Chaos Knight – Armed To The Teeth

Just a quick one today as I battle to get to grips with the new WordPress editor. If it ain’t broke WordPress, do be a dear and don’t bloody fix it! Not to worry, I’m sure in time I’ll stop being a dinosaur and discover the joys of the new modern editor that lets me do everything I used to do, only in a much more complicated and round-about way…

Anyway, enough moaning let’s look at a bit of a miniature. I’ve moved onto the second arm of the chaos knight (the weird fleshy limb as opposed to the mechanical arm that I’ve shown previously). It was made by grafting together the upper part of a Great Unclean One’s arm with the lower part of a Maggoth, and then filling in the gaps with loads of greenstuff and milliput.

Chaos Arm Wudugast ConvertOrDie

With this pretty much done I’m mostly looking at tidying up, painting a few of the smaller components and sticking everything together and with just under half the month still to go I’m optimistic. Then again nothing is finished until it’s finished, pride has been known to come before a fall and chickens should not be counted until they’re hatched, fully grown and preferably in the oven. Watch this space!

31 responses to “Chaos Knight – Armed To The Teeth

  • davekay

    great work on the arm, when I saw the preview image I had to do a double-take to check it was a model!

  • Argentbadger

    Wow, that really is amazing. I can’t wait to see it on the Despoiler.

  • Pete S/ SP

    That looks great.



  • theimperfectmodeller

    Excellent looking forward more and more to seeing this one completed. 😊

  • patmcf

    Very grisly mate well done ! are the WordPress changes! now that’s got this old guy concerned!
    Change AAAHH ! I just learnt the od one !

    • Wudugast

      Aye, you’ll have to call in the tech-support again! Honestly though it’s not too bad, it’s annoying because they’ve changed things that didn’t need to be changed and made things much more complicated when the old way was nice and straightforward, but I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it (I did so anyone can right?)
      The one thing I found really faffy was adding pictures, especially if – like you and I – you want to add in a lot of them at once. Here’s a quick “how to”:
      In your new post click on the plus symbol (+) in the little black box (it’ll be somewhere near the middle of the screen). A new menu will appear, click on “Browse All” down at the bottom.
      This will bring up another menu on the left hand side of the screen. Scroll down until you get to “Media” and then click on “Gallery” (in the middle of the second row). Then click on “Select Images” then “Media Library”. After that it’s the same as it was before.
      See what I mean about them adding umpteen unnecessary steps to a process that could be done with one or two clicks before? Hope that helps and if you get stuck on anything feel free to post a comment here and ask, I’m sure between us all we’ll work out how to get the damn thing working. Or we’ll end up like the two bald men who put their heads together and made an arse of it… 😉

      • patmcf

        Thanks Wuda , it’s great that you and the team are so supportive ! I spoke to the Tech Adviser and she checked it out and really likes the new version, but like your kind self assured me that I will weather it through as like you have said it to difficult and she said even you old man can do it ! So cheers mate I’m still with the team thank the gods as I have plenty of stuff to put up ! So fingers crossed and hopefully you will see a post from me in the near future !🤔🤓

      • Wudugast

        Excellent! Looking forward to it 😀

  • imperialrebelork

    Oh wow mate, this is some nice surgical work you’ve done here. Very cool indeed. I think you’ve missed your calling as a modern day Doctor Frankenstein hehe.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers dude! Yup, once I’ve finished the knight I should be ready to start grafting parts onto *does spooky voice* living flesh… Funnily enough I just finished reading Frankenstein, can’t decide who was more melodramatic, the doctor or the monster. Was quite ready to slap some sense into both of them by the end, instead of having an attack of the vapours and shouting at each other about how hard-done by they were they could have had a five minute conversation in chapter three and sorted the whole thing out. Actually, given their constant histrionics, self-important victim complex and general narcissism I think the pair of them would have fitted in nicely as part of the twitter generation. I’ll get down off my literary high-horse now 😀

      • imperialrebelork

        Haha and here I was thinking it was a simple horror story. Like “your and you’re” people calling the monster “Frankenstein” always annoys me haha. Funny because I’m a huge culprit of screwing up words and grammar.

      • Wudugast

        I think it’s interesting the way it’s aged, and the cultural aspects of it. For people reading it when it was first published the idea of the doctor making a monster out of bits of people would have been really shocking and horrifying whereas for me I knew that was coming (I’d have had to be living under a rock not to know that at least) so it didn’t really have a big impact. Whereas the fact that Frankenstein is in an arranged marriage to his own step-sister just seemed really bloody weird to me as a modern reader, whereas the cast of the book were acting as though it was the most normal thing in the world.

      • imperialrebelork

        The thing I found the most fascinating about the Frankenstein story was that the Doctor was the real monster. I didn’t know about the step-sister thing. Reminds me of Jerry Lee Lewis marrying his cousin who was 13. 😳😳😳

      • Wudugast

        Yup. And the thing was, he wasn’t a bad guy. If he’d just admitted that he’d screwed up and tried to fix it instead of pretending everything was fine, trying to cover it up and denying his responsibilities, things would probably have turned out ok. Instead he tried to hide what he’d done and just kept making everything worse.

        I didn’t know that about Jerry Lee Lewis, that’s pretty weird as well 😲 At least he didn’t animate any corpses though.

      • imperialrebelork

        I think I need to read Frankenstein now

  • Kuribo

    Dave nailed it above. That arm is so well-painted that it is more than a little bit unsettling! Can’t wait to see how it fits onto the model. Keep the progress coming as I’m excited to see this one finished up 🙂

    • Wudugast

      Thank you – that is high praise indeed! 😎 Well, I’ve dry-fitted it on the model and it’s looking good (in my humble opinion), I worried it might look a bit out of place alongside the fairly mutation-free knight body but it fits in just fine. The end is in sight!

  • Azazel

    Looks… ahhhh.. erm, great!

  • Faust

    Wow, looks like you did quite a bit of blending on the flesh? I don’t recall you blending as much in the past, but this is the first post I’ve read on this big project you’re working on. Who couldn’t stop to look at that?! Sweet work, mate! Good luck with the editor woes as well!

    • Wudugast

      Thanks mate 🙂 Yeah, it was fun to have a big area of tormented flesh to play with, lots of opportunities for blending and working up some nice bruised effects. Think I’m winning with the editor, I usually like new things but I’ve got a bit of a beef with seeing something simple made complicated for no real reason.

      • Faust

        Yea, the bruises are really sweet too. Will you be carrying this over into your ‘regular sized’ minis too? I’ve found I really enjoy working on the bigger pieces, even though I thought they would be much harder because of the larger, flatter surfaces.

      • Wudugast

        I’ll admit to having a bit of a fear of the bigger miniatures, smaller is definitely my comfort zone. On the other hand I do have a few larger models in the painting queue now so I’ll need to gird my loins and tackle them sooner or later. And yes, I always try to learn something new from each piece and bring those skills to the next. Sometimes that’s easier said than done, there’s not much you’re going to learn from the 98th clanrat that you didn’t spot with the 97th (or the 7th for that matter) but more unusual pieces like this are always good sources of new techniques and ideas, I’m sure I’ll have a few new skills by the time I’ve finished this beast! As for the blending of the bruised flesh though much of that comes from things I learned painting the poxwalkers, but scaled up. It works nicely on this larger canvas though so I’m curious to see how it works when I scale it back down to some more normally sized guys and apply what I’ve learned, I can definitely see some more Nurgle figures in my future that I could put this to work on. 🙂

      • Faust

        Well, looking forward to the 100th Clanrat! 😉

      • Wudugast

        Trust me, by the time I got around to him I bloody wasn’t! 😂

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