Dwarf Lord

For pretty much as long as I’ve been interested in painting miniatures I’ve harboured a dream of painting an army of dwarves. As yet it’s remained just a pipe-dream but I’ve accrued a number of the little dudes over the years, especially when WHFB was replaced by Age of Sigmar and many of the older models were retired. Lately I’ve been pouring over the Warhammer 8th Edition Dwarves army book again and getting an itch to march out of my mountain hold and give those younger races a good kicking. I don’t think anything will come of it straight away but I couldn’t resist painting up this old dwarf lord, one of my all time favourite dwarf miniatures.

Dwarf Lord Warhammer ConvertOrDie Wudugast (1)Dwarf Lord Warhammer ConvertOrDie Wudugast (2)

As I say, for now those dwarves I’ve acquired will remain in their boxes whilst I crack on with other projects but some day their patience will be rewarded. For now however I’ll be turning my attention to the filthy greenskins, which are exactly the kind of thing this dwarf clearly disapproves of. He’ll be marking down a grudge against me already and the project hasn’t even started…

19 responses to “Dwarf Lord

  • Steve

    He looks brilliant 🙂 packed with attitude. I too have had a hankering lately to paint an army of dwarves, if only there was a rogue faction of bolter-wielding dwarves in 40k, that would be perfect

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! I do like a squat too, would be cool if they brought them back (and there was a hint about that in some recent GW publication I think, although that’s a long standing rumour that won’t go away until they finally get on and make them). I’ve kitbashed the squat bounty hunter from Necromunda, although I still haven’t got around to painting him, and I’ve thought about using the Kharadron Overlords to do a full gang of them. Someday…

      • Steve

        The Kharadron Overlords look brilliant, I was extremely tempted to pick up that boxset. There’s something badass about a gang of dwarves with guns, especially with their steampunk vibe. Would love to see a Squat revival

  • imperialrebelork

    Nice mate. From giants to dwarves. I like it 🤘🏼

  • theimperfectmodeller

    Nicely done and a little bit different for you. Oddly when I painted a Reaper dwarf recently I really enjoyed it much to my surprise. Not sure about an army but I am certainly keen to do more and can see the appeal. Perhaps you have a scheme whereby every time you do three of something you have to do dwarf? They will be quicker after all! 😉

    • Wudugast

      There’s just something about them isn’t there? Maybe it’s the mix of textures, the clean smooth leather and metal mixed with the hairy beards? Maybe it’s the fact that they’re nice and small and thus relatively quick to paint? I like your idea of one dwarf to every three other models, and I was also thinking about bringing back the “at least one per month” rule. I’ll see though, I’m feeling quite enthused about them at the moment but I’ve got a few other things I’ve prioritised to get painted first, then we’ll see what happens.

  • Alex

    He’s cracking mate – I’d love to see a Dorf army given the Wudugast treatment!!

  • dave2718

    This is one of my favourite dwarf miniatures too; lovely work.

  • Kuribo

    A classic miniature and you painted him well. I’m more of a Warhammer Fantasy fan than 40,000 fan so you’re getting my hopes up painting something like this! Let’s see less Chaos Knights and more actual knights on horses!!! 😀 In all seriousness, I’d imagine changing genre and size of mini after that Knight was refreshing! 🙂

    • Wudugast

      Thank you 🙂
      Haha! Well I do have a few Chaos Knights (on horses) waiting for paint – and I just posted a couple of fantasy orcs, so I’ll see what I can do 😉 I do tend to switch back and forth between the two systems a fair bit, the next project I’ll be tackling is going to be fantasy themed and I’ve got a fair number of fantasy models on the painting desk at the moment so there should be plenty over the next little while to keep you entertained.
      And yes, after tackling something of that size, with all those sub-assemblies, it was very refreshing!

      • Kuribo

        I enjoy your 40k updates a great deal but seeing some fantasy stuff is just that little bit sweeter I guess you could say. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled to see what you get up to next 🙂

  • Azazel

    Great work on this guy. I always liked Dwarves (and Squats!) but the Dwarves, as cool as thery are – just seemed to be a …bad army in WHFB with that stunty movement stat in a game all about maneuver. I did collect a and accumulate a few bits and pieces over time, and I probably have a healthy sized army worth of modles that I dip into every so often – and I’d certainly support you doing so as well. Perhaps they can be the replacements for your Skaven in aiming to complete a model per month?
    I’ve had that very model out and close to getting started on painting him more than once in the past couple of years, and you’ve got me all tempted yet again…

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! For me it’s mostly an aesthetic thing, they just look cool. I can see how their little legs wouldn’t do them many favours when it comes to all the marching and manoeuvring that went on in WHFB. I do have a dream of someday seeing them unleashed against the rats though so the time is definitely coming when I need to knuckle down and get some work done on them. Doing a model a month for them in 2021 could be the perfect way to do that actually – I’ve been thinking about bringing that technique out of retirement (my initial plan was Ad Mech but Dwarves would also be deserving candidates). As for Squats I know it’s a recurring joke/urban myth but I would love it if GW brought them back properly (although I wouldn’t believe it was happening until they were actually in my hand, and maybe not even then…).

      • Azazel

        Yeah, my little band of Squats are a set of models I’m saving as a reward for myself to bring out when I get some more of the random backlog crap done. I know if I Just let myself start on them right now they’ll just end up in the pile – and I almost started on the Kharadon Overlords a week or so ago, but yeah – need to finish more of the started stuff first before I start into the new kits.
        If you do a “model a month” challenge for Dwarves (or anything else) I’ll be happy to go in with you. Which reminds me, I wstill owe you the last 5 Orks from last year when I burned out. Luckily they’ve been added to the new Tray and actually had a little bit of work done on them!

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