on the arrow head for example. Makes me think I should try things like that too.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers bud. The arrowhead just needed something added to it and I couldn’t think what, it just looked a little dull otherwise. Then it occurred to me that she’d be using poison all the time so perhaps she’d just dip the arrowhead in either something horribly poisonous that she’d concocted or in the nearest pool of toxic goo. I also played with the idea that the green gunk might be radioactive so she can use it as some kind of tracer to help her track her prey in the gloom.

      She’s not really converted, I pretty much just built her out of the box. The studio model uses a different head but I gave her a headswap, just used one of the alternative options in the box though. Will probably get a bit more adventurous as I built the rest of the set but I really liked the look of this one just as she is.

  • lordcommandereloth

    She looks great, I think the colour scheme has worked really well, to me you have that mix of crazy and stalking perfect. I really like the bit of green on the arrow head very nice touch.

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! Yeah the arrowhead really needed something, the whole model just didn’t look right until I added that splash of toxic green. If it’d been a sword or something I’d have used a bit of bloodspatter but that wouldn’t look right on an arrow (I guess she might have reused it but visually it’d be odd). Then I thought about the way that Eschers use poisons, I can even equip her with poison arrows in the rules (which I’ll definitely do now I’ve painted her this way), so it seemed like the perfect thing to do.

  • Kuribo

    I think you have to go brighter with the colors on most Eschers so I’d say the purple and blues really look good, especially in contrast to the drab bow colors. I feel like you’ve got some of the same colors I’ve been using on Drazhar so I initially thought you were painted a Dark Eldar (which would have been really exciting!) but anything Necromunda is welcome too. I think the newest Escher sculpts are top-notch and put the older ones to shame a bit so I’ll be looking forward to seeing you paint some more 🙂

    • Wudugast

      Reading this makes me realise I’ve never painted a Dark Eldar (kind of obvious really, I’d never painted an Eldar of any kind until the other day). They’re an odd faction for me because although I really like them I don’t like them enough to actually buy any. I tend to split miniatures into 3 camps, the ones I really like and inevitably end up painting (Chaos, Orks etc), the ones I like well enough and the ones I don’t like that much at all. The third camp actually ends up drawing me in almost as much as the first, I find myself thinking about how I could convert them differently and turn them into something more appealing. My little Imperial Guard project is a good example of this, I really don’t like the Cadians but I became quite obsessed with the question of why not and what I could do to improve them. The ones in the middle camp (such as the Dark Eldar) tend to get overlooked because there end up being so many releases for the first camp that I never find the time for anything else. Some day though I really must paint at least one Dark Eldar, I’ll keep an eye out for something that takes my fancy.
      Anyway, glad you like her – more are on their way!

      • Kuribo

        That makes sense to me. I used to never like Dark Eldar back when I painted most of my 40k models ironically. I think they are an army where GW took something that wasn’t great and made it interesting over time. With that said, the range does suffer from having models made at very different times and I’m not sure that all of the aesthetics work together currently. I would certainly pick and choose models if I was making an army because there are some that I think are pretty ugly where as others like Drazhar, are quite appealing. I guess that kind of supports a bit of what you’re saying above as well 🙂

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