Pollution of the Soul

I have a long standing affection for this Nurgle sorcerer so picked one up to paint just before the release of the Maggotkin for AoS, reasoning – wrongly as it turned out – that as a resin model he might be about to be replaced or retired. Thankfully he’s lived to fight other day, and well deservedly too.

Nurgle sorcerer Wudugast ConvertOrDie AoS (1)Nurgle sorcerer Wudugast ConvertOrDie AoS (2)

The text on his scroll is just a couple of squiggly lines, accompanied by the symbol of Nurgle, but from this angle it appears to read “1208”. What exactly happened in that year to draw the plague god’s attention remains unclear…

Nurgle sorcerer Wudugast ConvertOrDie AoS (3)

He proved to be as much fun to paint as I’d hoped – packed with character (just look at that grumpy face!) and not too heavy on the gross-out, gory horror elements common to a lot of his peers – goes to show you can have Nurgle without guts hanging everywhere! Not that I mind some guts from time to time but variety is the spice of life.

That said, despite the fact that on the whole I enjoyed working on him I won’t pretend it was an entirely painless experience. When GW launched “finecast” resin they went overboard with the advertising, in a desperate attempt to convince us it really was the greatest thing to happen to miniatures since the Prussian army first started pushing little blocks around as a training exercise. Needless to say, although the fan feedback that greeted this announcement strayed towards hyperbolic temper tantrums, the complaints weren’t entirely wrong either and the medium itself fell a long way short of GW’s claims. This little chap was no exception and I certainly spent more time trimming off bits of flash than I have in many years. Trimming off flash, for the kids out there who’ve never experienced it, was a tiresome process that used to form a cornerstone of assembling a newly purchased miniature. If you were in luck there were just a few trailing bits of metal or resin left over from the mould which needed to be cleaned away. If you were unlucky you were handed a lump which you chiselled away at like Rodin. (The things you don’t miss eh – cleaning off flash, carving down mould-lines the size of the Himalayas, filling gaps with greenstuff, pinning arms on only to drop the model and have it shatter anyway, kids nowadays don’t know they’re born I tell you!)

Of course every sorcerer needs a familiar to keep them company and I needed no second bidding when I spotted an opportunity to get this little dude painted up.

Nurgling ConvertOrDie Wudugast

Nurgle sorcerer Wudugast ConvertOrDie AoS (4)

Between them these two made for a fine pallet cleanser and a break from the mean streets of Necromunda, but I’ll be heading back there shortly to work on another of my various gangs. With the Eschers done it’s time to turn my attention to the long awaited Chaos cult.

22 responses to “Pollution of the Soul

  • Alex

    Lovely job mate – loads of character! Yeah, cleaning up minis is a pain in the ass, especially a shonky old lead figure, but it beats getting that undercoat on and seeing a huge line down your little toy soldier…

    • Wudugast

      Worst of all is when you’re halfway through painting it and suddenly your eye adjusts and you think “How the hell didn’t I see that until now?” and you’ve already done some fancy layering that’s going to be completely buggered by scraping the damn thing off (why yes, I am speaking from painful experience!). Actually working on a beastman at the moment who has a mouldline right down the middle of his face. What were they thinking? I’ve done my best with it but its reached the point where if I try to take any more off I risk damaging the face itself which won’t help matters.

      Anyway, rant over – glad you like him! 🙂

  • theimperfectmodeller

    Nice work on the minis mate and echo your comments on cleaning figures up. These days my preferred suppliers sell figures which require little or very minimal prep work. If that ever changes they wont remain on my buyers list for long!

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! Yeah, cleaning miniatures is a chore but it’s generally worth it. I’m in full agreement though, if a manufacturer keeps making models that need loads of cleaning then I’ll not stick with them, there are plenty of other fish in the sea and all that. In the case of this particular model, and a lot of others from the same era, I think part of the blame lies with the model being designed for metal and then recast in resin at a later stage. Maybe I’m wrong but I’m sure there wouldn’t have been half as much flash on the metal version (or maybe it would just have been easier to clean it).

  • Alexis West

    He’s a good ‘un! The little Familiar kinda steals the show for me, tho. Not really sure how he’d cleanse one’s palate, or anything else, for that matter. More the type that needs to be cleansed 😉

    The one I really hated with metal Models was when the mold slipped, and at first it just looked like a bad mold line, but then when you really got in to clean it up, it was clear that the front half of the Model was like 1/32″ to left of the back half or something, and you were going to have to basically re-sculpt big chunks of it to get it to come out even halfway decent.

    Finecast does result in way more flash than either metal or any other resin producer I’ve had things from. That said, I’m not sure I’ve ever worked from the start* on any of the Models that were done in Finecast to begin with and never had metal versions. It may well be due to changing the molds for the different material.

    *The Cockatrice wings that I used on the Angel of Disease were only ever done in Finecast, but I got those second-hand, and the cleanup had already been done, so I don’t know how much there was.

    • Wudugast

      Oh yeah, familiars always steal the show for me. It’s a rule of thumb! 😀

      I hear you re the mould slipping, still brings back nightmares!

      Yeah, I’ve never seen as much flash as I have with finecast models, but like you I can’t think of anything I’ve worked on that was made for finecast, only things that were converted into it from metal. This one was certainly covered in big chunks of flash, much more so than anything else I’ve dealt with in the medium, but once I finally found and removed them all the model itself was in good condition, none of the damaged parts that I’m told blighted the early finecast releases.

  • patmcf

    I still get flash on certain sets of my 1/72 figures it’s just part of the ritual now so when they are flash free ,that’s like a lotto win !! but as you say it is well worth cleaning them up and it just buggers me when later I see a seam I have missed ! AHH ! scrape and paint again !

    • Wudugast

      Yeah, back when I started out most of the models I painted were metal and cleaning off flash was just part of the process. Not cleaning off flash seemed as unthinkable as not painting them. Mind you, none of them had half as much flash as this model did. All these plastic models I paint nowadays though – you get out of the habit! I thought it would be like riding a bicycle, all the old motor skills would still be there, but it seems I was mistaken 😉

  • patmcf

    Sorry mate ,love the figures also !!

  • LeVermenarque

    Nice work, I am working on a chaos warband for Mordheim (chaos carnival of nurgle from empire in flammes) and this guy will be the leader of the warband. It is a great mini.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! Good thinking – he’d work really well alongside a Carnival of Nurgle. Always loved the idea of those – they’re very grim! 😀

      • LeVermenarque

        Starting working on mine at the beginning of summer, then got side tracked by my Black Legion project, then side tracked again by a raging heroes mini I had wanted to build for some times now… You know, usual hobby thinking 😉
        I’ll try to finish them before the end of the year, want to use them during our next Mordheim campaign.
        You can see some of my work with them on my insta account.

      • Wudugast

        I know that kind of thinking all too well! Those are looking cool though – love the weightlifter!

      • LeVermenarque

        Thanks a lot! Will get back to them….eventually.

  • imperialrebelork

    Ooohhh slimy and lovely. The king of Germany died in 1208. That’s all I know haha. Great work man

  • Azazel

    You know, I never liked this particular sorceror, but you may have changed my mind a little. I can see what the silly looking hood is for now as well – clearly he’s got a monohorn hidden (why?) underneath. I’m sure he could be used as a Wyrd alongside your Chaos Necromunda gang as well – so dual duty FTW!
    The maggotling on the other hand is nothing but pure awesome from head to tail!

    • Wudugast

      I came to the same conclusion, that he’s covering up a horn with that hood, but I can’t think why he’d be doing that, he’s well past the point of sneaking into the Empire incognito. It’s definitely a very odd and silly looking model but there’s something about him that really appeals to me. He does remind me of the old Nurgle sorcerer from the Forge World traitor guard range (still a bit sad that I never got around to getting it) – he could definitely find a place in Necromunda, good idea. The little dude is the cutest isn’t he – you can never have too many Nurglings!

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