The Mean Green Geezers – Part 2

Blood Bowl is all the rage right now, with the launch of the most recent edition, and it’s past time I cracked on with my Orc team. I got the first two painted about a month ago and now I’m ready to go full steam ahead with the rest of the team. To set the ball rolling as it were, here’s three more, starting with a blitzer…

Blood Bowl Orcs Wudugast ConvertOrDie (1)Blood Bowl Orcs Wudugast ConvertOrDie (2)Blood Bowl Orcs Wudugast ConvertOrDie (3)

…and two linemen (lineorcs?). The blitzer was built and painted exactly as per the instructions, but both of these linemen have been tweaked a bit to avoid ending up with any duplicate models in the finished team.

Blood Bowl Orcs Wudugast ConvertOrDie (4)Blood Bowl Orcs Wudugast ConvertOrDie (5)Blood Bowl Orcs Wudugast ConvertOrDie (6)Blood Bowl Orcs Wudugast ConvertOrDie (7)

Add them to the two from last month and it starts to look as though the team is in business at last.

Blood Bowl Orcs Wudugast ConvertOrDie (8)

Of course there’s still plenty more needed to complete the team so expect to see a lot more of these over the next couple of weeks. If you don’t want to see any more sporting orcs look away now!

12 responses to “The Mean Green Geezers – Part 2

  • theimperfectmodeller

    I don’t really get blood bowl figures if I am being honest. Not a reflection on your work I might add, these chaps like all your stuff are painted superbly. I think it is simply that I have never really understood American Football (does anyone?) and not being a gamer I don’t appreciate the figure positions and purpose. With lockdown likely to be extended perhaps the time is right to read up on it more. 🙂

    • Wudugast

      Yeah, I do find it challenging sometimes to work out which models match which positions in a Blood Bowl team. Some people write it on the edge of the base which is a good idea, I’ve toyed with doing it myself. Glad you like them anyway. 🙂 I’ve often thought Blood Bowl would make for really fertile ground for building dioramas – there’s not just the action on the pitch itself but everything going on on the sidelines and in the stands, the rioting fans, the commentators, fast-food stands, cheerleaders, coaches bribing refs, medics and necromancers hovering around the injured players…

      • Kuribo

        I’m crashing this thread because I can relate to what both of you have been saying thus far! I don’t understand Blood Bowl much either. Does Blood Bowl use some variation of American Football rules? I thought it was maybe more like Rugby (which is a sport I understand at all, well possibly more than I get Cricket). If it is similar to football, I reckon I’d find it fairly easy to pick up and fun to play (not to sound like a typical American or anything!). I completely agree about the diorama idea too. I’ve seen some elaborate scenes made and while I’ve never thought of doing it, this conversation does make that idea seem pretty appealing!

        Nice job on these orcs. They look great and I like the drab colors you chose as I think many of the other sides in Blood Bowl have quite bright color schemes and Orcs seem like a side that likes to play dirty and isn’t afraid to get dirty in process too!

      • Wudugast

        Cheers mate! Crash away. 🙂 I must admit I’m not too familiar with how American Football is played so how closely Blood Bowl matches to it might be up for debate. However when the game was designed its creator, Jervis Johnson (who’s a huge fan of American Football), wanted to make something that was both a wry, British pastiche of the sport, and a tribute to it, and that’s something that’s remained at the core of the game ever since.

        Cricket I don’t understand it at all, but as a Scotsman that’s a genetic predisposition!

        Glad you like the boyz, I think you’ve summed up my aim with them entirely. I’ll confess I was a little bit lazy with this scheme, as it’s the exact same one I’ve been using for my 40k Orks for the last decade and a half (with a bit of blue added because I always slightly regretted not painting my original army as Deathskulls). Still, if it ain’t broke…

      • Kuribo

        I just read the Wikipedia article on Blood Bowl (which I arguably should have done from the beginning) and the rules are described as a mix of American Football and Rugby so our hunch was right 🙂 Football is kind of an odd sport in terms of pacing and there are rules that are not very intuitive intuitive so I don’t blame any non-Americans for avoiding it. Perhaps one day if I can find a regular opponent, I’ll give the game a go. Seeing your results with the minis has me thinking it could be quite a bit of fun! 🙂

  • Pete S/ SP

    Great work.

    Love that first one- charging forward with a real sense of purpose.



  • Faust

    Nice work man! The head swaps on the linemen look really good. Most Orc teams won’t have many lineman, as they are the ‘worst’ players on the team. That’s a plus, if you don’t want too many duplicates.

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! At the moment I’m just building the team that comes in the boxset (plus a couple of gobbos and a troll of course). Dunno how good they’ll be in game, there’s certainly plenty of linemen there, but once I get my head around the rules I can always convert up a few more of whichever positions I think I need. Or give in to temptation and start some more teams…

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