An Age of Chaos

It’s a fine time to be a heretic. After many fallow years the forces of Chaos are back, and in a big way. First the Thousand Sons came marching back onto the galactic stage, accompanied by our first ever plastic daemon primarch, then the Death Guard joined them (with an even bigger selection of miniatures, and another daemon primarch). Now it’s the turn of the broader sweep of Chaos’ mortal followers, those who have not dedicated themselves utterly to a single god, who have broken from the legions of old or who have turned from the service of the Imperium more recently, and of course the dreaded Black Legion themselves. For an avowed heretic like myself this is a moment to celebrate so indulge me as I take a look back over the past several weeks of releases and enthuse rabidly about my plans to raise a force sufficient to bring the realm of the Corpse-Emperor to its knees once and for all!

Those who’ve read these editorials before (and come back for more? Surely you’re a glutton for punishment!) will know that I do tend to ramble on. Chances are this one will prove to be especially lengthy, covering as it does several weeks worth of releases – including the Shadowspear box – almost worthy of a review in its own right – various WIPs as I test out ideas, a great deal of fanboyish enthusing over my favourite 40k faction (don’t tell the orks!) and (because this is the internet after all) just a little bit of self indulgent moaning. Anyway if you think reading this post is going to take you a while you should try fighting the Long War!

Shadowspear 1

Everything kicked off a few weeks ago with the release of the Shadowspear boxset. This may sound like something the Eldar would use but there are no perfidious xenos here, just power armoured warriors; the servants of the gods and the weaklings who oppose them. On the grounds that reality is for those who can’t handle chaos I’ll be concentrating on the real heroes of this set, although I will grudgingly acknowledge that it also contains a load of filthy loyalist scum, (the less said about them the better!) That said I am harbouring a scheme to convert the stealthy Space Marines of the Ultramarines 2nd Company Vanguard into Alpha Legion and thus ring even more Chaos Marines out of the set. Blame all those years spent sticking spikes onto loyalist space marines because it was the only way to add models to my army – it turns out the habit, once developed, is hard to kick!

Master of Possession

Taking charge of the baddies in the Shadowspear box we have the Master of Possession. Essentially this is a specialist sorcerer who has focussed his powers on binding daemonic entities to living flesh. Indeed they could easily have released it as just a new sorcerer model and no-one would have been any the wiser.

As the warlord heading up the box set – and the only Chaos character in shadowspear – this one had to make an impact. The design pulls out all the stops – indeed to my eye it pulls out too many stops. Let’s start with the good; the skull helm with it curly rams’ horns is pretty much perfection, the staff is also brilliantly executed and the flying pose, which could so easily have looked silly, is pulled off in style. Overall the model is deliciously over-the-top and heavy metal (with an “h”!)

Master of Possession

However I’ll admit I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Master of Possession to begin with. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great model but the level of detail is so high the eye is almost overwhelmed (and this is coming from someone who thought the detail on the Death Guard was about right). The model is already flying and equipped with a number of sorcerous accoutrements – including the very eye-catching staff – so to my mind he really doesn’t need for burning skulls as well. What’s worse is that these skulls serve to distract the eye from the otherwise perfectly composed piece and particularly from the fearsome helm. For all their skill and experience GW’s designers do at times seem to forget that less can be more (something we’ll return to when I get on to talking about the Dark Apostle). In this case I decided to do without the burning skulls, although despite my general aversion to sculpted flames I might yet make use of them on a different model. He still needs a little greenstuff and general tidying up but here’s a look at my toned down version so far.

Master of Possession WIP (1)Master of Possession WIP (2)

Greater Possessed

As mentioned above the Master of Possessions isn’t the guy charged with looking after the Chaos Lord’s property but instead is dedicated to manifesting demons in mortal flesh (or as Slaves to Darkness put it “possession is nine tenths of the lore”).  Possession by daemons has always been a shortcut by which those without the moral fibre or work ethic to slaughter their way to ascension honestly can still achieve a modicum of power, or as a means of transforming loyalist space marine prisoners into vicious shock troops. Sometimes however the possessed individual is powerful enough in their own right to attract the attention of a daemonic herald and the result is a Greater Possessed, a fearsome warrior respected by mortal troops and never born alike.

The shadowspear box contains two of these new monstrosities. Rather than tackle the infinite variety of possible possessed they instead decided to create two exemplars. Apparently during the design process they were known as “slimy wet guy” and “bony dry guy” – no prizes for guessing which is which! Top marks to the creators of these models however for managing to conjure such different textures whilst still keeping them looking consistent and matching as a pair.

Greater Possessed 2Greater Possessed 1

These won’t be the easiest things to convert and, although you may find yourself wondering if I’ve had a personality transplant, in my opinion that’s not a bad thing. Truthfully although it may be fun to raid the Possessed kit for parts too much compatibility did it no favours and the streamlined new Greater Possessed have really put their lesser cousins in the shade. Like the Wrathmongers and the (now retired) Chaos Forsaken the Possessed tend to sprawl into an ill-defined morass of useful bits but which struggles to produce a single cohesive model let alone a squad. Hopefully when they do redo it they follow a similar path to that employed with the Greater Possessed, much as I enjoy an infinitely poseable multi-part kit pulling it off with something like the Possessed may well be beyond the skills of even designers of GW’s calibre.


Skittering in alongside the Greater Possessed we have another newcomer to the range, the deliciously creepy Venoncrawler. This mechanical arachnid joins the ever growing ranks of the daemon engines, and once again it’s absolutely outstanding. It looks fast, lithe and supremely deadly and even for a fan of spiders like myself there’s something nightmare inducing about the thought of it scurrying through a war torn hive city in search of prey.

Venomcrawler 1

Now it’s true that spiders come in for a bit of a rough press and vast numbers of these harmless and helpful animals are unthinkingly killed as a result of people’s irrational phobias (depending on where you are in the world of course. Readers in Australia are probably looking askance at me right now, or they would be if they had time to read blogs and weren’t busy defending the barricades against a rising tide of ravenous arachnids). Part of me therefore wants to criticise GW for perpetrating this harmful myth and demand that if they want to try and frighten us they should base their models on things that are genuinely scary like climate change, economic recession or a Tory MP. That however would be unnecessarily po-faced and would do a disservice to a wonderfully creepy looking model. The face alone is the stuff of nightmares and the background fiction ups the ante even further by describing it hunting down and devouring daemons which escape the forges – when it comes to being frightening anything which sees daemons simply as prey is going to be hard to beat!

Venomcrawler 2

Often, as a Chaos fan, one find’s oneself sounding rather like an escapee from Monty Python’s Four Yorkshiremen. I fondly recall the release of the Defiler and the exciting realisation that Chaos vehicles could be something other than loyalist tanks with spikes stuck to the outside (at which point someone should chime in “Tanks with spikes – you were lucky! In my day we were still making tanks out of cereal packets and plans from White Dwarf!” “White Dwarf! You were lucky!” etc etc).

Daemon engines used to be rather thin on the ground, especially outside of Forgeworld. Picture if you will a younger me (looking like a Dickensian urchin) dreaming of plastic Juggernaughts or even a kit for a Chaos Dreadnaught that wasn’t three-quarters of a ton of lead. Understandably, as these kits have started to emerge, it’s been something of a drip-feed so to begin with everything looked rather disparate. We had the crab-like, industrial construct of the Defiler; the bulky, bullish Maulerfiend; the spikey, draconic Heldrake; the fleshy Helbrute – and although all were excellent, and the result was suitably chaotic, until the variety reached a certain, critical mass their shared characteristics were outweighed by those that made them different. Luckily that point now feels as though it has been passed, especially with the inclusion of the various Death Guard beasties and the Lord Discordant’s Helstalker (more on them below).


We live in an age in which much which once seemed impossible or miraculous is now commonplace. Humans have walked on the airless surface of the moon and explored the lightless ocean depths. Armed with nothing more than a normal household computer I am able to write blogs which can then be read by strangers on the other side of the world, in countries I might never visit – but which I could with only a moderate amount of effort, rather than needing to spend months at sea struck down with scurvy. In such an age of wonders however one stands out above the rest; GW have finally managed to create Obliterators which look good. For as long as I can remember these monsters have been represented by ghastly, poorly sculpted lumps with Swiss army knives for hands and nothing at all to recommend them. Saddled with such terrible models it’s no wonder that so many chaos fans have degenerated into bitter, hate-filled heretics.

Now however that cruel era is over and our loyalty (or should that be disloyalty) down those long and pitiless years has been rewarded with a brace of these fearsome mutants.

Obliterators 1

For those who somehow missed the outgoing models, managed to blot out the memory or even started complaining about the Chaos release “going on too long” and eating up valuable time in the GW schedule that could otherwise be devoted to Stormcast Eternals, here’s a reminder of how far we’ve come.

God Awful Old Obliterator

Putting that horror behind us and returning to the new models, a view from behind shows just how wonderfully far they’ve been willing to push the body horror, although it also reveals their only real flaw – that from the back they look a little like a fat man squeezing into a pair of shots far too small for him, an image which – once conjured – is hard to shake.

Obliterators 2

That little bit of silliness aside there’s a lot to enjoy here. The new Obliterators share a lot of visual elements with the Helbrute, jagged armour panels emerging from bloated muscle and bruised, tormented flesh, whilst the head is recessed within a fanged maw, all of which brings a pleasing visual consistency to the range. There’s even a mirroring of poses between one of the Shadowspear Obliterators and the Dark Vengeance Helbrute – both have the gun arm thrust forward aggressively and the claw hand upraised, whilst the left foot is propped on a rock. Some things never go out of style I suppose!

Helbrute vs Obliterator

Of course this leaves the Obliterators’ twin kit, the Mutilators, looking even more neglected but there was always going to be a limit to how much GW could do for Chaos in one go. In theory I’m sure it’s possible to convert the new Obliterators into Mutilators the amount of large, sculpted in details means this isn’t for the faint hearted. It seems like a logical progression to assume that, since the Death Guard and Thousand Sons have brought us Nurgle and Tzeentch themed Chaos Marines in recent years, a Khorne focused World Eaters release might not be too far distant – at which point the close-combat focused Mutilators might be the lucky recipients of a new kit of their own. Or, of course, that might be nothing more than wishful thinking, and we’ll be stuck with this for a few decades more…


Chaos Marines

As well as all these bigger beasts Shadowspear also contains a squad of Chaos space marines, and in the weeks since they’ve been bolstered further by a whole new kit. Fans of Chaos Marines have been waiting (I cannot in all conscience pretend we’ve been doing so patiently) for new models for many years now. As the years and editions have passed the loyalists have come to look better and better whilst our poor traitors have wallowed in the ugly lumpen doldrums. At last of the dark gods have rewarded us and as a long-serving heretic, I’m thrilled!

Chaos Marine 2

Like the plague marines released with the Death Guard each of these is a real character in their own right, as befits a fallen hero of the Imperium with ten millennia of villainy under his belt!

Chaos Marine 3

The rank-and-file are head and shoulders above their predecessors (both literally and figuratively) whilst the champion from Shadowspear outshines even some of the special characters of yesteryear.

Chaos Marine 1

There is a plainness to these models with little sign of the rampant mutation found in some of the chaos ranges. It’s a good move on the part of the designers, resulting in a very different texture to the models when compared to the slimy organic surfaces of the Death Guard. Plus it makes them perfect for more austere legions like the Iron Warriors, whilst all Chaos fans know that it’s easier to add mutations than it is to take them away.

I’ve already managed to paint one of my own and although I’ve already shown him here I couldn’t miss the opportunity to show him off again.

Chaos Space Marine Wudugast (5)

In terms of size these compare closely to the Rubric and Plague Marines (and we all love a good size comparison photo!)

Chaos Size Comp ConvertOrDie Wudugast 2

Better yet they tower over the old Chaos Marines, who stood no taller than an unarmoured guardsman.

Chaos Comparison

They are however just a little bit smaller than the Primaris Marines. This is a pity, despite all of the background about Primaris being bigger and better than the standard marines, a lot of us hoped that the new chaos marines would match them for size a little more closely. Thus my first thought when I saw them was to curse them; they had one chance to fix their screw up and rather than commit they fluffed it. However they are certainly a big improvement on the midget marines of yesteryear and the more I look at them the more my eye becomes used to them. Ultimately although an extra millimetre here and there might have been nice it’s really a case of splitting hairs and not worth getting agitated over (for me at least).

Chaos Marine WIP 3

Whilst not quite the blank canvas that we saw with the Primaris Marines there’s still plenty of room to kitbash these to create unique warriors or tie them into your own preferred legion or warband. Those who feel they can suffer another moment with the ugly old Khorne Berserkers kit for instance could do well mixing these with AoS Khorne parts whilst Death Guard fans who found the plague marines too mutated for their tastes might prefer hybridizing them with these to create something a little more toned down. For myself I’m inclined to try them out to kitbash some better raptors and warp talons.

I’ve had a bit of a mixed relationship with the raptors and warp talons. Like many people my age I emerged from university blinking into the harsh light of the 2008 recession, with jobs as scarce as unicorn shit and my hard won degree nothing more than fancy paper. Fast forward a few years, and another round in academia, and my first proper wage cheque was burning a hole in my pocket just as the new raptors kit was released. Bursting with excitement at my new-found fiscal stability and the first opportunity to treat myself since my student days I naturally rushed out and bought it. In the years since however I’ve never actually managed to finish painting a single one. Alongside the Dark Vengeance chosen these are the granddaddy’s of the modern plastic chaos marines, yet to my critical eye they haven’t aged that well. Their proportions are all over the place and rather than soaring dynamically through the air they appear to be engaged in an enthusiastic jig. Would it be possible, I found myself wondering, to kitbash something better using the new chaos marines? Well, here’s my first attempt and overall I’m pretty happy with him.

Warptalon WIP (1)Warptalon WIP (2)Warptalon WIP (3)

Based on this success I’m very tempted to make a whole squad, so as every any comments or feedback is greatly appreciated.

As I’ve noted above, although there has been no official announcement from GW it seems like a safe bet that sooner or later the World Eater’s and Emperor’s Children will be similarly blessed with new models. One thing that seems unlikely to appear however is another new incarnation of Kharn the Betrayer who received a new model just a couple of years ago. Unfortunately I’m no fan of it, the whole model looks awkward and ungainly and I much prefer the old version. I did fear that my old metal Kharne would by now be suffering from SAM syndrome (Short Angry Man) but to my surprise he’s not actually that bad. That said I am tempted by the idea of making my own version using parts from the new chaos Marines kit (the Shadowspear champion – pictured above – practically is Kharn, he just needs a different head, although I’m sure I could come up with something more interesting and challenging with a little time to drum up the bits).

Khaaarn 40k


Alongside the new chaos marines we have their heavy-weapon toting brothers, the Havocs. These are the Chaos equivalent of the loyalist Devastators, space marines with big guns who’s main joy in life is to rain down destruction from afar.As you’d expect these are similar to the standard chaos marines, and generally cross compatible, but a little more tech-ed out. They’re more heavily set than their colleagues too, and their braced poses match the weight and heft of the big guns.

Cry Havoc

The chaos marines may have had a plastic kit that was well past its sell-by date but the havocs didn’t even have that, relying instead on an old upgrade set. As a result I never had a squad of these heavy in my old army, even converted, so I’m very intrigued to get to work building them now.

The squad leader comes with an optional bare head, although to my eye this marks him out too much and makes him look like he belongs to a different squad, so I’ll most likely be using the helmeted variant instead.


A rather nice touch however is the similarity between the face of the havoc leader and those of Obsidius Mallex from Blackstone Fortress and Abaddon himself. In the Horus Heresy novels it’s noted that many of Horus’s legion, the Sons of Horus (many of who went on to join the Black Legion after the Sons of Horus were essentially driven extinct by the vicious fighting of the post-Heresy Legion Wars) shared Horus’s facial features, and as a result were known as “true sons”. Abaddon was even rumoured to be a clone son of Horus. Thus the decision to give each of them a similar facial structure helps to reinforce this familial effect, as well as being a nice nod to the background.

Sons of Horus

From left to right; Horus (the Dead Warmaster), Abaddon (the Successful Warmaster), Havoc Champion (Big Man With A Gun) and Obsidious Mallex (bothering adventurers down the local Blackstone Fortress).

The squad leader notwithstanding there’s really only two poses in the Havoc kit however, so any variety of appearance is provided by the different guns and details such as the torso fronts. The result is a duplication of profiles  which aesthetically just doesn’t look quite right to me. The compatibility between these and the chaos marines however should give plenty of room to manoeuvre.

Havoc CSM comp

Another thing I’ll have to do something about is the way this one stands with his arm sticking out awkwardly. What’s meant to be happening here? Luckily there’s an alternative way of building the model with a less inelegant pose otherwise some cutting and adjusting to remedy the situation would be vital!

Havoc 2

Noctilith Crown

It’s becoming standard practice at the moment for every major GW release to include a piece of terrain, something I can only applaud. As a result gaming tables the world over become more interesting and hopefully we can leave the flat, tedious landscapes of the past firmly behind us. Thus it didn’t require the predictive skills of Nostradamus to guess that we’d see something of this nature but it was always going to be interesting to find out what.

When it comes to producing terrain the challenge is coming up with enough of the stuff without it being either painfully generic (the galaxy is full of hills and rocks, and sure enough everyone fights over them but who cares?) or so specialised that only a minority will be interested (I’d love to see a Dark Eldar themed city but as I don’t collect Dark Eldar I wouldn’t be buying any of it). Plus terrain is big, expensive, takes up space, is often seen as intimidating to paint, is hard to transport – the list goes on. The solution has been to create a selection of fairly generic terrain, in the case of 40k a war torn Imperial city (which – as a major plus – is also perfect for Necromunda) and then add in kits which tie in to certain races for a little extra flavour. However whilst troops can march and vehicles drive to reach a warzone hardly anyone hauls buildings with them wherever they go (the Tau being the obvious exception with their floating bastions). Therefore anything which isn’t an everyday part of an Imperial city has to have a good explanation for being there – the Eldar webway gate for instance has just “decloaked” having lurked invisibly all alone, the mek-shop has been cobbled together by industrious grots, whilst  feculent gnarlmaw has sprung up with unnatural vigour straight from Nurgle’s garden.

Noctilith Crown

In this regard chaos has almost total free rein. Anything goes because anything can be explained as having been twisted, summoned or spat out by the warp. Given such potential the Noctilith Crown is surprisingly restrained. That shouldn’t be too surprising however, the same has been true throughout this release wave. Compared to the heavily mutated Death Guard who won’t get out of bed in the morning if they don’t have a mouth for a stomach these Chaos Marines are quite austere and the same is true of their building. This is no bad thing in my view, too much mutation could have ended up looking a little over the top or weird for the sake of it – always a potential challenge with Chaos and hard to fix on very large kits (look no further than the mulalith vortex beast for an example of how wrong things can go). Plus this isn’t so overtly chaotic that it would necessarily stand out to the locals, at least not to the same degree that it would if it was covered in eyes and mouths or kept grabbing people with its tentacles. On a backwater Imperial planet it could easily be just another strange old ruin in the wasteland, avoided by superstitious locals but no cause for alarm – at least until its builders turn up to reclaim it or the Inquisition arrive and start asking questions.

Noctilith Crown 2

Despite this lack of warp touched gribblyness the piece still looks immediately Chaotic (the huge chaos star certainly helps with that!) and avoids too many obvious aesthetic choices. It’s worth drawing a comparison here with the Skull Altar recently released for Age of Sigmar.

Skull Altar

Unlike the Noctilith Crown I found the Skull Altar to be a bit dull and workmanlike. It’s not bad by any means but it’s certainly predictable. The Noctilith Crown on the other hand manages to put its own spin on things and that, combined with a masterful use of negative space to create a large piece without forming a solid wall on the gaming table, or quite such a large hole in the wallet as might otherwise have been, must be commended.


Each of the traitor legions released so far has been headed up by a daemon primarch and it seems safe to assume that the trend will continue. Likewise the daemonic choirs each have a monstrous greater daemon, ranging from the corpulent great unclean one to the sinister new keeper of secrets. The rest of us don’t have quite such a big monster to call upon to lead our chaos hordes. Instead we’ve got Abaddon, a miniature who needed to convey an impact and authority at least the equal of Magnus and Mortarion, but making use of a considerably smaller canvas. This isn’t to say Abaddon isn’t a bit of a beast, he’s still a big lad in comparison to chaos lords and terminators but he doesn’t come into the same weight category as his peers. Nevertheless he packs a real visual punch.

Abaddon 2

They could have done so much more here, and thank god they didn’t! They could have had him wondering or leaping into battle, throwing himself through the air or trailing great clouds of semi-sentient fumes, all of which would have served to reduce his impact. Whatever the Daemon Primarchs may like to tell themselves Abaddon remains the big daddy in the chaos ranks and Horus’s true successor. He’s also one of my all time favourite characters from the 41st millennium. In many ways I was dreading seeing them make a mess of him as much as I was looking forward to him. Having already seen the Master of Possession I feared that they might decide to overdo things here so it was with a great feeling of relief that I saw the finished piece and discovered that, with admirable restraint, they had avoided using any gimmicks – and the result is pretty close to perfect.

He comes with a choice of heads (Angry Abaddon, Sneering Abaddon and Gas-Mask Abaddon – for those moments he has no choice but to stand in the same room as Mortarion) and can also be built without his cloak – although personally I’m not sure why you’d want to.

Abaddon 1

This feels very much like Abaddon as he might have been first time around, if only the technology had been available then. At the end of the day if I didn’t have a chaos army already I would want to start one just to have him lead it. Model of the year? Undoubtedly! Go on GW prove me wrong!

Dark Apostle

Nothing is perfect (except Fulgrim) and this wave of Chaos is no exception. After seeing so much quality emerge from the GW vaults it was inevitable that at least something would disappoint and, sadly for the sons of Lorgar, it’s the Dark Apostle. Just as Abaddon displayed a degree of restraint, improving on the predecessor only when they needed to, the Dark Apostle seems determined to turn everything up to eleven with a result that’s more jarring than impactful.

Dark Apostle 1

Part of the problem is that the outgoing Apostle was pretty much spot on, albeit cursed by an extremely small stature that made him out of scale with the rest of the range even when he was newly released.

Old Apostle 1

Simply taking that model and scaling him up would have more than sufficed. Instead the wonderful halo which topped the old version has been replaced by a candelabra, the striking “preaching” pose has become an awkward “jabbing whilst waving a book” and the spiky head of the crozius has been toned down, the one thing that should probably have been toned-up. The streamers of parchment, surely a feature easier to reproduce in plastic than in resin, have been reduced and – at the back, where they previously formed a unique cape – been replaced by a normal, tatty cloak.

Dark Apostle 2

Then there’s the book. Did the designer not know when to stop? It’s drooling (presumably noxious) fluids, whilst at the same time blazing with unnatural fire – surely a librarians worst nightmare. Either would have been a bit over-the-top for my taste, both is just ridiculous. It’s not an irredeemable model mind you and with certain art of cutting and kitbashing I reckon I can make something of it, but straight out of the box it leaves a lot to be desired.

Dark Disciples

The redeeming element however is the two willing sacrifices known as the dark disciples. This grubby duo you wouldn’t look out of place in any Inq28 collection and indeed will undoubtedly prove to be grist for that particular mill – looking at them only makes me realise what could have been if only GW had seen fit to furnish us with a proper kit for new cultists (more on that particular rant later!)


Speaking of taking pre-existing models and scaling them up that’s exactly what happened with the terminators. From a reviewers point of view of course this doesn’t leave a whole lot to add. If you liked the old terminators then here they are again, just bigger, meaner and more imposing. There are a few tweaks to nod to modern miniature design but no major changes to the core concept.  Ultimately I loved the old models but thought they were looking past their best and so these fit the bill nicely for me, scaling everything up and adding bulk whilst not attempting any unnecessary reinventions.

Terminator 2

I remember the first time I saw the outgoing chaos terminators being blown away by the bullish power implicit in those tusked helms – everything I already loved about terminators but with all the brutish spiky aggression of Chaos.

Terminator 4

The one thing I’m not particularly fond of is the little crest used to mark out the leader. It’s a design element shared with the helbrute and personally I think it looks awkward there and worse here.

Terminator 1Helbrute Crest

Despite being such a fan of the old Chaos terminators kit I’m not sure I’ve ever actually painted one, and I certainly never bought the kit as a straight-forward box of miniatures. Instead I ended up acquiring bits and pieces of it from various sources and cobbling them together with whatever else I had to hand. Thus my attempt at a size comparison between old and new leaves a little to be desired, although I’ve given it my best shot.

Terminators New and Old ConvertOrDie Wudugast

Of course the question on everyone’s lips is; how do they compare in size to the other Chaos Terminators that are out there (and what a wonderful question that is for Chaos fans of my generation to find ourselves asking!). Well, as it happens, I have a member of the Scarab Occult and a Blightlord Terminator handy, so let’s take a look.

Chaos Terminators Size Comp ConvertOrDie

As with so many things the warrior from the Thousands Sons appears a little slight in comparison to his colleagues, although its nothing a plasticard spacer under his feet and the odd dab of greenstuff wouldn’t fix if it bothers you.

Master of Executions

If the Dark Apostle is the token Word Bearer in this release then the Master of Executions is the token World Eater. He’s a loner, an executioner, a gallowsman, one-eyed and warlike, a slayer of champions. Stick a wide-brimmed hat and a couple of ravens on him and he’d be Odin! Another new leader amongst the ranks of the Chaos Marines the Master of Executions is a close combat specialist, a man interested in little else but chopping off the heads of enemy champions. Well everyone needs a hobby, I paint little models so who am I to judge?

Master of Executions

GW have been making models that carry other people’s heads around for decades now and at last they’ve found the perfect candidate for it – it’s just unfortunate that they’ve overused it so many times previously that the impact is almost entirely lost. Likewise he’s lugging around a downright massive axe, and again he’s the perfect choice to do so, but after seeing so many comically outsized weapons in the past it’s power is somewhat lost.

Master of Executions 2

I do rather like this model but if I was to be harsh there is something a little uninspired about him. All the infinite variety and possibility of Chaos and we end up with a chap who likes chopping off heads. Surely they could have come up with something a little more interesting? Again let me stress that I think he’s rather cool, should be a lot of fun to paint, and – despite having a choice of two rather stylish heads (and those are just the ones on the end of his neck) – will probably look even better with a Khornate helmet. Nonetheless, and despite my being a huge chaos fanboy, I can accept the accusation that this one appears at first glance to be just a little bit bland.

Lord Discordant

Last but not least we have the Lord Discordant. With a name like that he may sound like he belongs amongst the Emperor’s Children but in fact he has more in common with the Dark Mechanicum. Here we have a strange fusion of Warpsmith and something akin to a mediaeval knight, who scurries into battle atop a bizarre insectile riding beast. It really shouldn’t work but somehow it does so perfectly.

A new type of commander for the chaos legions the Lords Discordant are obsessed with machines, working constantly to destroy all orderly functional engines and harvest their power to fuel the arcane daemon engines of there warbands. Apparently his mere presence is enough to make technology short circuit and fail, something which many of us will find all too familiar.

Lord Disco 4

It’s a complicated figure and I can imagine that many serious gamers will complain about bits snapping off as they try to transport it to their next tournament. Fans of painting and modelling however have a challenging and potentially very rewarding kit to get their teeth into, and one which encapsulates the weirdness of Chaos at its best.

Those Left Behind

Having received such a bounty of excellent models it seems almost churlish to complain about things we didn’t get – but never mind, it’s my blog and I’ll churl if I want to!

The fact is the Chaos range was neglected for a very long time, which means now GW come to work on it there are an inordinate number of gaps to fill and models to update. Rather than simply housekeeping they instead provided us with a range of new units, but wonderful though this is it did mean they lacked the resources to fill in all the existing gaps. Even though I’m delighted with everything we’ve seen so far, and my wallet is now in serious need of a rest and a lie down, I didn’t think it would hurt to acknowledge those gaps anyway and think about where GW might hopefully turn their attention in the future. As usual this is wishlisting, plain and simple, and most likely the passage of time will demonstrate it to be nonsense, but it’s fun to speculate all the same.

Berserkers and Noise Marines

The mortal followers of Chaos, whether they be the barbarians of the Old World, the savage nations of AoS or the power armoured super-soldiers of the far future, can be crudely separated into five camps. There are those sworn to each of the four gods, and those allied to Chaos (to a greater or lesser degree), either as a pantheon or as a single primeval force – the so-called followers of Chaos Undivided. Of this latter camp the Black Legion are the 41st Millennium’s posterboys, whilst the followers of Nurgle have already been blessed with the release of the Death Guard, whilst Tzeentch’s servants set the ball rolling for Chaos with the emergence of the Thousand Sons. As I’ve mentioned above, it seems like a logical progression to assume that Slaanesh and Khorne will soon follow, bringing their legions onto the galactic stage.

Khorn Berserkers Embarrassing Themselves

Nonetheless the old berserkers now look so embarrassingly poor quality compared to the newer kits that one finds oneself cringing on GW’s behalf, it’s hard to imagine that they’re actually asking for  people’s money in exchange for these things. At least they have a kit of course, the Noise Marines only have a finecast upgrade sprue.

These days GW usually steer away from showing kitbashes and conversions in official publications, reasoning that this is confusing for newcomers to the hobby who might be put off by discovering that they have to stick random kits together to make a unit rather than just buying it off the shelf (whereas when I started it wasn’t just encouraged it was downright compulsory). However the Noise Marines don’t have an official kit, even an old one, and instead rely on the sonic weapons upgrade kit to tide them over. Thus, I find myself wondering why GW chose to illustrate the Noise Marines in the codex using the old (and now unavailable) chaos marines kit rather than the newer version. I ever planned to build a new chaos marine wielding a sonic blaster by way of demonstration but alas time ran out on me.

Noise Annoys

Of course wishful thinking says it’s because a new Noise Marine kit is just around the corner so building anything else to stand in temporarily wasn’t worth the bother – no harm in hoping right! More likely however it was simply an oversight, or a case of running out of time, or – most likely of all, GW recognising that the fans of Fulgrim’s legion have been suffering and, given that they’re probably enjoying it, they should be rewarded with one more painful turn of the screw to counteract the pleasure of the forthcoming Slaaneshi daemons.


Ultimately I knew there would be a limit to how much GW could produce in one go but I’ve been bumping my gums about wanting new cultists for long enough that I couldn’t let the occasion pass without dragging my arguments out for another airing.


Like a lot of people I felt a brief thrill when the chaos cultists kit was marked as “sold out” on the GW website, only for it to reappear repackaged a few days later. It’s true that you can kitbash some fine looking cultists from existing kits but just imagine the things we could be kitbashing if we had a proper kit for them as well. Plus that’s a lot like saying we don’t need space marine miniatures because with sufficient time and practice most of us could sculpt our own. The existing push-fit cultists are very nice but there’s not a lot of converting potential in there and given that I always envisioned cultist in massive maddened hoards that’s a problem. Whenever I encounter such a horde only to see the same five faces repeated over and over again, such as in the photograph used to illustrate the cultists in the new codex, I feel as though something has gone badly wrong with my eyes. Unlike the Noise Marines and Khorne Berserkers I don’t really expect to see them with World Eaters or Emperor’s Children release either. A theoretical future Slaaneshi faction might come with its own cultists but these are liable to be of a “specialist” nature (able to reach all the places normal cultists can’t!), whereas for a warrior of Khorne the only good baseline human is a blur of arterial spray in their peripheral vision. Yet whilst those two factions seem likely to make an appearance sooner or later cultists will probably have to wait until GW return to the chaos marines – whenever that turns out to be. For now the armies of duplicate cultists will continue – when Fabius Bile told us he was working on a clone army this wasn’t what I had in mind!

Huron Blackheart

With Abaddon now strutting his stuff centre stage, and the other characters from the old legions having either recently received new models (Typhus, Ahriman, Kharn and Cypher) or probably coming soon(-ish) (Lucius and Fabius) poor old Huron Blackheart is starting to look a little left behind. Then again there are still plenty of gaps in the Chaos range that need to be filled (have I mentioned cultists? And what about Chosen, Mutilators, a generic plastic Sorcerer?). Add in the fact that Abaddon gave away one of his Blackstone Fortresses to Huron (don’t say he’s a nice guy – the prick forgot my birthday altogether) and we have the possibility of a second, smaller wave of Chaos releases coming at some point in the future as Huron launches a crusade of his own out of the Maelstrom. Not only would this break up the Chaos releases to everyone’s satisfaction, allow the bank accounts of the faithful to recover and lulling the weaker races into a false sense of security, but it would avoid Huron and Abaddon launching at the same time and one overshadowing the other. As usual of course, it’s just a theory.


The Galaxy Must Burn

I’ve long argued that Chaos is the Imperium’s shadow – humanity’s shadow even – and for the various factions of the Imperium to really function as sympathetic protagonists they need an enemy who can truly threaten them with something more than just bigger guns or more soldiers. Chaos represents the corruption of human qualities not simply via external pressure but through the twisting of noble ideals. At best the decline of a character should stem from an over abundance of positive rather than negative qualities (although as ever the Night Lords are the exception that proves the rule, remaining compelling despite being utter bastards to begin with!). The result creates room for enormous narrative depth and complexity. Add in the range of aesthetic possibilities (who knows what Noise Marines might look like nowadays but I can guarantee it won’t be Plague Marines in pink!) and the diversity of potential rules for gamers to take advantage of, and it would be fair to say that GW has been sitting on a treasure trove, seemingly ignorant of the wealth of concepts their IP could have been laying open to them. Imagine if the Imperium was lumped together into a single fraction with nothing but a special character to differentiate the Space Wolves from the Dark Angels, and the Imperial Guard relegated to 5 push fit models, and you have some idea of the discrepancy between the way in which the Chaos range has been treated historically and the potential it contains. Luckily the tide seems to be well and truly on the turn (as usual, and as an outsider it’s hard to say anything with 100% confidence, it’s worth noting that the departure of Kirby as CEO has, as on so many other matters, coincided with a rush of common sense to the company’s collective head).

For a long time GW neglected Chaos and got away with it. These power armoured baddies haven’t had it as bad as some races or factions (I’d like to nominate my poor hard-done-by Skaven for that dubious honour) but the range has always been considerably less than it could have been, its potential often hinted at but never fully realised. Naturally some fans complained but as whining and nerd rage is as much a part of Warhammer as rolling dice and accidentally drinking paint water I’m not convinced anyone took much notice (we have all encountered people who claim not to be involved in the hobby anymore since GW ruined everything  yet who still managed to spend around 18 hours per day online moaning about the latest developments and then trundle down to their local store at the weekend to fill a wheelbarrow with the latest releases. Well here’s hoping they enjoyed this one, Chaos needs the support – especially from the bitter and corruptible).

So there we have it. It’s not been a perfect release, there are certainly things I would have liked to have seen included or done differently, but these are small things and not worth any more than a brief acknowledgement. Predominantly this has been about the resurrection of the Chaos Space Marine range and on the whole the result is nothing short of outstanding. Now when we turn up to burn down the Emperor’s palace we won’t have to worry about the loyalists laughing at our ugly old miniatures. How’s that old saying go? From shame and shadow recast – in snazzy new plastic reborn. Something like that anyway…

49 responses to “An Age of Chaos

  • tehlulzpare

    Oh happy day! I can’t wait to see what you do with the kits. I will be watching this space with great interest. I can say from firsthand experience that the marine kit was a happy surprise for conversion potential.

    • Wudugast

      Thank you 😀 Yeah, there’s a lot of interesting possibilities in that chaos marine kit. I’m working on recreating a lot of my old favourite conversions I made with the old kit, as well as making some new stuff. I did hope to have some ready to show as part of this post but they’re at that stage of painting where they look ugly as so I decided against it – will try to get them ready to show soon though.

  • Steve

    That Havoc kit alone almost makes me want to turn traitor 😏

  • Alex

    Great write-up as always mate – I’m not 100% onboard with all of these new releases, but it’s certainly a huge move in the right direction! Can’t wait to see what you & the rest of the community do with all the new goodies 😉

    • Wudugast

      Thanks mate, I’ll see what I can rustle up 🙂 Yeah, it’s been a little hit and miss in parts, although mostly hit for my money. Anything you thought missed the mark particularly (or that stood out)?

      • Alex

        Well, they all look fab, but some are a bit fussy for my taste, (Lord Discordant in particular)…
        I would’ve loved to see more cultists though – corrupted civvies & the like. Here’s hoping!

  • Pete S/ SP

    Great posts- as soimeone who is returning to 40k after a long abscence I’m always keen to see what you make of things.



  • Kralgor

    Great read and review! I pretty much agree with you spot on with almost all of your points! I am certainly praying to the dark gods that the rumors are true and Khorne and Slaanesh will get their due soon! I love the new kits (though I wish they where more customizable for kitbashing purposes) but with everything being largely focused on the Black Legion it’s a little disappointing. To me the black legion is the chaos version of the ultra smurfs; over hyped, over done, overly generic and huge douche bags (even for chaos standards). So seeing GW release things for the more specific legions would be a dream come true! Especially after they released Khorne Daemonkin as an awesome thing only to be made invalid with 8th edition not long after.

    • Wudugast

      Yeah, bringing in the Khorne Daemonkin, making such a big song and dance out of them, then dropping them again always seemed weird to me. At the time I wanted to know why we weren’t getting proper Chaos legions but with retrospect I think we might have dodged a bullet. Had the Legions been released back then they would probably have been the same size as the loyalists of the same era, great models in themselves but out of scale with the current range and hardly on par with these. Patience may be a virtue which I know I can only dream of possessing but given how good we’ve had it lately I’m confident that when Khorne and Slaanesh get their moment it’ll be worth the wait.

      I know this isn’t always a popular opinion but I love the Black Legion. If I was to start again with Chaos (Undivided) I reckon I’d go for the Black Legion. Partly because they look amazing, partly because Aaron Dembski-Bowden’s books have really breathed life into them for me. That said, much and all as I’ve enjoyed this being the Black Legion’s show, I’d love to see all of the big players get their moment in the sun. The Ultramarines are fine for what they are but they’re always the posterboys, everywhere at once, always being the heroes, and I wouldn’t want to see the Black Legion treated the same way (more than they already are – and accepting the real life need for marketing and a recognisable brand etc). Next time Chaos Undivided are out in force let’s have it be the Red Corsairs front and centre, or one of the other old Legions (or better yet, let’s see all of the old Legions as fully realised armies – a real dream of mine).

      • Kralgor

        That would be absolutely amazing! I would love to see the other chaos Undivided legions get some spotlight time and have their daemon primarchs come out to play. I highly doubt that will happen, but it would be awesome for Perturabo to stop playing battle bots on Medrengard, and Lorgar (who let’s face it is the entire reason chaos legions exist) stop meditating in his stupid cathedral. I highly doubt we will see much if anything done with those other legions undivided legions since Kruze is dead and no one knows about Alpharius. I would love a new war Smith model and some proper lore friendly Night lords and word bearers. Maybe some new WB possesses and special NL Raptors would be awesome

      • Wudugast

        I know it’s wishful thinking, and I imagine it would be a long time in the future, but I could really see those two (Word Bearers and Iron Warriors) as fully fledged armies. Both would have a unique aesthetic and play-style to really set them apart from the other Chaos ranges and both have living Primarchs. The Word Bearers could be based around possessed (including possessed terminators and dreadnaughts) and swarms of cultists, as well as specialist Dark Apostles. Meanwhile the Iron Warriors would have a variety of automata, artillery pieces, tanks, daemon engines etc.
        I do agree though, and it may just be a lack of imagination on my part, that I can’t quite see the Night Lords or Alpha Legion getting the same treatment. I’d be surprised if we don’t see a full expansion of the Vanguard Space Marines from Shadowspear and if so I’ll be tweaking them into Alpha Legion. Night Lords, alas, may be a little too visceral to be anything more than a footnote – and having a dead primarch doesn’t help – but who knows, we’ve seen so much in the last few years that I would have said was impossible a decade ago, so ask me again in ten years time 😀

      • Alexis West

        Nah, Lorgar isn’t the root reason for Traitor Legions. He’s one step removed. It was really Kor Phaeron, and especially Erebus, who got Lorgar going down that road.

      • Wudugast

        Yeah, I blame Erebus, he was the snake in the grass behind everything! I need to get clued up on Kor Phaeron though, I only know the bare bones of his story. Lorgar: Bearer of the Word is on my to-read list so that should help.
        Mind you poor old Erebus get’s a bad press but it turns out he died without ever meeting Lorgar. There’s a short story by Chris Wraight, Child Of Chaos, which is in the BL Events Anthology for 2018/19, was lucky enough to get a loan of a copy to read but hopefully it’ll be available properly at some point because it’s a cracker. Not a spoiler, just a fun aside from early in the story, but “Erebus” was just some kid who lived on Colchis, and the “Erebus” we know kept getting told “Why can’t you be more like Erebus, he’s such a good boy” until our lad murdered the little goody toe-shoes brat, took his name and identity and started doing evil. 😀

  • imperialrebelork

    An excellent, excellent write up mate. I’m surprised and disappointed the new models aren’t the same size of the Primaris. I sort of assumed they would be. I’m loving all that I’ve seen though to be honest and have ordered everything haha. Good riddance to the old obliterators and hello to the new!! The venomcrawler is fantastic and scary as a shit after a ruby murry. I can’t wait to see what else you do with the new chaos horde.
    Spiders here (Australia)aren’t as bad as you think. As long as you’re carrying a machete and wearing chainmail at all times you’re fine!

    • Wudugast

      Thank you very much mate 🙂 Yeah, it’s a pity the new Chaos Marines aren’t the same size as Primaris, they could have waved it through as a result of being in the Warp (although it would have left the Thousand Sons looking distinctly on the short side in comparison). It’s not a big deal though, or at least it’s one I’ve learned to live with.

      Glad to hear I’m not the only one who waved my wallet at GW and said “make it rain!” Usually I’m a bit more frugal but dammit, Chaos is my army – if I can’t go large here then when can I? I’m curious to see what craziness you come up with using the new kits.

      What on earth is a ruby murry? I mean, the context gives me some clue but I don’t think it’s something we have here (which based on your comment may not be a bad thing!)

      Aye, I just had to have a tongue-in-cheek chuckle about the spiders, it’s a bit of a national cliché (and as a Scotsman I know all about those – you know it’s damn hard to type these things whilst playing the bagpipes and holding a scottie dug!). Anyway, isn’t that where chainswords come from – some geezer in the 41st Millennium found an Australian flyswat and thought “if I toned that down a bit it would be perfect for butchering my enemies!”

  • Jon

    Good read. I’m forced to agree with you on the more, um, obstreperous elements of the release (they just don’t know when to stop sometimes, these designer lads). Those new Obliterators and Havocs look pretty mint, although the Middlehammer pedant in me was sad you didn’t go all the way back to 1998 for the original Obliterator model. Now that was a weird ‘un. Didn’t even look like a Space Marine at all…

    • Wudugast

      You know, I was tempted to show that original obliterator but at least it has the excuse of not having been on sale just a few weeks ago. Plus, weird looking though it was, I’d argue it was actually better than the outgoing version (those were ugly as).

  • heretic30k

    Nice summary – going by the Thousand Sons & Deathguard releases it is pretty easy to see that there will probably be faction books for World Eaters & Emperor’s Children at some point. I’m most interested to see what they do after the more obvious stuff is finally released – I’m betting more Dark Mechanicum, Daemon Engines and then finally some corrupted Primaris at some point . . .

    • Wudugast

      I know, there’s a lot of possibilities still to be explored, and though it might all seem like wishful thinking now I don’t imagine they’ll release the Emperor’s Children and World Eaters and then say “Well that’s that, we’ve done Chaos, we’re never doing anything else for them again”. Sooner or later they’ll want to expand the range further and I’m definitely intrigued to see what form that takes. Thousand Sons could get another wave of releases, they seemed like an amazing release at the time but they didn’t get the same level of love as the Death Guard so a little boost wouldn’t be unthinkable. I was suggesting to Kralgor (above) that there’s potential for Iron Warriors and Word Bearers to get full releases someday, and as you say there’s the Dark Mechanicum, traitor guard, maybe even Fabius Bile at the head of an army Primaris-hybrids and cloned monstrosities, even the Fallen. Of course I’m not saying all these things will happen but the potential is there, and I’m confident they’re going to do something sooner or later – it’s just a case of finding out what. 😀

  • Thomas

    I’ve been waiting for this write up. You didn’t disappoint one bit. Excellent as always. I think the new kit are just amazing. I got the Chaos side of the starter and the quality of the minis is just … yeah, we finally got the models we always wanted.

    Stand out? Lord Discordant for sure.

    • Wudugast

      ” we finally got the models we always wanted” – summing up perfectly in a single sentence what it took me thousands of words to write 😉

      Stand out for me? I’d be hard pressed to pick but I think I’d go for the rank and file Chaos Marines. Cool though the Lord Discordant is – and I can’t wait to paint him – I reckon there’s a high chance I’ll only ever paint one, whereas those Chaos Marines I can see myself painting dozens of times, and enjoying the last as much as the first.

      Or it could be Abaddon, I’ll admit I’m a bit of an Abaddon fanboy! Anyway, glad you enjoyed it mate – I’d written a load of notes for this but hadn’t decided whether I was going to do anything with them until you said you’d be interested so really you deserve some credit for giving me the push to get it written up 🙂

  • Alexis West

    Yeah, it is very cool to see the baseline Chaos Models finally getting some love.

    I liked the idea of the older Dark Apostle, but the details of the sculpt and cast always seemed kind of clunky to me. So, yeah, I would have much preferred to see it basically just get the same concept and design updated to modern plastics technology. The Disciples are really great, tho.

    I wonder if they’re going to do more variety when the Oblits get a separate release, or if it’s just going to be those two? It’s kind of hard to tell from what I’ve seen, but it looks like it should be possible to have swappable components for the backs of the hands and the guns on them, and maybe for the shoulder mounts as well.

    I actually kind of like the current Berzerker kit, just not as Berzerkers. I use them as the basis for my Iron Warriors because I like the more solid, chunky look they’ve got. We really do need new actual Berzerkers, tho, and by all that’s unholy do we ever need new Noise Marines. A proper Cultist kit, too, ideally with some more options (something similar to the range that GSC have available, I think, but skewing the aesthetic and the repurposed tools a bit more toward manufacturing than mining, just to give them a different vibe). Giving them more options would open up more possibilities for converting them, too. It’s a bigger stretch, but I’d also like to see an extra sprue for the Goliath and Ridgerunner to allow them to be used by Chaos Culties as well.

    The newer version of Kharn looks much better in person than in any pics I’ve seen, but the original one still holds up amazingly well, too.

    Possessed are definitely an issue. They might be able to come up with something similar to the Putrid Blightkings, who have pretty good variety and options while still coming together as unified designs.

    I like the design and upscaling of the new Terminators, but I wish they had a better selection of CCWs on the sprue. Only having one each of most of them is kind of frustrating.

    The Havocs are awesome. Abaddon, I’m going to have to put a helmet on, but he’s otherwise fantastic, and a great update of his original Model.

    The Noctilith Crown is kind of meh to me, as is the Executioner. Like you said, dudes with big axes decapitating people isn’t exactly new to Chaos. I would have preferred getting a Warpsmith or something updated to plastic.

    The VenomCrawler is cool, but holy shit that Lord Discordant. I can’t remember the last time a Model made such a strong impression on me. So awesome!

    • Wudugast

      Looking at the Shadowspear Obliterators it should be more than possible to make a multi-part with a range of heads, shoulderpads and weapons. Maybe an interchangeable upper back if they wanted to be really fancy. I’ve also just made the late discovery that they’re almost an exact match for size with the ambot, a potential avenue of exploration for anyone who wanted to make a more mechanical obliterator (or a chaos warped ambot!)

      In my dreams, a whole lost-and-damned army would be amazing, or better yet two – one of cultists and armed civilians ala the GSC and one of traitor guard (I can dream right? 😉 )

      Yeah, the new Kharn does look better in the flesh than in pictures but I’m still not entirely convinced by him. The old Kharn is a real classic though and has stood the test of time far better than any of the other Chaos characters from that era.

      Agree with re the lack of multiples of terminator weapons (something I meant to mention in the main review but forgot – doh!) I’ll be swapping in weapons from other kits to get some additional variety on the go but a few variants of the basic weapons at least would have been nice.

      Yeah, a plastic Warpsmith would have been sweet (or a generic sorcerer). I’m increasingly convinced that the Master of Executions would be greatly improved by a Khornate helmet, I’ll take a stab at it as soon as mine arrives.

      • Alexis West

        Cool to hear that the Oblits have potential for options. It would kind of suck to try to field half a dozen of them with only two Models available.

        Yeah, a Lost & the Damned Army like that is one of my major 40K dreams.

        The one that really bugs me on the Terminators is the lack of Chain-Axes. As someone over at FLG pointed out, the box should really have enough to be able to build a full Squad with their listed basic gear, which is currently Combi-Bolter and Chain-Axe.

      • Wudugast

        To emphasise (just because I worry about giving a false impression) the Shadowspear Obliterators would need some redesign before they could become the basis of a multi-part kit (in much the same sense as the Helbrute from Dark Vengeance) but the potential is there without doubt.

        Yeah, the lack of sufficient chain-axes seemed weird to me too. I wouldn’t want to build them all that way because from a modelling perspective a bit of variety seems much more appealing, and I know there’s a balance to be struck between space on sprues/costs etc (plus I’ve no idea how it’ll affect tournament gamers but that’ll change from one release to the next anyway), but all the same it seems rather odd not to have them at least a little better provided for on that front.

      • Alexis West

        I figured as much, given that they’re mixed together on the same sprue as the Venomcrawler.

        And at least the Terminators actually have one or more of every option on the sprue, so they get to keep all their Army List options. Not like the Blightlord Terminators with no option for Mauls or Fists.

  • Fold

    What a pleasure to find someone who writes long form about the hobby. Loved this review!

    PS i’d guess the havoc sergeant is supposed to be passing his robot arm a special round to be loaded in? Tenuous I’ll admit.

    • Wudugast

      Thank you 🙂
      I do enjoy writing these longer pieces but they eat up a lot of time and effort so it’s nice to hear they’re appreciated.

      Good point re the Havoc, although I’d agree it’s not very obvious from the pose. Looking at the parts however it should be possible to have the hand with the shell meeting the servo-arm with a few adjustments, definitely an idea to explore.

      • Fold

        Yeah, it’s just that one has to wonder – if the servo arm has a complex enough AI/guided AI to load a round into a missile launcher that could be in any number of different positions, why does the guy wearing it have to pass it ammunition!

        Really the whole idea of a robotic loading arm for a handheld weapon is silly. We all know he should be waving a chain axe instead. That, or carrying some decapitated heads.

      • Wudugast

        True, but this is the 41st Millennium, everything is impractical and misunderstood. Maybe he should be loading the weapon himself whilst the robot arm holds his decapitated heads for him? 😉

      • Fold

        Oh, if only he could reach the loading rack.

  • tory

    Id love to hear your ideas wrt making them into alpha legion, i had the ame plan and want to crib some ideas off you haha

    • Wudugast

      🙂 Crib away! At the moment I don’t have any set ideas, just an intention and an enthusiasm for the idea. I’ll get some bits together, have a play and see what I come up with!

  • Gavroche

    I’m thinking….. decluttered chaos space marine torso’s & arms on de-imperialized primaris legs. Yes, that’s what I’m gonna try.

  • theimperfectmodeller

    Well it looks like you have plenty to do going forward which is good news for us all I reckon.

  • Steve

    Really feeling the pull of Chaos these days!

    • Wudugast

      Join us! Jooooiiiiin uuuussss… Cast off the shackles of the corpse-emperor, you know you want to!

      • Steve

        I’ve had an insane urge to start an Emperor’s Children army the last two days, why is this happening?!? 🤭

      • Wudugast

        Hehe, yeah I get that every few days! I don’t think there’s a faction in either of the main universes I haven’t decided to start an army for at some point over the years. Last week it was Lizardmen for Warhammer, the week before that Sylvaneth… My sensible advice is to sleep on it for a few days and see what you think then. My enthusiastic advice is to go for it, the new chaos stuff would look amazing in shocking pink, you could go mad with amazing colour schemes, you could make excellent Noise Marines from the new chaos marines kit, you could ally in some of the cool new Slaaneshi daemons and whenever GW get around to doing the Emperor’s Children as their own faction you’ll already have the core of an army you can add things only (and you can smugly say you were into them before it was cool!).

      • Steve

        That’s great advice, I’ll give it a few days and see what’s what. I would love to cobble together some Noise Marines, some of the Havocs would be immense too. Everything in black and pink 😂 Saying that, the CSM squad looks mighty as well. Do you get legion decals in the box btw?

      • Wudugast

        Well, I must admit I’m hoping you do it, I love seeing a good Slaaneshi army. Some day I plan to have a proper Black Crusade with all of the chaos gods represented.
        I’m away from home right now so I can’t double check but I’m 99% sure you get a transfer sheet for all the legions in the CSM and Havoc boxes.

      • Steve

        That would be awesome to see! Thanks for your help, I’ll have a look closer to payday and see what I can rustle up 👍

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