Chaos Knight – Time To Show A Leg

Cast your mind back to 2015. Suffice to say wherever you were and whatever you were doing there’s a good chance that a lot of things have changed a lot since then, simply through the ups and downs of life rumbling onwards – even without the social and political (not to mention virological!) upheavals that have echoed around the globe. I’ve changed jobs (more than once), moved house three times, dealt with various dramas and tragedies and had some really good times to boot. The one thing that hasn’t changed has been the status of my Chaos Knight – the damn thing still isn’t painted. Last time we saw it, when I was full of big ideas and ambitious chatter, was this time last year. The new Codex: Chaos Knights had been unleashed, along with a rather tasty new kit, and I was full of enthusiasm. Here’s a reminder of how it looked back then.

Enthusiasm however doesn’t get things painted, it helps but you still need to put one end of the brush in the paint and actually get on with it. Simply daydreaming about an army of Knights isn’t enough – we need action! How long the model might have continued to linger in the doldrums is anyone’s guess, but along came Azazel’s Bitz Box with another monthly challenge – the Jewel of July. Azazel’s monthly challenges used to be a major staple of the hobby calendar for a lot of hobbyists but even a painting and blogging machine like him must suffer from mortal fatigue at some point, and until now he’s not been running them this year (although he continues to produce fantastically painted models faster than most of us breath so do take a look at his blog if you’re not already familiar with it). Anyway, this month he’s running a challenge again and I decided I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to give myself a push and get something painted. The rules of the challenge are wonderfully open ended, as usual it’s all about getting things finished, with as little as possible by way of extra rules to hamper that. To quote Azazel himself:

The Jewel of July is about painting (almost) anything you want that you think will be cool, or impressive, or just nice.

It’s for Heroes. Big or small. named or otherwise. A Lieutenant or a Medic or a Warlord Riding a Dragon. An Inquisitor’s aide or a Star Player or a Bounty Hunter.

It’s for Vehicles. A Motorcycle or a Maus. A Starship or a Gaslands Car. A Panzer IV to a Kettenkrad. A Rhino APC or a Konigstiger or a War Rig or a M’ak I. (or M’ak II?)

It’s for the more impressive scenery pieces. A desert oasis or a (ruined?) temple or a bunker complex or a single bunker or a skyscraper or a Ferratonic Incinerator or a Kwik-E-Mart. A forest worth of trees or a jungle worth of plants.

It’s for Monsters. Ogres or Ogors. Dragons, Giants, decent-sized Daemons. Bronze Bulls and Dinosaurs and Great Wight Sharks and Goremaw and Cthulhu.

It’s for Dieties and Demi-gods. Primarchs and Titans. Atlas and Aeres and Abaddon. Horus and Hercules. Venus and Vulkan. Saturn and Sanguinius.

It’s for Mechs and the Mechanicum. Steampunk walkers, Dreadnoughts, Imperial Knights, Warjacks, Tripods, Titans.

It’s for Dioramas and Vignettes. Historical, Fantasy, Sci-Fi. It’s all good. Even better if they also feature something from the above!

So yes. Anything from a USMC Corpsman to a 28mm scale Warlord Titan counts for this coming month’s challenge.

To whit I foolishly opened my big mouth and said something to the effect of “Well in that case I’ll finally paint the Knight”. Now truth be told I might have been a bit of a fool to say that because this is a big model that’s been defeating me for a hell of a long time and July looks set to be the busiest month of the year so far for me workwise. Enthusiasm, determination and kind words from people here will help but won’t change the fact that I’m going to be flat out for the next few weeks with long hours, early mornings and late nights hauling around on mountaintops as we try to catch up on projects that were held back by the Covid-19 lockdown.

Anyway, before we embrace my inevitable failure, let’s take a look at what exactly I have managed to achieve so far. First of all, the legs. These are pretty much done actually, I might add a bit here and there as I go on with the rest of the model but basically the entire lower half of the knight is finished. In some ways this means I’m off to a great start, in other ways however there’s a lot less complexity here as opposed to the torso, arms and head, and yet it still took me half a decade.

Knight Legs

Speaking of the torso I have managed to get some work done on it too. It’s not done by a long way but some ground has been broken at least.

Knight Torso

Finally we have the model’s left arm. Last time I wrote about this I said:

The biggest job of all is the left arm, which looks as though it will need to be sculpted in part, probably my most ambitious use of green stuff yet and potentially almost a project in its own right.

As it turns out it wasn’t as difficult as I’d thought, although a lot of fiddling around and dry-fitting happened first. In order to end up with something I could actually achieve, rather than simply imagine, I simplified the original concept and as a result the greenstuff work ended up being mainly about filling in the gaps on the inside of the arm. Again there may well be more tweaks ahead but this should at least give you an idea of where things are heading.

Knight Arm

I’ve been making a lot of false promises about this model for a long time and I don’t want this to be another case of me saying “It’ll be done soon, promise!” only for 6, 12 or 24 months to pass without any progress at all. I’m really determined to get him done, and I’m well aware that those words probably sound a little bit hollow by this point, but I’ll give it my best  and even if I don’t see him completed in July I’d like to see him wrapped up not long after. I’ll see what I can do though, so watch this space, cross your fingers and prepare your bitingly sarcastic comment for when I post that “one of the arms is almost done” in 2028…

22 responses to “Chaos Knight – Time To Show A Leg

  • Alex

    It’ll be worth it mate 😉

  • theimperfectmodeller

    Great post and I really am looking forward to this one. Any one who can do 100 Orks can do this one easily! 😉

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! Mind you, it took me at least a decade to paint all 100 orks – by that metric I’m still only halfway there! 😉 Silliness aside I am very much enjoying this one at the moment, I guess you must get the same feeling with your big dioramas – at times it seems like there’s just so damn much of it to paint, but the more I do and the further it grows the more imposing it looks and the more excited I become about seeing it finished.

      • theimperfectmodeller

        You are quite right I do. It can be intimidating at times and frustrating when your mind wanders to all the other things in your mental queue but it is usually worth it in the end. 😊

  • Pete S/ SP

    Bit by bit you’ll get there.

    Great worth so far though.



  • Túbal Villar (Virakotxa), CG Artist

    Awesome! Keep us updated! I’ve just started making my own first Nurgle titan thingy… It’s… somewhat different to what you might have seen before… But I have had absolutely zero feedback from anyone… It’s not ready to be painted, yet… But knowing your proficiency at spreading the blessings of Papa… Hoping you might find a moment to check it out.

    • Wudugast

      Aye, I saw that – it’s a beast of a creation, and very different to anything I’ve seen previously. I’ve been meaning to take a proper look at it and give some feedback but things are so flat out at the moment I barely have time for my own stuff and I’m falling behind with blogs I’d like to be reading left, right and centre. Anyway, enough excuses, I’ll try to find some time to give it a proper look soon – and I certainly like what I’ve seen of it so far. Are you thinking of finishing it for the Jewel of July? You’ve certainly managed to do a lot of work on it in not much time at all 🙂 Oh and glad you like my knight too, the households must march in honour of the ruinous powers!

      • Túbal Villar (Virakotxa), CG Artist

        Cheers! Well, that is encouraging!
        Looking forward to anything else you might input, but I’m happy already that you took a look at it!
        This blog thingy it’s the only thing I ever did to show my stuff… Would be cool to approach a community like that… But for July… Ouch… Might be helpful to have a deadline like that…? This is how it happens… isn’t it? About to bite more than I can chew! Let’s hope it’s not a parade of titanical unfinished blobs from this household that offends the Old One.

  • Fran

    Jesus christ that’s a five years backlog

    • Wudugast

      Ah come on, it’s a hobbyist’s mark of honour to have stuff kicking around unfinished 😉 …and sadly there’s stuff that’s been waiting for attention for much longer than that…

  • Argentbadger

    Nice! I’m really glad to see this back on the agenda. The legs and base are looking terrific already and I can’t wait to see the next update, sometime around 2024.

  • imperialrebelork

    Looking great and I have faith in you brother.

  • Kuribo

    Its looking great so far and I can relate to being put off by really big models. Each limb or piece is major progress and if you keep at it, you’ll have this hunk of twisted metal done in no time. I look forward to seeing more progress on it! 🙂

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! I call it “big model panic” – where you just can’t see how to get the massive beast in front of you painted when every limb is many times the size of the things you usually paint. It strikes me with vehicles, dreadnaughts and monsters and it’s really brought me to a standstill on this project from time to time. I’ve come to think of it as more like building an army than a single model though, as you say each additional part is a step towards completion (just as each additional unit starts to fill out an army). I’m getting there, passed the half-way mark now at least so I just have to keep my enthusiasm up and see it through to the end. 🙂

      • Kuribo

        Panic is the right word for it, I’d say! I think it is hard to stay motivated when you feel like you’re not making progress fast enough for your liking or what you’re used to. I run into that when display painting and it takes several evenings to paint an arm or a leg for example. Either way, really glad to hear you’ve got your momentum. I hope it carries you all the way through this project! 🙂

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