Short Angry Man

Until now I’ve manfully resisted painting anything for Warcry, at least until I’d managed to clear some of the more pressing projects from my desk, but I always knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold it off forever. Thus I’ve dipped my toe into the murky waters of the Bloodwind Spoil and tackled one of my favourite of the Iron Golems, the diminutive yet fearsome Armator.

Warcry Iron Golem Chaos Dwarf Wudugast (1)Warcry Iron Golem Chaos Dwarf Wudugast (2)

Rather than the ash grey skin of the studio models I decided to go for a ruddy complexion not dissimilar to that which I used for my Necromanda Goliaths. Indeed there’s a strong similarity between the two groups, both being forge-workers and metalsmiths with a “might makes right” attitude and an appreciation for a bulging bicep or two. Of course now I’m tempted to recruit a few more Goliaths into my Necromanda collection – you can never have too many angry meatheads running around after all!

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