Blackstone Fortress: Traitor Guard – Part 3

The march of the Blackstone Fortress traitor guard reaches its long awaited conclusion as the last of the baddies from the core box are finished. Last week I finished the first four of them, now the final three come tramping in to join them. Blackstone Fortress has been a project which has dominated 2019 for me so I was hoping to get them to this stage before the New Year. I’ve still got various models from the expansions and a number of alternative heroes to paint, but if we want to play a game we’ve now got everything we need without having to fall back on unpainted models or proxies. In the meantime however here’s the final two renegade soldiers…

Blackstone Fortress Traitor Guard Wudugast (4)Blackstone Fortress Traitor Guard Wudugast (5)Blackstone Fortress Traitor Guard Wudugast (6)Blackstone Fortress Traitor Guard Wudugast (7)

… and here’s their former sergeant, who now fancies himself as a (minor) champion of the Dark Gods!

Blackstone Fortress Traitor Guard Wudugast (10)Blackstone Fortress Traitor Guard Wudugast (12)Blackstone Fortress Traitor Guard Wudugast (11)

Here’s the whole second squad, ready to spring out of the shadows if any explorers wander their way.

Blackstone Fortress Traitor Guard Wudugast (3)

And, by way of a reminder, here’s the first squad which I completed last month.

Something I really like about these models is the ramshackle, mismatched look of them. Clearly, at one point in the past, they all wore a uniform, but as their decent into madness and treachery has proceeded they’ve found themselves scavenging more and more, patching up any gaps with whatever they can loot from the battlefield and hammering spikes to themselves in echo of their Chaos Marine masters. However, although each model in the squad is very much an individual the set contains two identical sets, without much in the way of wiggle-room to personalise them. However I really wanted to avoid ending up with both squads looking essentially the same so as far as possible I’ve tried to tweak each member of the second squad so that I ended up with one set built as per the instructions (because they are wonderful models after all) and one set converted. This wasn’t always possible, for some the paintjob alone had to do the work of differentiating them, but by tweaking enough of them I was able to create two fairly disparate looking bands of renegades. Here’s a set of comparison photos showing each pair, with the original  – built out of the box as it were – on the right and the second version on the left.

Blackstone Fortress Traitor Guard Wudugast (13)Blackstone Fortress Traitor Guard Wudugast (8)Blackstone Fortress Traitor Guard Wudugast (9)Blackstone Fortress Traitor Guard Wudugast (7)Blackstone Fortress Traitor Guard Wudugast (4)Blackstone Fortress Traitor Guard Wudugast (10)Blackstone Fortress Traitor Guard Wudugast (15)

Finally, here’s both squads, ready for action and starting to look like the beginning of a proper traitor guard army. At some stage I’d like to go back to my old traitor guard collection, do some tweaking and tidying up were required, and roll the whole lot into a horde of mortal scum to accompany my traitor marines.

Blackstone Fortress Traitor Guard Wudugast (1)

In the meantime however I’ve now painted all the baddies from the original Blackstone Fortress (plus the Ogryn from Traitor Command) so I’ll allow myself a quick pat on the back!

Blackstone Fortress Traitor Guard Wudugast (2)

In the New Year I’ll aim to crack on with the rest of the explorers, and of course with the various additional monsters, renegades, cultists and so-on which lurk in the corridors of the fortress. For now however I’m happy to call this a major milestone completed.

10 responses to “Blackstone Fortress: Traitor Guard – Part 3

  • theimperfectmodeller

    Well done mate, these look terrific. Probably said it the last time but that red is stunning and really sets the figures off. Achieveing a mile stone is a bitter sweet experience I find. On the one hand mission accomplished, on the other what do I do now? The good news is you have plenty lined up and doubtless more to be added once Santa makes his anticipated delivery. Looking forward to what you and others post in 2020. Have agreat Chirstmas. 😊

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! I know what you mean but for me the “to paint” pile is now so large that Edmund Hillary has come back from the grave to have a crack at climbing it (and that was before Santa made his contributions) so I’ve got plenty to keep me out of trouble for a while yet 😉

  • Alex

    Superb mate, great to see these guys all done so well – high 5s on wrapping up the baddies!!

  • imperialrebelork

    Terrific post matey. You’ve done so well with these. I like the “minor” champion, especially the eyes. I rolled my versions of these chaps into my own traitor guard army too. It makes sense.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! These guys have me thinking about my traitor guard again. I have a load of conversions I made for them that I never painted, and a lot of the ones I did weren’t that well painted I don’t think. Another project I want to get back to sooner or later. Really wish GW would do a traitor guard multipart kit – that would be sweet!

  • Pete S/ SP

    Fantastic work. Your vision for them is spot on, the mass photo at the bottom looks amazing too.



  • Azazel

    Great stuff – I love your dedication to making as many of your models into unique ones as possible. The sergeants both look great, love the literal skull-cap on the modified one!

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