Cursed In Eternity – Part 1

Regular readers of this blog will know that, when it comes to the denizens of the 41st Millennium, I may have started out with Orks and gone on to join numerous other factions, but at the end of the day my heart belongs to Chaos. Thus it should come as no surprise that the recent influx of power-armoured baddies marching beneath the banner of the true Warmaster has brought joy to my black and bitter heart. It’s time to bring my Beasts of Ruin back out of retirement.

Chaos Space Marine Wudugast (1)Chaos Space Marine Wudugast (2)Chaos Space Marine Wudugast (3)Chaos Space Marine Wudugast (4)Chaos Space Marine Wudugast (5)

If I found myself able to send a message back to my younger self I’m sure there’s all kinds of advice it’d be useful to pass on, and honestly there’s a high chance I’d forget all of it in the heat of the moment. However one tip that seems like it might be useful to pass on is “Don’t choose such a tricky to paint colour scheme for your Chaos Marines. Go for Black Legion or something, they seem straightforward”. Never mind eh!

The range of models available to servants of Chaos has certainly moved on a great deal since I swore my soul to the dark powers all those years ago. For one thing this newcomer is considerably bigger and more impressive model than his predecessors who were all distinctly on the short and ugly side by the end.

Chaos Space Marine Wudugast (6)

Indeed until now the Chaos range was looking less than impressive, especially in comparison to many of the other armies GW produce. Over the last couple of years this sapped my enthusiasm and, despite the quality of their Nurgle-worshipping, plague-loving brothers in the Death Guard, I struggled to really drum up the energy for painting Chaos worshippers. Now however, with the Dark Gods smiling upon us, I have grand plans to craft the army I’ve long dreamed of. The collection is about to undergo a transformation and rebirth as I inventory just who will be allowed to stay, who will be packed lovingly away and who will suffer the ultimate sanction and be broken up for bits. Some of my favourite characters from the old army will even cross the Rubicon Primaris (as it were) and be reborn – rebuilt using the new miniatures so that they may fight on. For now however, before they make their way off the display shelf and into boxes and cupboards, here they are for one final group shot – a last hurrah of my once proud and savage legion.

Chaos Space Marine Wudugast (7)

Of course whilst I fully expect the forces of Chaos to be making their presence felt over the coming months I have plenty of other projects on the boil as well. The gangs of the Underhive continue to gather so expect to see more of them soon, and of course I still have this month’s Skaven to round up.

17 responses to “Cursed In Eternity – Part 1

  • Alex

    Aw man… It’s sad that these doughty warriors, who have stood so long against the forces of the Corpse-God, have finally reached their time of reckoning… It seems that, given enough time, scale creep even affects the Realm of Chaos! Still, now is the perfect point to revamp the Beasts of Ruin, and I know you’ll so something fantastic with all the new goodies.

    As for these guys? I’d convert a Daemon Prince for each and every one of them. They’ve earned it!

    • Wudugast

      In some ways it is sad that they’re about to be packed away, but a lot of them (the better ones at least) will live on as I build new, bigger, meaner looking versions of them using the new kit. Overall I think my excitement about the new models swamps any melancholy I might have otherwise felt at seeing these chaps retire from the Long War and hand over the reins to their bigger, beefier successors. Of course the thought of building thirty-odd daemon princes does tempt me…

  • theimperfectmodeller

    Love the group shot and the banners being held up look great. The trouble with progress is somethings get better thus resulting in older versions looking inferior. Not the worst problem to have by any means particulalry when it is your favourite figures which have been upgraded. Exciting times ahead as your mojo goes into overdrive! 😊

    • Wudugast

      Yeah, us Chaos fans have been bumping our gums about seeing our favourite models left behind for years now so I really can’t complain that they’ve got around to us at last!

      I’ve no idea if banners belong in the rules nowadays but honestly I’ve never really cared, I just think they look awesome – a mix of far future and medieval barbarians, so I’ll definitely be doing something similar with the new models. The one to the left of the group shot is probably the first piece of freehand that I was really pleased with (I know it’s nothing great compared to what some people can do but everyone has to start somewhere) – I know I was frightened of doing banners before that, after that I saw them as a challenge to be embraced (some of the time at least!)

  • imperialrebelork

    I’m torn. Part of me thinks it’s really sad that the original chaps aren’t quite fitting the bill for you any longer because you e poured so much time and energy into them. The other part of me thinks ooohhhh cool tear them apart and rebuild!!! I look forward to seeing the MKII version of your beloved army take shape man.

    • Wudugast

      Nah, no need for sadness here mate, the time and energy was the whole point for me – ultimately, despite building this as an army, it’s never seen the gaming table in anger and it probably never will – this was a painting and modelling project for me. The kind of thing I wanted to achieve with them will be so much easier to realize with the new kits. I’m excited about recreating them, and this time having them look as I always wanted them to 😀

  • Azazel

    I reckon renovating them to the new size shouldn’t be too hard… a new 32mm base (which is slightly taller anyway), a sliver of plasticard under each foot, and perhaps a small ball of greenstuff in between the legs and torso and they’ll have a new lease of life – and height to be pretty close to the new ones!
    And for the less-loved ones, going half-and-half with the new torsos and legs should find that “middle ground” of height quite easily. And more if you go with the slivers underfoot or greenstuff torso!

    • Wudugast

      All true and wise advice but at the end of the day, getting to play with the new kits is the whole point of the exercise for me. Recreating my favourites from the old army with the new models just sounds like an exciting challenge, and the chance for those characters to live on. That said there are other models in the army that I’ll be applying those suggestions to, and of course lots of older models will need a repaint. I can see these models popping up in your challenges for a while yet 🙂

  • Pete S/ SP

    Lovely work- I’m really tempted with the new releases for working up a Red Corsairs force… excellent paint jobs like this don’t help.



  • Alexis West

    Yep. As much as I have enjoyed playing with other Factions, sometimes for lengthy stretches, Chaos has always been the heart of 40K for me. Nice of you to give this lot a good sendoff like this!

    • Wudugast

      Aye, there may be bigger and nastier baddies out there in objective terms but Chaos will always be the big baddie in my view. With enough guns the Imperium could beat even the Tyranids or Necrons but so long as both humans and the warp exist Chaos will never be defeated. Plus it’s my get-out-of-jail card when anyone does the whole “if you could only have one army” thing, I can pick my Chaos army.

      I always wanted a proper “Black Crusade” style army, with factions dedicated to each of the gods, daemonic choirs, traitor guard and so on. It throws the potential opportunities really wide – any new Chaos models for 40k would fit in, anything Chaos for AoS could be converted, and anything for the Imperium could become a traitor version. I’d say the chances of them doing, at the very least, Emperor’s Children and World Eaters, are really high, but even if these are the last Chaos models they ever release I’ve still got a lifetime’s worth of ideas kicking around in my brain just from the official stuff, and that’s before I get around to the feral world mutant hordes (Orks), Dark Mechanicum (Ad Mech) or cultist uprisings (GSC). As a faction they’re just a goldmine! 😀

      • Alexis West

        One of the things I miss the most from 2nd Ed was that there wasn’t a Codex: Chaos Space Marines, or Codex: Chaos Daemons. There was just Codex: Chaos.

        I admit, the scope of the Chaos range has increased to the point where doing all that as a single book is now impractical, but I would love to see more support for Armies/Detachments that are unified by a Chaos God Keyword, rather than Heretic Astartes or Chaos Daemons or Renegades and Heretics.

      • Wudugast

        Aye, I know what you mean, that would be an awesome book – although nowadays it would also be a tome about 700 pages long and at the rate things are growing for Chaos they’d need to put out a new edition every three months or so 😀

  • Subedai

    That is a great looking force, I like the mix of bits and the colour scheme bringing it all together. Even if they are a head shorter, they look very mean. By the way, I think the new kid is cheating, he is standing on some thick metal sheets from what I can see.

    • Wudugast

      You’re right – the cheating swine! And there he was mocking the other lads for being short! I shall have words forthwith…

      Silliness aside, I must admit I’m still very proud of those old marines. I do much prefer the new chaos marines kit, and my skills as a painter and convertor have come a long way since I made these, but I got a lot out of building them and most of them I’m still really pleased with. I’m looking forward to recreating some of them, as tributes to the old models and hopefully to create at last the collection I’ve had in my mind’s eye since I started working on these.

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