War Eternal – Part 6

With Warcry very much the word on everyone’s lips right now it’s easy to assume that good old Age of Sigmar Skirmish has slipped back into the shadows to lurk and lick it’s wounds. However as my growing WHFB Skaven army demonstrates I’m not a man to allow something like that stand in my way – especially given how unlikely it is for me to actually get a game in anyway! Plus I’ve not actually added anything to my little Khornate warband since way back in April so it’s past time they received a little more attention.

First to receive a bit more paint is the warband’s second Blood Warrior – a model that also happens to be one of my favourites from the first edition Age of Sigmar starter set.

Khorne Blood Warrior Wudugast (1)Khorne Blood Warrior Wudugast (2)Khorne Blood Warrior Wudugast (3)Khorne Blood Warrior Wudugast (4)

I originally planned only these two Blood Warriors for the warband but, given my affinity for the models, it’s safe to assume that there will be more along sooner or later. Who knows, this could be the start of an army?

Khorne Blood Warrior Wudugast (5)

Alongside these (relatively) human followers of the Blood God we have the beastmen hinted at in my previous post. I’ve always liked the idea of Chaos forces mixing humans, mutants, daemons and beastmen so was keen to include these two alongside the bloodreavers and blood warriors already in the warband.

Khorne Beastmen Wudugast Convert Or Die AoS (1)Khorne Beastmen Wudugast Convert Or Die AoS (3)Khorne Beastmen Wudugast Convert Or Die AoS (4)Khorne Beastmen Wudugast Convert Or Die AoS (5)

The previous model was well on his way to completion when I painted up my Blackstone Fortress beastmen. Working on them gave me a real burst of enthusiasm for all things bestial, which not only proved enough to get him over the line but got me working on this second beastman as well.

Khorne Beastmen Wudugast Convert Or Die AoS (8)Khorne Beastmen Wudugast Convert Or Die AoS (7)Khorne Beastmen Wudugast Convert Or Die AoS (9)Khorne Beastmen Wudugast Convert Or Die AoS (10)

And why stop there? Whilst I was about it I also painted up yet another beastman. This one wasn’t originally intended for this warband but I thought he fitted in nicely and as he’s been waiting to be painted for absolutely ages it seemed like a fine excuse to get him done at last.

Khorne Beastmen Wudugast Convert Or Die AoS (11)Khorne Beastmen Wudugast Convert Or Die AoS (12)Khorne Beastmen Wudugast Convert Or Die AoS (13)

Although I was very pleased with him when I first built him I’m not blind to his flaws and I’ll admit that my skills have undoubtedly improved since then. I did consider setting him aside for a little more greenstuff work but that would probably have set him back another five years or so and sometimes you’ve just got to call something done.

Also despite being a beastman he’s actually quite a bit shorter than the other gors, being based on a combination of ungor and catachan parts.

Khorne Beastmen Wudugast Convert Or Die AoS (2)

However he fits in nicely alongside the bloodreavers already in the warband so he can find a new home amongst them (and with luck that’ll stop the bigger goats from picking on him!)

Wudugast Bloodreavers Khorne

Of course with so many new recruits joining the warband this seemed like the perfect moment for another group shot.

Khorne Beastmen Wudugast Convert Or Die AoS (6)

With these added this little project is now almost complete so in some ways I feel I should knuckle down and get it finished. On the other hand there’s no real hurry and other projects are currently vying for my attention so I may well leave it a little while longer. I still want to add a pair of flesh hounds and whilst I’m relatively happy with colour scheme and style I’ve used for my Khorne daemons in the past I am considering making a few adjustments and perhaps even repainting some of my existing models so whilst I’m considering that I don’t think I’ll rush into anything.

I’m going to be away for a few days so might take a little longer than normal to reply to comments but as ever feedback is more than welcome.

15 responses to “War Eternal – Part 6

  • patmcf

    Heavens mate ,you do pump out a lot don’t you !! great stuff again .

    • Wudugast

      Cheers mate! Over the summer, when work is really busy, I end up starting lots of projects and then not having the time to finish them. Then it gets to this time of year and I see all these half finished, or sometimes almost finished, models sitting around and it only takes a little bit more to get them finished (the alternative being leaving them on the shelf of shame to get dusty and I’m trying to avoid that). Hence why so much stuff seems to get done at the end of the summer. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep the productivity up and make a bit of a dent in the backlog! 🙂

  • Alex

    Looking good mate, a real bunch of savage followers of the ruinous powers. I really like the idea of mixing beastmen in with the regular guys too – proper RoC baby!

    • Wudugast

      It’s the only way to be! Everyone both man and beast, hybrids and mutants everywhere! Leave civilisation in ruins, see Sigmar driven before us and hear the lamentations of his stormcasts!

      Thanks muchly mate – reckon you’ll do any more with your Daughters of Khaine now the Wolf Time is over?

      • Alex

        Funny you should mention that mate – been looking at the DoK cards for Warcry this very weekend! Got some neglected stuff to clear down first, but very likely adding to the red sisterhood thereafter 😁

  • theimperfectmodeller

    A very nice looking set of figures indeed. Enjoy your time away.

  • lordcommandereloth

    Really lovely mins, I really like the white skulls on the Bloodwarriors.

  • Azazel

    Good to see Khorne Boys back on the menu! They look really good, as always, and I always enjoy seeing the beast-warrior conversions you ocme up with as well. On finishing the project vs backburner, I guess for me it comes down to whether the project has a finite, planned completion point that you’re close to, or if it’s really an open-ended, infinite set with a few arbitrary “finished here, if I want, I guess” points… Maybe add them in alongside the Skaven to the “one a month” club?

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! Must admit, I really enjoy making beast-warrior hybrids, another reason why this project will probably keep growing. My initial plan was to paint a set list of models (everything you see here plus two flesh hounds) but now I keep seeing things I could add so I think it’s probably going to grow and grow. Similar to yourself, I tend to split projects into those of a set size (which I try to focus on) and those which are open ended (which just grow organically as the mood takes me over a period of years). This started out in the former camp but I can definitely see it shifting into the latter.

  • Alexis West

    Looking good! I like the stark iron and brass colour scheme, leaving out the usual Khornate red. Still gets the point across perfectly, but stands out from the crowd as well.

    I have questions about the Beast-men with helmets, tho. Did they just not have horns? Did they cut their horns off to fit in the helmets? Does that first one actually have a helmet that fits around his horns rather than a helmet with horns attached to it?

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! Re the colour scheme, that was my hope, that it would still read as Khorne whilst being a little different.

      As for the beastmen I’m going to guess that the first one has a helmet welded in place over his horns and now struggles to eat anything (although at least it stops him biting everyone) and the second one had no horns, hence him needing to overcompensate with that massive crest. Just my guess though, I know beastmen get touchy about these things so I haven’t dared ask!

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