Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun – Part 3

Time to focus on all things ghoulish (and ghostly) with only a couple of weeks to go before my planned Flesh-eater Courts vs Nighthaunt Warcry game. So far I’ve mostly been painting the smaller members of the ghoulish warband so now it’s time to tackle something bigger, the crypt flayer. Like his predecessor, the crypt horror, this guy brings some muscle to the team with the added benefit of being able to swoop across the battlefield in suitably horrifying style.

Ghouls Flesh Eater Courts Wudugast AoS Warhammer (3)Ghouls Flesh Eater Courts Wudugast AoS Warhammer (4)Ghouls Flesh Eater Courts Wudugast AoS Warhammer (5)

Built as per the instructions the model ends up with one wing raised and one lowered, which makes him look very lopsided. Rather than tolerate such a state of affairs I adjusted it so that both wings were lowered, which called for a bit of greenstuff to get the shoulders looking right. Of course I then discovered that this makes it damn near impossible to get in and paint the legs and the insides of the wings, but sometimes we have to suffer for our art! The warband’s leader – a Crypt Infernal for those trying to keep up with all these crypts! – will have one wing raised and one lowered, I couldn’t face struggling through the process again and it helps make him look a bit bigger and more imposing.

I’m also one ghoul short (of a picnic?) so I got another one painted up, once again taken from the Grymwatch set.

Ghouls Flesh Eater Courts Wudugast AoS Warhammer (1)Ghouls Flesh Eater Courts Wudugast AoS Warhammer (2)Ghouls Flesh Eater Courts Wudugast AoS Warhammer (6)

With these done the warband is almost complete, there’s just the warband’s leader – the aforementioned Crypt Infernal – left to paint so I’ll try to bash on and get him done ASAP.

27 responses to “Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun – Part 3

  • mellis1644

    These look great. I have been tempted to get some of the new ghouls but I have such a lead/plastic pile already…

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! Yeah, tell me about it – a big part of making this warband was actually to give me a reason to focus on getting these ghouls painted up. The Grymwatch I got recently – I really like those models – but the big guys have been sitting around for ages, they were well overdue for some attention.

  • Pete S/ SP

    Nice work- really like the skin effect you have achieved- especially on the winged one.



  • lordcommandereloth

    Great work looking forward to the group shot when the leader is done.

  • Ann

    I like them both, though I do like the flesh on the first one quite a bit more. I wonder if the wings could use a bit more hightlighting/drybrushing? Maybe not, I’m on the fence so far as that goes.

    • Wudugast

      Yup, me too regarding the flesh. I’m really pleased with the look of the big guy, the smaller one I’m happy enough with – certainly not bothered enough to change it or anything – but it didn’t quite turn out the way I would have liked. I learned a lot from it though. As for the wings I know what you’re saying, I too was (and am) a little on the fence there. Again I’m happy enough, I like them looking really dark and didn’t want to take away from that, I reckon I’ll see how I get on with the wings on the boss ghoul and then see if I think it merits going back to this one and doing anything else. I’m conscious though that it’s easy to add more paint, and all too easy to add to much more paint, but taking it away is a much trickier proposition! 🙂

      • Ann

        I certainly know how you feel, I think, both we sometimes less is better because as you say, you can always add paint but taking it away is a more difficult proposition. I’ve had that problem with the trident on the pig demon I’m doing. I’m on my 4th time doing the thing now and I decided to go with something simple, after several failed attempts, for two reasons: 1) I’m tired of painting the demon and want to give it back to its rightful keeper, 2) If I keep adding paint to the trident, it is going to start showing paint build-up if it isn’t a bit already.

        I also know what you mean about getting to a point with a miniature where you can still (perhaps) improve it but you can’t be bothered and/or it is good enough. That is often how I tell if something is done — when I find myself not caring anymore or finding that my changes/additions aren’t really improving things.

        Whatever the case, I do think your bat guys look very good and I’m sure they’ll fit nicely into your collection of the damned.

  • theimperfectmodeller

    I must say I do like that Crypt Flayer, very nice indeed. Great work on all the flesh tones. 🙂

  • Kuribo

    Both ghouls look excellent! The first ghoul has some really nice work on the skin. I like how you didn’t go with the typical pasty colors most people use with ghouls (Rakarth Flesh usually is prominent in those schemes). It isn’t just the colors though, I’d guess you used washes to color the skin and you did a good job of thinning them out so they look realistic as well.

    You’ve got me thinking this bloke would be fun to paint some day:!

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! Honestly I’m really pleased with how the first one’s flesh turned out and as you say it leans very heavily on lots of thinned down washes (and just a little bit of wet blending to bring out the highlights).

      That Abhorrant Archregent is a cracking model – not one I’ve got, nor is it on my “to buy” list, but definitely one that could tempt me some day if the price was right. It’s one that I think could look amazing in the hands of a skilled painter (in fact I’ve just remembered that it won the Everchosen “global golden daemon” painting content last year – I’ll keep an eye out for what you do with it. 😉

      • Kuribo

        You’re welcome and one of my painting friends who is more talented than I has tried to encourage me to paint it for the reasons you suggested! 🙂 I would think you might be able to use a larger base and then to add some additional details to help fill out the scene a bit more but that would ruin it for gaming so only a display painter would be willing to do that I reckon even if I’m sure your converting skills would be up to the task!

  • patmcf

    OOOH! mate these ones I like, especially the winged one! so well done!!!

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! I keep saying to everyone but I’m really, really pleased with the look of the winged one (his tweaked pose helps as well, makes him look a bit more threatening to my eye than he did straight out of the box). He’s just supremely ugly and evil and I love him for it! 😀

  • Mark A. Morin

    Nice flesh tones and really great shading on these two.

  • Alex

    Totally worth it – the lowered wing looks way better imo, and I love the flesh tone. Collective noun for ghouls… a Crotch?

  • imperialrebelork

    Whaaaaaat???!!!! That Crypt Flayer is bloody brilliant mate. Love everything about it

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