Rat Race – June

Well here we are again, stumbling blearily into another month, which means of course it’s time for another update on the progress of my Skaven horde. Once again it’s been a relatively quiet month for the rats, with just two models completed (although, as ever, progress is progress).

Back in May I added another rat ogre to the squad, converted from a combination of the Island of Blood models and parts from the Hellpit Abomination. This month I decided to finish painting his brother, rounding out the squad into the bargain.

Rat Ogre Wudugast Convert Or Die (1)Rat Ogre Wudugast Convert Or Die (2)

With so many hulking monsters around I decided this was also a good moment to call in some professional assistance to keep them all under control. Enter Packmaster Skweel Gnawtooth and his pet wolf-rat Gutsnagger.

Packmaster Skaven Wudugast Convert Or Die (1)Packmaster Skaven Wudugast Convert Or Die (2)

Put them all together and here’s the whole bestial squad – beardthings beware!

Rat Ogres Wudugast Convert Or Die (1)Rat Ogres Wudugast Convert Or Die (2)

With this being the end of June (I know right, where does the time go exactly?) this is also a fine moment to take a look at how the army has progressed over the past six months. Back at New Year I declared my intent to have the army completed (at least in terms of models I currently own – future releases notwithstanding) by the end of 2019. Here’s a reminder of how the army was looking back when I made that audacious claim;

And here it is now, six months further on;

Skaven Army June 2019

Solid progress I feel, although not the mighty leap I was hoping for, the unpainted pile being still something of a mountain. I did think about heaping it all up and taking a photograph of it but frankly it doesn’t look all that inspiring or photogenic like that and is unlikely to fill me with enthusiasm. Instead here’s a list of everything I’m aiming to paint;

  • 1 Warlord (from the Island of Blood set)
  • 1 Warlord (metal)
  • 1 Battle Standard Bearer
  • 10 Stormvermin
  • Thanquol and Boneripper
  • 1 Doomwheel
  • 1 Plagueclaw Catapult
  • 3 Stormfiends
  • Something which may end up being converted into a Warlord on a Bonebreaker or become a 4th Stormfiend.

Still quite a lot to chew my way through, especially as many of these are either centrepiece models or large kits or, in some cases, both. I still stand by my plan to get it all done by the end of the year however so there’s everything to play for over the next six months.

29 responses to “Rat Race – June

  • Alex

    Solid progress indeed mate, and some lovely additions there. That is one sexy looking horde!

  • patmcf

    Why is it that every time I open you post I have a chuckle ! I do love your rats mate always a surprise, and you done so many !

    • Wudugast

      Thank you – I do my best to be witty (and indeed most people who know me wish I wouldn’t…). Glad you like the rats, they’ve got the look of a proper army now I think.

    • imperialrebelork

      As you say, solid progress. All looking very cool indeed. How did you do the ogres right arm or is it part of the kit? Looks very cool

      • Wudugast

        Thanks man – glad I inspired you for the colour scheme of your genestealer cultists as well 🙂 The arms (both of them) are spares from the hellpit abomination kit, I chopped off the original rat ogre arms (one of which I used for last month’s rat ogre) and then used a bit of greenstuff to cover the join. It’s a bit crude but then again so are rat ogres.

  • Thomas

    Great stuff! Love how the green pop!

    • Wudugast

      Cheers – me too actually. For these it’s the green gem paint over a light brass, highlighted with moot green. Very quick and easy but I really like the results.

  • theimperfectmodeller

    Great work mate, you must be well pleased with that lot. Looking forward to what comes next.

    • Wudugast

      Thank you – I’m very pleased with it actually, it’s really nice to see the whole army coming together at last (after so many years of unpainted shame!). I’m not sure what’s going to be next myself, I had planned to do one of the big warmachines (inspired by Azazel’s Jewel of July challenge) but I’ve not even started assembling any of them yet and even though things should be a bit easier this month I still won’t have loads of time to play with. Then again if I don’t start them I won’t finish them (he said getting very zen) – I guess we’ll both find out in a month’s time!

  • Ann

    Very pretty as always, and I agree with Thomas, the warpstone does indeed pop. Good to see your invincible rat horde continue to multiply, for as we all know: Growth is Victory!

    • Wudugast

      Thanks Ann, I’m pleased with these two and it’s nice to get another squad finished. As they say it’s a lot like eating an elephant (one bite at a time). Glad you like the warpstone – as I was saying to Thomas it’s Waystone Green over Fulgurite Copper, then highlighted with Moot Green. Takes about five minutes but looks like it took hours of painstaking effort (which is just how I like it!)

      • Ann

        Yes indeed, it is pretty nice. I think I’ll add your recipe to my cookbook for the future when I eventually get back to painting more post-MFA. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  • Azazel

    Still doing a great job on the Rats here, and the Rag Ogre and Packmaster may only be a pair of figures, but they’re pretty nicely impressive – much more than a lonely pair of clanrats!

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! Yeah, that’s true I guess – and from here on out fewer but bigger models will be the name of the game as most of the rank and file are complete.

      • Azazel

        Sounds like a lot more fun than the rank & file to be quite honest. And hey – I finished a “Were-rat” (Not-Skaven) today so now I need to get another one (or a couple) out to work on. Probably the WH:ST ones that I got out and primed, I guess…

  • Pete S/ SP

    Great work- that long whip looks particularly vicious.

    The massed army shot is fantastic.



    • Wudugast

      Thanks Pete – yeah, I wouldn’t want to be hit with that bad boy! Mind you it probably takes something like that for a rat ogre to even notice he’s there. 🙂

  • Alexis West

    More great stuff. Wonderful to see how it’s all coming together into a unified force.

  • ssspectre

    Love that first rat ogre, the discolouration on his warpstone-corrupted arm is so good.

  • lordcommandereloth

    That rat orger looks great, love the skin tones. And the Army is looking rather impressive, hope your proud of it!

    • Wudugast

      Thank you on both counts 🙂 Yeah, I’m really pleased with how the army looks now, it’s taken me a while to get it this far but it’s been a real labour of love and I’m very proud of the results.

  • caseyrog

    Nice rat ogre! I was trying to find that hellpit abomination bit for converting my Blood Bowl underworld troll, but I could never find a bits seller who had one in stock. It looks great on the rat ogre!

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! Yeah, the bits sellers are generally pretty good on troops and other human sized kits but they do struggle a bit with the big monsters. Nice idea for an Underworlds troll though – maybe try ebay? You sometimes get people selling off spares. Wonder if they’ll ever get around to doing an official plastic kit for the Underworld team.

      • caseyrog

        Ah, that team got completed and sold off a while ago. I really enjoyed converting up the team, but they were dreadful on the pitch for me 😦

        I doubt there will be a plastic kit for underworlds or chaos renegades. But, that’s the fun in converting them!

      • Wudugast

        A couple of weeks ago I would have argued that modern GW really doesn’t like having rules for anything that doesn’t come with an official model – but then they revealed the Chaos Knights codex and blew that line of argument to bits, so who knows! 😀

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