The Ladykillers – Part 15

After spending quite a while in the doldrums the gangers of House Escher have seen a fair bit of progress lately, with three new members – including the leader – recruited over the last couple of weeks. However that still left me with three remaining which had been built and base-coated but never finished. Time to knuckle down and get them done as well.

Wudugast Escher Necromunda ConvertOrDie (11)

Of this final set the first to be completed was Sirena who just missed out on being ready in time to be shown alongside the previous two. Should an occasion arise when nothing short of a very big gun will do, she reckons she’s the girl for the job!

Escher Wudugast Necromunda ConvertOrDie (6)Escher Wudugast Necromunda ConvertOrDie (7)

Alongside her we have Nyska who continues to demonstrate my predilection for inflicting fiery demise (as mentioned in my previous post) and backs it up with a chainsword, an excellent hair-do and a razor-sharp sense of style. Much like Meria, the lady with the flamer thrower I finished last week, she has a laid back attitude to health and safety, and has tied a ribbon to the business end of her flamer, something which I’m sure won’t result in any kind of drama or danger…

Wudugast Escher Necromunda ConvertOrDie (6)Wudugast Escher Necromunda ConvertOrDie (7)Wudugast Escher Necromunda ConvertOrDie (8)Wudugast Escher Necromunda ConvertOrDie (9)Wudugast Escher Necromunda ConvertOrDie (10)

And thirdly we have Elika, painted in part because nothing says “House Escher” like shooting someone with poisoned needles, then carving them up with a power sword, all whilst dressed to impress.

Wudugast Escher Necromunda ConvertOrDie (1)Wudugast Escher Necromunda ConvertOrDie (2)Wudugast Escher Necromunda ConvertOrDie (3)Wudugast Escher Necromunda ConvertOrDie (4)Wudugast Escher Necromunda ConvertOrDie (5)

All together these new recruits, combined with the others who’ve joined them in recent weeks, almost make a mini gang in their own right and definitely deserve their own group shot. Plus, by adding these three models to the gang I’ve actually managed to “complete” it for the time being (more on that dubious claim below) and I’ll be counting these as my first submission towards Azazel’s Squaddie September challenge (and I’m sure you’re well aware of Azazel’s blog and his monthly challenges by now – if not where have you been?!).

Escher Group Wudugast

However Mellix has gathered a lot more followers than just these, indeed so ambitious is she proving that her gang is starting to look like a little army. Then again she does need to prize Ironhouse from the meaty fists of the Goliaths and the claws of the Genestealer Cultists, not to mention looking into those worrying reports of Chaos Cultists moving in on what should rightfully be her turf, so arranging some extra back-up is probably a wise move.

Wudugast Escher Necromunda ConvertOrDie (12)

…And why stop at a group shot when we can have some moody action photos to send them off in style?

Escher Wudugast Necromunda ConvertOrDie (1)Escher Wudugast Necromunda ConvertOrDie (2)Escher Wudugast Necromunda ConvertOrDie (3)Escher Wudugast Necromunda ConvertOrDie (4)Escher Wudugast Necromunda ConvertOrDie (5)

Anyway, with these complete I’m going to turn my attention to some other projects for the next little while, although I still have a lot of ideas I’d like to explore – both as part of the gang and as spin-offs and side-projects. Trackers from the Crow-skull girls are making their way across the ash wastes, Vatra Nighteye clings to life whilst her surviving allies struggle to restore her and claim their vengeance, Lashoth Katilesh may well seek out her errant daughter (bringing her Escher elite guard with her) and down in the darkness of the hive roots the former Queens of Hive Volatos hiss and crawl, their gaze already turned upon the usurper who seeks to claim their lost holdings. It’s safe to say we haven’t seen the last of these girls yet!

16 responses to “The Ladykillers – Part 15

  • Alexis West

    Badass! Sirena’s more my type. The very first Necromunda Model I picked up was the metal Escher with Plasma Gun, to use as a Chaos Cultist. Regular fire is insufficiently thorough XD

    I really need to pick up that FW head set at some point here. Those just look awesome, and really add some great variety. And none of the plastic ones have the extreme piercings, which are a big theme in the art.

    • Wudugast

      “Regular fire is insufficient” – words to live by if ever I heard them!

      Yeah, the Forgeworld heads are well worth it in my opinion. My mental image of the Eschers is very much associated with the art and the plastic heads (cool though they are) fall short of capturing that for me. In fact I’ve ended up getting the head upgrade sets for all of the gangs so far (except for the Van Saar) – it’s a bit of an indulgence but it really makes the gangs look nice in my opinion.

  • theimperfectmodeller

    A worthy entry for September mate as well as some cracking photos. I really like this group but until I saw the group photos I had no idea just how many you had done. Very, very impressive my friend!

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! Yeah, it rather crept up on me that I’d painted so many too. Because I hadn’t painted the key characters (the leader and champions) I kept thinking of the gang as unfinished, all the while expanding the ranks of the rank-and-file. Again it’s because I’m primarily interested in painting and modelling rather than playing the game, I have far, far more than I “need” for a gang but I’m already planning the next few recruits šŸ™‚

  • patmcf

    A great bunch of lovely women mate but I certainly would not mess with them ,you have done a great job on these as always !

  • Mike

    These are great. I would love to paint escher like this. What is your recipe for the skin tones – that’s giving me problems at the moment.

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! Don’t be discouraged, honestly I found getting the skin tones right on the Eschers was no easy feat, and there are several where I think I could have done better. Part of the trouble is that I have two “go to” schemes for painting skin, a ruddy colour (such as I’ve used for the Goliaths) or a pasty and pale look (muties, and other unhealthy Underhive filth!). The Eschers needed to be paler than the Goliaths but not so much that they looked ill. In the end I settled on using Cadian fleshtone as a base, followed by Kislev Flesh, and then a little Reikland Fleshshade (but only in small quantities to emphasise depth, not sloshing it on like a maniac the way I sometimes do with other models) and a little Palid Wytch to highlight. Hope that helps šŸ™‚

  • imperialrebelork

    So cool dude. Love the face paint

    • Wudugast

      Thanks man, the face paint was done with contrast paint – it’s very handy for warpaint and tattoos.

      • Wudugast

        It’s well worth getting some and having a play with it. For me I already have a set way of painting that I’ve learned over the last couple of decades and although I get very excited about new paints I still tend to see it as adding a new tool to my arsenal, rather than wanting to learn a whole new style. I do find that you can create a lot of really nice technical effects with them very easily (plasma coils, power weapons, bruised flesh, warpaint – all things that I found to be challenging before contrast). I think it’s been presented as a miracle cure that completely transforms your painting style and ability (I thought Ittchifani was a Japanese motorcycle before I discovered Smirnoff) and that’s not the case. Ultimately the only way to paint better and faster is to practice (or, as Chris Peach from Warhammer TV said when asked how to get more models painted “It’s easy, just move your hand faster”). Enthusiasm for painting is what gets things painted, if a person is keen to paint they’ll put in the time and effort, if they’re not then they won’t – simple as that. Some people will find that Contrast deals with the boring stages and helps them get onto the parts they enjoy. They see their army growing and that bolsters their enthusiasm. Other people (and I include myself here) find ourselves learning new tricks and straight away we want to dig out neglected models and try those tricks on them.

        Anyway, I know you know all this stuff but I just wanted to get on my soap box! Ultimately I’d say pick up a few colours and have a play with them. I’d recommend getting the thinner as well, makes them a lot more versatile.

      • imperialrebelork

        Noted mate. Will definitely give them a go but like you I think Iā€™m set with my painting technique now but love learning new tricks. The new paints will be fun to try but once a beer drinker, always a beer drinker

  • Azazel

    Your Escher are really looking the business at this stage. With the other projects you’ve been hammering at, I think we’re going to need a series of showcase photos from you soon. Hm.. thinking out loud, maybe that can be a bonus for January’s challenge, when most of us will have a little bit of time off to do things like assemble and photograph these groups of models?

    • Wudugast

      That’s an excellent idea, you can’t beat a few showcase photos for inspiration. It ties in well with the start of the year as well, January is a good time to be looking at new projects and summarising old ones.

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