Tech-Hunters – Part 1

With the ladies of House Escher and those despicable Chaos Cultists both finally up and running we now have four Necromunda gangs available to choose from whenever we decide to indulge in some underhive violence.  Time to paint something different then and after some deliberation I decided to plump for the Van Saar on the grounds that they would provide a very different tactical and painting experience, with their smooth, clean armour and high-tech gadgets and gizmos. Plus, based on my experience with the test model I worked on previously, they should also be fairly quick and easy to get painted. By way of a reminder let’s take another look at said test model – now named Agent Kleiss.

And here we have two new gang mates to keep him company in the dark of the underhive. First up there’s Agent Ivanek armed with a Hystrar energy shield and plasma pistol. I  must admit that I wasn’t sure about how the clear plastic shield would look on a painted model but now she’s finished I think it works rather well.

Van Saar ConvertOrDie Wudugast Necromunda (4)Van Saar ConvertOrDie Wudugast Necromunda (5)

Alongside her we have Agent Larz, toting a lasgun and ready to make trouble on behalf of his house.

Van Saar ConvertOrDie Wudugast Necromunda (2)Van Saar ConvertOrDie Wudugast Necromunda (3)

With these three done it looks as if I’m off to a good start already, especially given that the Van Saar tend to be a little more elite than many of their rivals. The eagle-eyed will notice that once again I’d forgotten to finish off the barrel on Ivanek’s plasma pistol, fear not – it’s been sorted now!

Van Saar ConvertOrDie Wudugast Necromunda (7)

However as it turns out there are even more, already painted and ready for action. This chap was intended as an old school space wolf but when I realised I’d painted him in the same colour scheme as my Van Saar I decided, following encouragement from several readers on this blog, to rebase him and recruit him into the gang instead.  My thinking is that he’s an agent or tech-scout sent down into the underhive by the house, who’s been living off the land for some time before joining up with my gang.

Van Saar ConvertOrDie Wudugast Necromunda (1)

Each house in Necromunda has access to a pet and, in the case of the Van Saar, that’s the cyber-arachnids. I received these a while ago from Mark at Heresy of Us and had already painted them as pieces of imperial tech, but incorporating them into the gang now seemed like an obvious move.

Add them all together and it starts to look like the gang is well on its way to completion already.

Van Saar ConvertOrDie Wudugast Necromunda (6)

However I still have several other murder-tech wielding nerds to add and I’m feeling confident that the paint scheme I’ve chosen is quick and easy to replicate. Thus despite having taken an inordinately long time to produce my previous Necromunda gangs I’m aiming to get them painted up in short order. Watch this space!

27 responses to “Tech-Hunters – Part 1

  • Mikko

    Great work on those, the yellow pops wonderfully! I do miss the mustachioed Van Saar heads though, the smooth helmets/faceplates do make them look a little generic.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! There are some mustachioed heads in the set, although only a few unfortunately, and nothing too fancy. My plan for these is that they’re a kill team despatched by the House to seize archeotech or other relics, locate missing individuals or enemy agents, take out rivals etc. The rank and file will all wear the masks (which I agree, they are generic – and that’s just the way I like it! :-D). Then the officers (champions) will have bare heads.

  • Alex

    Lovely stuff dude – I really do like the new Van Saar design ethic, and including that scout was inspired! Very cool gang 🙂

    • Wudugast

      Thanks man – it took me a while to really “get” the new Van Saar, at first I really didn’t like them, but now I do I really like them. I’m already fighting the temptation to pick up a second box and some of the forgeworld upgrades and I haven’t finished the first lot yet! As for the scout that was a happy coincidence, all the people who posted here and told me to do it are the ones who deserves the credit. 🙂

  • davekay

    Your paint scheme on these guys looks great!

  • theimperfectmodeller

    Nicely done mate. Seems to me you can never have enough gangs. 🤗

    • Wudugast

      That certainly seems to be the case for me 😁 The appeal, I think, is in putting together a collection that’s bigger than a single model, that is to say it’s built around the idea of viewing the models in combination, but not as big as an army (and thus not requiring the same amount of time, effort, money and sustained enthusiasm!).

  • Alexis West

    I do still kinda miss the old Van Saar aesthetic, but the new one is plenty awesome in its own right, and that paint scheme shows it off really nicely. I had my doubts too when I first heard about the clear plastic parts for the energy shields, but they really do seem to have pulled it off.

    • Wudugast

      Yeah, of them all the Van Saar seem to have changed the most since they’re previous incarnation. I used to not really like the old ones but I’ve grown fonder of them. I wonder whether it’s a case of rose-tinted glasses or if I’ve just become more relaxed and less pretentious as I’ve become older. 😄 Either way the new Van Saar have really grown on me and despite being an absolute nightmare to build they’re a lot of fun (not to mention pleasantly straightforward) to paint.

  • imperialrebelork

    Whoa! Best Vansaar I’ve seen. You’re right the shields look good man

  • Pete S/ SP

    Those are really superb figures.



  • Warbringer

    I really enjoy the little spiders they’re so cute. The dark colours are really good and the yellow pops so well.

    • Wudugast

      Those spiders are rather adorable aren’t they – and perfect for the Van Saar cyber-arachnid. I want one as a pet but it might bully the cat 😀 Thanks for the kind words, I’m really happy with this colour scheme (and the fact that it’s ludicrously easy to paint helps a lot!)

      • Warbringer

        Some times the best schemes are the ones that are easy to paint. I’ve had hard paint jobs come out terrible and easy ones come out amazing!

  • heresyofus

    Awesome! Good to see the little crabs scuttling around their feet 🙂

  • Azazel

    Great work here. These models still don’t say “Van Saar” to me, but then they’re a lot better than the originals that I really didn’t like much at all, so it’s all good on the sculpt side (and they are some nice looking sculpts in their own right!)
    The scheme you’ve used with the yellow cabling also has a slight echo of the Iron Warriors, so there’s another army for you to build at some stage in the future. 😉 Techno-cultists seem right up their alley!

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! Yeah, the Van Saar have definitely changed the most compared to their previous incarnation – and they needed to in my opinion. I used to really dislike the old Van Saar but they’ve grown on me (I blame nostalgia) – I still wouldn’t paint them though.

      As for the Iron Warriors (and yes, I’d love to incorporate an Iron Warriors contingent into my Chaos Marines army some day) surely House Orlock are already working for them? Take a look at the new models and consider the evidence; they’re good at mining and other large scale civil engineering projects, they live on an Imperial Fists recruiting world – some might say lurking right under their noses, they wear yellow and black hazard stripes on their greaves, and take a look at that skull symbol on their belts. What is Lord Helmawr doing about it eh?! Concerned citizens of the Imperium have a right to know!

      • Azazel

        Interesting theory. It could be that both houses fall under the Warriors’ influence unbeknownst to one another? Of course, it may well suit the IW to leave the fools in their ignorance. Not for some overly-wrought and complex Alpha Legion insidiousness, but simply the straightforward purpose of Iron Sharpens Iron – thus fitting into the “survival of the fittest” ethos of the Warriors for when the time is right to strike the fool Fists.

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