The First Slayer

Readers may remember that I’ve been banging on for years about putting together a Dwarf army for WHFB, without actually doing anything about it. Earlier in the year, realising that I wasn’t going to simply talk the army into existence and needed to actually apply paint to some models at some point I painted my first Dwarf in over a decade (not including Chaos worshippers of course!) during the national lockdown in the spring. Now I’ve finished off a second one. This time it’s the turn of a slayer that I started work on at roughly the same time, but which ended up suffering from a dearth of attention once I was able to get back to work.

These have always been amongst my favourite of the Warhammer dwarves, warriors who have lost their honour through some failure or transgression and so take a vow to seek death in battle at the hands of the most terrible enemy they can find.  Each abandons all possessions, bar the axes he needs to do the actual slaying with, shaves his hair into a spiky crest and dyes it orange so that anyone who meets him is left in no doubt as to who they face.

Sadly Games Workshop never really did the Slayers justice, the old models were a bit ropey and the new Fyreslayers of Age of Sigmar – despite the fact that I rather like some of them – have deviated a long way from the concept of the Slayers of old. Instead I got my hands on the Dwarf Seekers from Avatars of War, which are basically just Slayers by any other name.

Dwarf Slayer Wudugast ConvertOrDie WHFB (4)Dwarf Slayer Wudugast ConvertOrDie WHFB (3)Dwarf Slayer Wudugast ConvertOrDie WHFB (1)Dwarf Slayer Wudugast ConvertOrDie WHFB (2)

As usual I’ve no idea when I’ll get back to this project properly but I’m heading towards the end of 2020 with two dwarves painted, and that’s two more than I had when I started.

20 responses to “The First Slayer

  • backtothehammer

    Nice work on this. I think the AoW dwarves are great. That is about the only dwarf unit they still sell. It’s a shame they discontinued the ranger unit.
    I think I might even have seen your painted model either on insta or one of the warhammer FB pages.

    • Wudugast

      Damn, I hadn’t realised that AoW wasn’t selling the rest of their dwarf kits anymore. That’s a shame as I had the rangers in mind to buy at some point, I guess that ship has sailed unless I spot a good deal on ebay. I do have the “not-thunderers” somewhere though so I’ll be digging them out for this project. I see they’re not selling the various barbarian kits either, which is a pity because they were far superior to the GW Chaos Marauders. Seems like they might be going back to just doing single figures (which is fair enough, the various character models they produce are some of the best around I reckon).

      • backtothehammer

        Yep I was gutted about the Rangers. They also used to sell some excellent great weapon warriors that I failed to get. It’s worth keeping an eye on MOM miniatures. They sell some cheap dwarf options but look like they are doing a bit of a partnership with Lost Miniatures. That company did some superb minis in KS but have pretty much just switched to selling the stl 3D print files. If MOM starts printing the minis it should be good (though they are mainly Chaos dwarves and lizards)

      • Wudugast

        Oddly enough I was just looking at MOM’s stuff yesterday. There’s some really brilliant stuff in the range, I’ve got a few of their models kicking around waiting for attention. I was a bit worried about them earlier in the year, it was probably just coincidence but all of their stuff went out of stock at around the same time as covid got bad in Spain. I’m glad to see they seem to be getting back into action now. Interesting that they might team up with Lost Kingdom, they’ve got some really cool looking miniatures too, if I had a 3d printer I’d be well up for getting some of them. Thanks for letting me know about that, I’ll keep an ear to the ground now, if MOM were to start producing some of them as actual models rather than stl files I’d definitely be interested.

  • Pete S/ SP

    Superb as usual.



  • theimperfectmodeller

    Very nicely done. Is there much conversion work on this one or is the little chap just as he comes out of the box?

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! 🙂 No real conversion work, he’s a multipart kit so I had a choice of which head and weapons to use, and he needed a little bit of greenstuff to cover the joins at the shoulders, otherwise he’s straight out of the box.

  • Kuribo

    He looks great and I love the old Slayer models (even if GW can create higher quality sculpts now, they lack a bit of character that the old ones have at the same time like you mentioned with the Fyreslayers). If you’re looking for more dwarves in this style, I recommend Scibor. He makes slayers and rangers that fit the old Warhammer style and scale. One of these days I’m sure I’ll paint another one of his dwarves up myself as I quite enjoy them.

    • Wudugast

      Huh – I had no idea that Scibor’s stuff was in 28mm scale. I always thought it was much bigger, 54mm at least. More fool me eh! Makes the quality of their models even more impressive (not to mention those like yourself who’ve pulled off stunning results with them). Cheers for the tip, I’m off to have another look through the range now – not that I need any more projects for the next decade or so…

      • Kuribo

        Scibor has minis in both sizes actually so you’re not too far off 🙂 Scibor has made a business out of doing what GW doesn’t anymore and I think his Dwarf Rangers would be perfect for the army you’re thinking about making so I’m glad to be of assistance 😀

      • Wudugast

        Ooh, those rangers are cool… Another one for the wishlist!

  • Mark A. Morin

    I like what you’ve done here. Will there be more?

  • Alex

    Excellent 🙂 Slayers are just the best!

  • mellis1644

    Love it.great work there on ‘the first stunty’

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