Ortruum 8-8

Don’t worry, I’ve not leaned over the edge and fallen off the world, or anything equally dramatic. It’s simply that this is the time of year when work is at its busiest and I end up spending most of my time outdoors with not a paintbrush or a miniature in sight. Which of course tends to reduce my output of painted models rather dramatically!

Of course I still have all kinds of hobby plans I’m wanting to pursue, but – after a rather productive April – it’s a safe bet that things will probably slow down a little over the next few weeks. Even when I do snatch some hobby time it’s not automatically the case that my creative energies – always a wilful beast at the best of times – will go in the direction I want them too. Thus once again the Eschers were left to languish whilst I found myself distracted by Ortruum 8-8, the bizarre psi-hound dispatched from Lord Helmawr’s secretive psykanarium to seek out those the lord of Necromunda deems undesirable.

It’s a weird beast this one, and not to everyone’s taste, although personally I love the fact that they were willing to create something so strange, ugly and utterly unlike anything else – either in the range or elsewhere. Plus, it was a fine opportunity to paint lots of unhealthy looking skin!

Ortruum 8-8 ConvertOrDie Wudugast (2)Ortruum 8-8 ConvertOrDie Wudugast (1)Ortruum 8-8 ConvertOrDie Wudugast (3)Ortruum 8-8 ConvertOrDie Wudugast (4)Ortruum 8-8 ConvertOrDie Wudugast (5)Ortruum 8-8 ConvertOrDie Wudugast (6)

The little hands it uses (presumably) to feed and care for itself – in as much as it can – always struck me as particularly creepy and so, rather than paint them as mechanical (as on the studio model) I decided to go for living flesh instead. To me it emphasises the clinical, industrial cruelty of the 41st Millennium – why manufacture mechanical hands when literally everyone is walking around with two already attached. Plus, in comparison to the bloated bulk of the rest of the model they look oddly small and delicate (although, the more I look at him, the more I realise that as a pudgy, baby-like figure, barely cognisant of the enormous power it wields, which struggles to understand even basic concepts, has something ridiculous on the top of its head and is controlled by shadowy puppet-masters, it’s no surprise it has small hands as well…)

It’s worth noting as well that this is a big creature, it’s swollen, suspensor-borne flesh easily outsizing even the most muscular of Underhive locals.

Ortruum 8-8 ConvertOrDie Wudugast (7)

As mentioned above progress is likely to remain somewhat erratic for a while yet but hopefully that just means the creative fires will burn all the hotter when I do find the time to indulge them!

44 responses to “Ortruum 8-8

  • davekay

    That’s a great model and the paintjob is fantastic!

  • Mikko

    Perfectly disgusting, good job!

  • savageddt

    Damn, talk about horrors from the sack… Great paint choises mate. Do not worry too much about goin inactive mate. Ive been active a lot the last two weeks but my views to likes ratio has gone down by shit loads. I do not know if i have fallen out of favor with the WP algorithm..

    • Wudugast

      Aye, it’s a bit of a horror isn’t it? Glad you like it!

      Yeah, it’s odd how the stats for a site like this go sometimes. I don’t pay too close attention really because I’m mostly using this to catalogue my work and because I enjoy chatting to people about miniatures, lots of views don’t really impact things one way or another (although I’ll admit it’s nice to get them!) Sometimes when there are lots of comments and likes the number of views drops right down, I reckon it’s because we hobbyists are shy, anti-social creatures and when we see a big crowd all chattering away we scurry off to a quieter website before someone makes eye-contact or engages us in conversation 😉

      • savageddt

        It has never not been cool to be an odd one out… Even tho I know nothing of the minitures side, I love warhammer. Bought three books yesterday… I have an addiction…

      • Wudugast

        I tend to think this is a hobby of three (or perhaps more) equal parts; the miniatures, the books and the games. I’ve only played a handful of games despite being into the hobby for over a decade, but I’ve read loads of the books and painted hundreds of models. I guess it’s fair to say I have the same addiction! To me whether you only enjoy one of those parts or all three you’re still taking part in the hobby and are just as much a part of it as a tournament champion or golden daemon winner. Which books did you get?

      • savageddt

        scheduled post coming up on thursdsay…

  • Alex

    Wow, that is one disturbing mini… nicely done dude, I haven’t had a good look at one before but examining yours has more than satisfied that need – it’s so different to anything else, and it’s really creepy! What’s not to love? 🙂

  • theimperfectmodeller

    I’m not going to pretend otherwise, this one is a little weird! That said the paint job is excellent as always and oddly I do find it a little strange how the figure draws you in. Hope you aren’t away from the painting desk for too long but I’m sure you will be raring to go after an enforced break.

    • Wudugast

      It’s definitely more than a little weird! 😀 That said I do think it’s rather clever, when I came to painting it I realised there’s a lot more going on with the design than is first apparent. As you say it draws the eye in and does a lot of clever visual storytelling. From what I hear though it was just a bit too weird for a lot of people though.

      As for work, I’m out in the fresh air and the weather has been on my side so I can’t complain. Those models won’t paint themselves but they’ll be waiting for me once things settle down 🙂

  • mcmattila

    Now that’s a meat bag if I ever saw one! And a very appropriate project, considering they just teased Helmawr’s Justice!

    It’s a pretty cool model, though the giant head makes it look like it’s different scale (while the hands are roughly the same as the other Necromunda guys). The paintjob’s great as always.

    • Wudugast

      Those Enforcers eh?! 😀 I was hoping to see some new models but I guess they must be a while off yet. Still very excited to hear they’re on their way!

      Yeah, without the hands the face would make it look completely out of scale but instead I think it ends up looking bloated and weird, almost like it’s boneless and the face has spread and distorted (perhaps there’s no true skull in there anymore, allowing the brain to grow unchecked. Of course that would make it the only thing in 40k without a skull…).

  • Pete S/ SP

    You are right about it being a very strange model- your paint job really brings out its best (worst?) features in a cronenburg bodyhorror way….



    • Wudugast

      Thanks Pete 🙂 I think there’s no getting around it here, if you don’t want body horror you can’t paint this model so instead it needs to be embraced and pushed to its extreme. I think that’s actually where the official paint job failed, it tried to be too tame – which I can’t blame them for from a marketing standpoint – but this is the one where you need to go horrible or go home!

  • Meandering Shade

    I never understood the some of the backlash this miniature got at release. People saying “You can sculpt it yourself with putty and bits from your bits-box!”
    Well yeah, you could, this and a great many other miniatures.

    I actually liked it right off the bat. And I had no idea it was such a large figure! I thought it was a little over human torso size, I think I like it even more now!

    Awesome paintjob, love the unhealthy skin and worn metal.

    • Wudugast

      Yeah, I saw similar comments and like you I thought they seemed lazy and ignorant. Fair play, each to their own, I don’t expect everyone to like it but I thought such quick and caustic dismissal of it did everyone a disservice. For one thing, as you correctly point out, given enough time and practice I could sculpt greater daemons – but that only adds to their value because I don’t have the spare couple of decades I’d need to learn! Secondly the implication that it could be knocked together from a lump of putty with bits stuck on indicates that it was only given a very cursory glance to begin with, there’s a lot more going on her than meets the eye at first glance. Ah well, at least we can relax safe in the knowledge that you and I are right and all those who dissed old Ortruum are mere fools. Perhaps we should start a fan club! 😀

  • heresyofus

    I really like this mini because like you said it’s so not like anything else. I’m planning on grabbing one myself. You’ve done an excellent job on yours mate. The skin is spot on and the organic hands instead of metal ones is a great idea and one I shall steal off you 🙂

    • Wudugast

      Yeah, in some ways it’s so unique amongst miniatures – and yet in others this is exactly the kind of thing we’ve seen lurking in the corner of 40k artwork for decades. Looking forward to seeing what you do with yours – I suspect you will plumb whole new depths of grim and twisted insanity! 😀

  • thecurator123

    Better painted than the one on the webstore!

    • Wudugast

      Sadly that’s not really a compliment 😉 I’m not one for bashing someone else’s work but the studio model for Ortruum really is a bit rough, and on a model that was always going to be challenging they needed to bring their A-game. Should have just shown the bare resin I reckon.

  • patmcf

    Spot on with the hands mate well done ,and you have painted this bloated creepy guy so well !

  • krakendoomcool

    Great paint job. It’s a really creepy model that one. The sculptor is really tapping into Blanch and Brazil.

  • Alexis West

    Excellent work! Great job really bringing out all the body horror elements in there. So many things it’s drawing from, Geiger, Lynch, Blanche, Cronenberg, probably more I’m not thinking of.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! Yeah, with this one you’ve really got to grab the body-horror with both hands, there’s really no getting around it otherwise.

      • Alexis West

        I dunno about that. I mean, with some conversions on it, I could see it being more a matter of grabbing the body horror with all hands, rather than just the two 😉

  • imperialrebelork

    The annoying thing about your posts not appearing in my feeds is that I never know when you’ve posted something. The good thing is that I get to play catch up. Like binge watching episodes of Vikings! This is an ugly and grotesque miniature and I love it. It’s a big one too which adds to the monstrousness of it and, of course, your pint job is sublime. I’m glad you haven’t fallen off the world sir.

    • Wudugast

      By strange coincidence as you were writing this here I was listening to you talking about Star Wars on your podcast. How terribly circle-of-life and/or incestuous of us!

      Yeah, wordpress seems to do that sometimes, where suddenly someone stops appearing in your feed for no discernible reason. I used to know a bloke who wrote software and went off to work for the European Space Agency (the less sexy Nasa!) and he once said to me “I don’t know why these things happen, computers man – they’ve got minds of their own” and I thought, well mate – if you don’t know I’m not going to worry about it either!

      Used to love Vikings. Where are you up to with it? The first few seasons were amazing, some truly outstanding TV.

      Anyway, glad you like the big lad!

      • imperialrebelork

        I listened to a Podcast with Joe Rogan interviewing Elon Musk and he said “never kick the robot because one day it will kick back” scary shit man. Therefore I never ever kick my iPhone even though it shuts me to tears haha. I’ve only watched the first three seasons of Vikings. Does it decline from there?

      • Wudugast

        I thought that the first three seasons were the best, although season four is really good too. By the end of season 4 they’ve wrapped up the story neatly, it brings a satisfying conclusion for all the characters (even if not necessarily a happy ending for everyone). Season 5 I felt was missing a lot of the punch of the early seasons and I’ve not seen any of 6 (I just couldn’t be arsed after 5). The quality of the writing on those early seasons was just outstanding though.

      • imperialrebelork

        Ah ok. It’s often the case with tv series. I prefer Vikings over game of thrones. It took me a long time to get into game of thrones

      • Wudugast

        Yeah, I mean – give the later Vikings a bash, you might have a different opinion to me (in which case do feel free to come back and tell me I was wrong!). Ultimately life goes on for all the characters that survive the events of season 4 (I’m tiptoeing around spoilers here!), they’re not frozen in amber after all. It’s just that I found the end of season 4 to be a satisfying conclusion to the narrative and everything after felt like an epilogue that didn’t grab me the same way.
        I’m hiding from GoT at the moment, I’ve not seen the most recent episode so I’m trying to remain in a spoiler free bubble until I can catch it. For my taste though Vikings at its best beats GoT at its best, but GoT at its worst beats Vikings at its worst.

      • imperialrebelork

        Haha I haven’t seen any of the last season of GoT and probably won’t for a while yet so I don’t mind spoilers.

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