Rat Race – March

In what’s becoming something of a repeating refrain my Skaven plans have once again amounted to less than I hoped this month. When I set out I had a grand vision of finishing off at least ten Stormvermin by now. Alas the actual result has fallen somewhat short of that. Naturally I shall do the honourable thing, as all good Skaven would, and pin the blame entirely on the incompetence of my underlings. Plus I’ve been drooling over the new chaos space marines, an activity which takes up quite a lot of time in itself!

However I will admit that these are not the only reasons for my lack of progress. Truthfully, although I really like the models when they are finished, I find the Stormvermin to be a chore to build and no better to paint, not to mention the fact that anyone who has ever wondered why GW made the move from square-based Warhammer to round-based AoS has never attempted to rank up the little bastards.

Despite these complaints I would have broken more ground had I not made something of a rod for my own back in the process. As I started to work on the squad some mad part of me suggested I should paint them as the infamous albino rats which serve as guards to the grey seers and other agents of the Council of Thirteen. The trouble is, I find painting white fur on Skaven to be a real challenge, and although pushing myself to do it now and then breaks up the ranks in the larger squads, attempting a whole unit feels like a serious bore and it’s been a battle to summon sufficient enthusiasm. As a result, despite my best intentions, I only managed to paint up two of these elite rodents.

Stormvermin Skaven Convert Or Die Wudugast (2)Stormvermin Skaven Convert Or Die Wudugast (1)

Of course I refuse to be beaten so, once again, I’ll turn to the wisdom of the Skaven race for an answer to my woes. Rather than struggle on with a course of action that seems doomed to failure I shall simply destroy all evidence that I tried, assassinate anyone who says differently and move on to Plan B. Or, in practical terms, give up on the idea of painting them with white fur and try to get some brown furred Stormvermin painted by the end of April. Watch this space!

13 responses to “Rat Race – March

  • Alex

    Aw man, I like them with white fur, but I see your point… how many would you need to do?

    • Wudugast

      Well, the minimum squad size is ten, but really that doesn’t look like very many in a Skaven army so I’d like to do at least fifteen. That would leave me with thirteen white rats still to paint – challenging but also auspicious for a Skaven! On top of that there were at least another five which I was going to add to this squad but I could incorporate them into the other squad instead.

      In theory I like them with white fur as well, and when it’s the odd model scattered through the squad I think it looks good, but now I’ve started I’m not sure how good an entire squad would look either. I’ll have to have a think (and most days that’s a challenge in itself!)

  • theimperfectmodeller

    Well you may have missed a self imposed target but better to do less extremely well as you have done in my humble opinion. White is a pain but in the end I think you will be pleased to have an end result that stands out from the crowd.

    • Wudugast

      Dammit man, I wasn’t looking for you to encourage me to strive, overcome adversity and emerge triumphant and justly lauded for my efforts. I’d have really preferred something like “There’s no real shame in failure” or “When faced with a challenge cowardice is the better part of valour”. 😉 You are right though, a squad of all white rats would stand out. Part of the trouble I’m having is that the yellow and light brown cloth and the dirty silver armour are all light colours, so with white fur as well there’s not a lot of contrast on the models (as opposed to the other skaven where the dark fur serves to break up the paler areas). As you’re a skilled figure painter – any suggestions?

      • theimperfectmodeller

        Now that you’ve thrown it back in my court I wish I had said you are a failure and the result of your labor leaves a lot to be desired! Well I still think the white is cool and I’d stick with that at all costs. That said I get what you mean about all the light colours. It could be argued that by being all light they are better camouflaged but if you can’t buy into that then you could go with a striking Red or Blue. Personally I’m leaning towards Green, something like an Olive Drab. As I see it Green has more of an outdoor natural habitat feel befitting a rat and a dull shade would contrast without being glaring. Whatever you decide I sure they will look great.

  • Alexis West

    They do look good, but doing white always puts the “pain” in “painting”, and fur is particularly obnoxious for it.

    My least favourite for ranking up were the mono-pose plastic Clanrats from the mid-late 90s. They came with tabs for slottabases, but wouldn’t line up correctly on either the straight or diagonal slots, so you had to cut the tab off, fill the gap in the base, and then find just the right angle.

    • Wudugast

      Oh mate, I didn’t like those old clanrats before you told me that – I’m glad I didn’t get back into the Skaven until those were done away with.

      I’m definitely out of practice with painting white, I found the white armoured chaos marine a real trial too. Yellow is usually said to be the hardest colour to use although having painted a whole army using it by this point it was a walk in the park compared to the white fur.

      • Alexis West

        White and yellow are both perennial contenders for that title. I think to some extent it depends on just what you’re painting, but they’re both serious pains in the ass.

  • Pete S/ SP

    Armoured Skaven- very nice.



  • Azazel

    They look pretty good to me! I certainly feel your Skaven-painting pain, though. Remember, April is armour month, so hopefully that might help as well.

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