You Shook Me All Knight Long

It’s been a long, long time coming… It was back in September of 2014 that my chaos knight first put in an appearance. Back then it was just a single leg. Six months later it had a second leg and everything seemed to be going swimmingly. Then progress slowed, mistakes were made, expensive and hard to replace parts were trashed in a moment of carelessness and the whole project lost momentum. Over the years I picked it up from time to time, working on it a little here and there, but it wasn’t until the summer of 2019, when the new Chaos Knight kit came storming onto the scene and reinvigorated my enthusiasm, that I really paid it proper attention again.

I began to chip away at it again, but it’s a big kit and a lot of work, and other projects kept grabbing my enthusiasm – easy wins and spur of the moment fancies that were relatively easy to power through, whilst the knight stamped along at the back of the queue, occasionally shaking off its coat of dust only to start gathering a new one.

How long it would have continued in this state is anyone’s guess but then Azazel, of Azazel’s Bitz Box, launched one of his painting challenges The Jewel of July (and also August as it turned out). The thing I really like about these challenges is there’s no pressure to “win”, or to paint something start-to-finish in a month or anything of that nature, just some good natured, friendly encouragement as hobbyists all over the world do what we can to clear the pile of grey plastic (or lead, or even resin) and replace it with the beautiful painted models we’d all far rather we had in our collections.

The Jewel of July has a very open remit, but at heart it’s looking for centrepiece models, the jewels of our collections as it were, and I thought the knight would fit the bill perfectly. Plus it would give me the motivation to actually get the damn thing finished at long last. Did I manage it? Did I hell!

July, as it turned out, was so busy with work that often, as I stumbled blearily to bed at the end of another long day, I passed myself getting up again. Time to work on the knight drained away and whilst progress was made it certainly wasn’t enough, nor did I want to rush finishing something that I was only painting for fun after all. Then, just as it seemed that the chances of getting it done in time were hopeless, Azazel extended the deadline for the challenge until the end of August. The game was still on!

Anyway, enough of this waffley back-story – which regular readers will have undoubtedly skipped anyway as they must know it off by heart – let’s take a look at some pictures, because it’s no longer true to say the knight is young – instead the knight is done!

I reckon he fits the bill nicely as a centrepiece model, towering over the rest of my Chaos forces and ready to scare the living daylights out of any filthy loyalists that might be passing.

I also managed to build him in such a way that some of the parts move. Not all of them do, doing anything that clever with the fleshy tentacle arm proved beyond me for instance. Likewise the head, which would normally be adjustable if you build the kit “as intended” proved to be locked in place once those enormous tusks were affixed. The gun arm however still tilts around freely…

…and the entire torso can be rotated.

Not only that but it can be lifted off entirely, making him easier to store and transport. A little magnet in the base of the torso, and another in the top of the legs, is enough to hold him together. It’s not the strongest bond, given the size and weight of the model it could have used something a little more powerful, but so long as he’s handled gently (and anyone who doesn’t handle their models gently is no friend of mine!) he’ll be fine.

Anyway, all that remains to be said is a big thank you to Azazel for running the Jewel of July challenge, I can only imagine how much time and effort goes into making these things happen – and also a second round of thanks to everyone’s offered feedback and encouragement along the way. Next up, something much, much smaller…

27 responses to “You Shook Me All Knight Long

  • Mark A. Morin

    That’s an amazingly epic piece! I have been following your progress as you have posted about the components, yet I an still surprised at the final output. Well done indeed sir!

  • theimperfectmodeller

    Truly awesome my friend and well worth the wait. The group shot really helps to appreciate the size of this figure. Great colour scheme (your own or the box art?) and wonderfull detailing all round. A true centre piece if ever there was one. My only concern is that every knight is deserving of a damsel in distress and I am wondering just how long he may have to wait? 😉

    • Wudugast

      Thanks mate! He’s a big boy isn’t he! Now I’m trying to picture the kind of damsel who’d need rescued by a knight like him – definitely a conversion opportunity for the future there 😉 The colour scheme is my own, I’ve used pretty much the same scheme for all my chaos miniatures for 40k, so they should all end up looking like a (relatively) cohesive army. That said when GW released an official kit for the chaos knight last year one of the colour schemes shown was fairly close to this, what can I say – I thought of it first!

  • gabby

    Thought up a name for this beauty yet? Every knight needs a title.

  • Túbal Villar - Virakotxa

    Worth the wait! Looks fenomenal!
    She needs a name! … “Tuskutus Tuberculum”? “Rizomax Mamuthus”?…
    Anyways… Those filthy loyalist are about to find out they are not filthy enough!
    KUDOS! The time dedicated shows!
    May I give some feedback? The meat-hook attached to the left tusk… Wouldn’t it look better if you bent it to a more vertical position?

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! You’re right, every knight needs a name – I just haven’t thought of one yet. Those are good suggestions 🙂 As usual I’ve been pouring a lot of thought into it (usually when I’m supposed to be thinking about other things like work!) but so far I’ve not settled on anything.

      Yes, I’m always looking for helpful feedback. Good catch on the meathook, I had meant to sort that out once the head was attached and I knew exactly which way “down” was going to be, and then when it came to it I completely forgot. In the building trade they talk about “snagging” – i.e. after you’ve lived in a house for a certain amount of time you’ve found all the things that don’t work properly because the builders didn’t do them right to begin with and they come back and fix them. I did suspect when I was working on it that this knight would need a bit of snagging too once fresh eyes looked it over, I’ll give it a while to collect some feedback and then give it a final once over.

  • Pete S/ SP

    That is amazing- phenomenal work getting it all together.



  • Kuribo

    Fantastic work on this one, Wudugast! I think you saved some of your best painting for this project as you really brought the foul-chaos driven engine to life >:) It goes without saying that you should be really proud of seeing such a massive project through to the end and the fact that you managed to squeeze in some conversions too only makes it that much better!

  • imperialrebelork

    This… is… EPIC!!!!!!!!!! I think I’ve just fallen in love with it hehe. I love all the details like the extra skulls, the rust and the streaks coming from the vents. The freehand work is excellent too and gives the whole behemoth a lot of character. Those tusks are viscous. LOVE IT!!! One of your best models and some of your best work mate. I have one question and it certainly isn’t a criticism AT ALL. Why isn’t there any weathering on the legs, the shin guards to be precise? They look quite clean unless it’s down to how the camera captured them with the light etc. Like I said though man not a criticism just an observation. I really love everything about this bad boy. I’d love to see him in some action shots with his much tinier brothers. Maybe once you field him.

    • Wudugast

      Thanks bud! It’s a beautiful, wonderful monster and I love it too! 😀

      Regarding the weathering on the legs, you’re right there’s not as much as there is elsewhere but there is a bit, it just doesn’t show up that well in the pictures. Part of the issue is that those shin guards were repainted several times over the years which has left them a little lumpy and I played to that, which looks decent in the hand but doesn’t come across in the photos. I think you’re right though, a little extra weathering would be worthwhile – I wanted to wait until I’d put it together to see how it looked in combination and then I plumb forgot (see my comment about snagging to Túbal Villar above).

      Good shout on getting some action shots – it may not be in game (I reckon I game even less that you do 😉 ) but when I get the time I’ll dig out some terrain, some more chaos models and a few loyalist dogs to be trampled underfoot and get some snazzy, cinematic action images.

  • patmcf

    F… g brilliant mate ,I do like young Luke’s queries ,observant lad as he is !I myself would be happy enough as is but he does have a good question ! Oh thank god we aren’t in the offended band of waisters !!

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! Oh you’re absolutely right, the thin-skinned, permanently offended crowd do my neb in! I’m always on the lookout for honest and helpful feedback, it’s so necessary to get a fresh pair of eyes, especially on a big project like this. 🙂

  • Argentbadger

    That is truly wonderful! It may have taken a while but surely that just means that this Knight is a labour of love. I love all of this, from the freehand on the pauldrons to the choice of Chaosy replacement bits for the head and arm. You should be very proud… now you just need to get her on the tabletop!

    • Wudugast

      Thanks man! I am extremely proud of her – don’t when I’ll get around to unleashing her in war but right now she’s got pride of place watching over me from the shelf above the painting desk 🙂

  • Alex

    Superb mate, great to see this beauty finished! It’s all fab, but those tusks really make this knight stand out for me – I love how you’ve painted them!

    • Wudugast

      Cheers mate, it’s been a long road since I started but I’m damn pleased to see it done. Funnily enough I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the tusks until I attached the head to the torso. Until then I kept thinking they needed a little more but I couldn’t work out what, and I didn’t want to attach them half-finished and then have to paint them in-situ which would have been a bit of a ‘mare. As it turned out though once they were in place they looked spot on. 🙂

  • Azazel

    Bloody amazing, mate – and so good to see it finally complete! Thanks for the shout-out on the challenge. I admit It’s been a rough time so that’s impacted pretty severely on me getting the posts up, but seeing such an epic model finished will help me get motivated to putting the round-up together (and all of the other ones!)
    Seeing what you did with those tusks.. well, you know how this one goes by now… .

    • Wudugast

      Thank you – and thanks again for running the challenge, I know I’ve said this a few times but I don’t think there’s been a model where I needed the motivation more. As for the roundup don’t sweat it, I know that’s a lot of work to put together – you’ll get to it when you have time 🙂

      • Azazel

        Thanks mate – glad to hear it. I’m kinda taking a couple of weeks off doing things that feel like “work” and things for other people right now. So naturally I’ve spent 3 days cleaning up and marie Kondo-ing stuff in the house and shed. Time well spent, but gahh…

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