Cursed In Eternity – Part 3

Time for painting has been thin on the ground lately but over the last few days I have at least managed to squeeze in a bit of kitbashing and assembling models. Back when I reviewed the latest Chaos Space Marine releases I theorised that both the Master of Executions and the Dark Apostle would be greatly improved by a few judicious tweaks and adjustments. Time to put my money (or my foot) where my mouth was.

First off let’s take a look at the Master of Executions. For anyone who needs a reminder here’s the official studio model in all his gristly glory.

Master of Executions

My hypothesis was that this model would be a lot more inspiring, for me at least, if he was wearing an imposing Khornate helm, as opposed to either of the standard heads included in the kit. Did it work? Well I’m happy with it, although of course you’re welcome to draw your own conclusions…

Master of Executions WIP (1)

The only other major change I made was snipping away the helm of the Primaris marine impaled on the top of his backpack – it was making that part of the model rather busy and its impact was lost behind the Khornate crest. I’ll find a use for it somewhere else though – you can always use more spiked loyalists in a Chaos army!

Master of Executions WIP (2)Master of Executions WIP (3)Master of Executions WIP (4)

The Dark Apostle was a little more complex, whilst the Master of Executions just needed a little added visual interest this one had some elements I thought were genuinely bad, which – combined with a general overabundance of details – made for a model in dire need of improvement. Again, let’s remind ourselves of how the studio model looks.

Dark Apostle 1

…And that was the last time he was allowed in the library…

Given my often-expressed dislike of sculpted flame that was the first thing that had to go, followed by a lot of careful scraping and cleaning to hide the resultant damage. Some slight greenstuff touch-ups will undoubtedly follow before he’s completely ready for paint. The flames on the backpack also went although I kept the hideous drool emerging from the book. I also swapped out the head for something more reminiscent of a Space Marine chaplain – of which the Dark Apostles are very much the dark reflection. I’ve always thought the reaver heads would work nicely on Chaos models but so far I’ve only been using them for loyalists so this should be a fine chance to do something a little more grim and twisted with this particular component when it comes time for painting.

Dark Apostle WIP ConvertOrDie (1)Dark Apostle WIP ConvertOrDie (2)

Again any thoughts or suggestions are more than welcome, I feel he still needs a little extra before he’s ready to paint.

Whilst I was about it I also took the chance to explore more of what can be done with the new Chaos Marine kit, including making the champion for my first new squad.

Chaos Marine WIP ConvertOrDie (1)Chaos Marine WIP ConvertOrDie (2)

In turn this led to knocking together a few new plague marines. My love of Nurgle has drifted a bit lately but I felt pulled back to the plague god’s side whilst I worked on these so who knows, sooner or later I’ll give the Grandfather’s Legion the love they deserve.

Plague Marine WIP ConvertOrDie (1)Plague Marine WIP ConvertOrDie (2)

There’s certainly a lot of fun to be had by mixing parts from the plague marines and chaos marines kits together, something I’ll definitely explore more as I go on.

Plague Marine WIP ConvertOrDie (6)

Rather pleased with the choice of head on this one – anyone want to hazard a guess as to where it’s from? It’s not too obscure but I’ve not seen anyone else use it yet and I’m smugly proud of the fact (indeed the same goes for the head on the Plague Champion above).

Plague Marine WIP ConvertOrDie (3)Plague Marine WIP ConvertOrDie (4)Plague Marine WIP ConvertOrDie (5)

Anyway, that’s all for now but the weekend is almost upon us – who knows, I might even find an hour or two for painting!

30 responses to “Cursed In Eternity – Part 3

  • Alex

    All looking very cool mate – glad to see you told that dark apostle to calm the fuck down! 😎

  • Mikko

    Effective conversions, they do look better than the originals!

  • theimperfectmodeller

    Look great mate and already looking forward to seeing them painted. Looks like you have plenty to keep you occupied! 😊

  • Jon

    Certainly an improvement on the Master of Executions! The jury is still out on the Apostle; I like the head swap but to my eye he still has a bit much going on…

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! Re the Apostle I tend to agree but he’s reached the point where I’ve cut off and changed everything I can without making major overhauls of the sawing things apart/scratch sculpting large areas department. If there’s anything catching your eye you reckon wants improving though I’m all ears. Really part of me would like to cut him apart entirely and combine him with bits from the old finecast version (that huge jagged halo and the cape of scrolls specifically) but I suspect that may make more of the project than I have the patience to complete! 🙂

      • Jon

        I agree; anything else you did to him would be a major undertaking, and I think the biggest remaining issue is the pose and composition of the whole model.

        By the way, do you still have the one-eyed Master of Executions head? I’d quite like one for a Chaos Lord…

      • Wudugast

        I do still have it but it’s tucked away safely I’m afraid, I’m planning to use it for an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor to head up a little Death Watch Kill Team I have planned (someone has to deal with all those Genestealer Cultists I painted back in the winter!)

      • Jon

        Understandable. It’s a good head.

  • Pete S/ SP

    Great conversions- the Dark Apostle is much improved looking like that.



  • Alexis West

    Very cool! The Khornate helm really kicks the Master of Executions up a few notches, in particular. The Apostle is definitely looking better, too, but it’s not as clear-cut as the difference that head swap made on the Master. I love the head swap* there too, tho.

    The Aspiring Champion and Plague Marines look great, too! I still haven’t managed to get my hands on either the CSM or Plague Marine kits, because I just have too much to do anyhow, but I really hope I manage to soon. I believe the two heads you’re asking about are from trophy racks, or the Chaos Vehicle spiky sprue, but I’m not sure exactly which ones. The one on the Plague Champion in particular is absolutely badass as an actual head, tho.

    *I really wish there were extra helmets on the Reiver sprues. They’re really cool, but they’re also really hard to find as bits, and even making the kit doesn’t leave extras.

    • Wudugast

      If they decided to sell sprues of reiver heads (ala the skulls kit) I would buy them by the armload! I could be quite tempted by a loyalist SM chapter with all skull faces/helms (and then another few boxes to do Khorne berserkers with!) Probably a good thing they don’t sell them in industrial quantities really, restraint has to enter my life somewhere after all…

      Yeah, I’m in full agreement, the Master just needed that one little tweak and now I’m really pleased with him, whereas the Dark Apostle took a lot more work and still isn’t quite what he could be. I’m happy enough though 🙂

      Trophy racks is absolutely correct (I had a feeling you’d be the one to get it). The one on the plague marine comes from the new chaos terminators and the one on the champion is from the backpack of the chaos marines champion.

      • Alexis West

        Seriously. US$25 for 300+ Reiver helmets? I’d be all over that!

        And yeah, as soon as I saw that “challenge” mentioned, I was pretty sure I had it covered. I really need to get my hands on those new CSM kits, but I’ve got too much to get dealt with first.

      • Wudugast

        I’ve often wondered why they don’t do more in the way of head upgrade sets (even if just under the FW banner). Plenty of third-party companies seem to be doing well from the idea and Forge World have done them for Necromunda/Stormcast/Heresy-era marines now so I reckon we might see more as time passes. Much as I love ‘munda if they can make it work financially there they can make it work with Space Marines, Orks, Imperial Guard and other “big name” factions.

  • imperialrebelork

    Oh Hell Yes! The Khornate Helm works for me brother. Heaps better and I might just have to steal the idea if I may. Remind me again why you don’t like sculpted flame. I think the old flagellant flames are a bit two dimensional but the new ones look ok to me if not a little over done. Well done on the rest of the conversions too mate. Keep up the inspiring work.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers dude! Steal away!

      I guess saying I never like sculpted flame would be an exaggeration but I find its an effect which is best when used sparingly and I find it gets overused. I’m actually working on painting some for Pious Vorne’s flamer (from Blackstone Fortress) right now – and on that model it works really well. It’s the same with special effects in music or films, if people have spent their whole careers wishing they could do something and suddenly the technology allows them to do so then understandably they end up over-using it for a while. Until very recently it would never have been possible to make sculpted flame and now we’re going through a phase where its everywhere. Also I find that fire has a flickering, shifting quality that’s hard to capture in a solid object. Again the flames on Pious Vorne do it really well but often it ends up not looking like living flame but instead like a lump of something solid that’s been painted red and stuck on the end of the flamer/torch/wherever.

      Anyway, glad you like them! 😀

      • Alexis West

        Also, fire isn’t opaque. You can see through it, and it looks different from different points of view. There’s no way to keep what should be the hottest part brightest from all angles when putting paint on a static sculpted bit.

      • Wudugast

        Well put – something I was struggling towards saying but failing to properly articulate! 🙂

      • imperialrebelork

        Ah I see. Well explained. I once bought brand new rollerblades and went everywhere in them and fell over all the time because, well I tried going down stairs and generally places you should rollerblade haha. So, like flames in plastic, I over did it too. Haven’t touched them for twenty years now. Haha.

  • backtothehammer

    Those first two are great. They look superb. Looking forward to seeing those painted up.

  • Kralgor

    Looks great! I just picked up a Master of Executions today! Not sure if I will make him a World Eater to match the rest of my army, or go with Night Lords as the start of a NL kill team. I’m leaning towards WE. My only suggestion (just a huge pet peeve of my) with the dark apposlte would be to give him a crozius arcanum. I hate they got rid of that on this model and replaced it with a power mace. The Word Bearers who created the chaplain are the ones who invented the crozius so it’s such a shame to lose it on the model IMO. Love all the work you have done on everything!

    • Wudugast

      Ooh, World Eaters or Night Lords? Truly a tough choice, those are two of the best legions (although to be fair all of the best legions abandoned the Emperor!). He might look really cool as a Night Lord now I think about it, they could certainly pull off that coat in style!

      I had also considered doing more with the Dark Apostle’s crozius so we’re thinking on the same lines. I’m completely in agreement that the official version is lacking on that front, I just haven’t quite worked what I want to do to improve it yet. Oddly I’ve now noticed that there’s a really cool, twisted human face sculpted into the end of the mace, but for some obscure reason it’s facing downward so it goes almost unnoticed.

      • Kralgor

        That is a very odd detail for then to hide lol. For this Master of Executions I went with World Eaters to match my army since I already had the bits I would need to do it. Since the model is only $25 I think I may get another in the not too distant future. I have quite a bit of bits I need to get and order before I can do much with Night Lords.

  • Azazel

    A great collection of kitbashes here – and as others have said, the real standout is the relatively simple headswap on Mr.Executioner. I’m not sure what I’ll do with mine, as unless he’s going to be Eating Worlds I probably wouldn’t use one of those heads, as fantastic as it looks. One thing’s for sure – after seeing yours here, he’ll definitely be getting a head-upgrade!

    • Wudugast

      Yeah, it’s really nice that the Executioner has been so well received. As soon as I saw him I thought “He’d look better with a World Eater’s helmet” and sure enough as soon as I tried it he just clicked which was wonderfully vindicating. The two official heads are nice, and I can see them working on all kinds of other models, they just don’t quite work on the executioner himself. I’ll be very curious to see them tweaked for other legions though – if yours isn’t going to be eating worlds who else might he be fighting for?

      • Azazel

        I haven’t even cracked open my Chaos Codex V2 yet, nor have I opened my executioner (didn’t realise he has a second head!)

        My really general 40k Traitor Legion plans are:
        Iron Warriors – for the heavy hardware and daemon engines, small contingents of Berserkers. Will be toning down some of the overtly gribbly chaosy stuff and having a fair few of them much “cleaner”
        World Eaters – small force, later – once the new models are released
        Alpha Legion – clean, almost “loyalist” looking.
        “Black Legion” – In Sons of Horus sea-green, probably somewhere for characters like this guy to go.
        Word Bearers – for the really over the top chaosy stuff to go
        Death Guard – like everyone else, with the new models
        Thousand Sons – like everyone else, with the new models. Might go red instead of blue – or even a mix.
        Night Lords – no real plans or interest. Probably a mini-force (2 squads, hero, vehicle/dread) to use up the few NL-specific models I have.

        Out of those, he’d probably fit in with the World Eaters or Black Legion best, I think? Unless I pick up another one…

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