The Ladykillers – Part 7

Time to add another Escher to the gang, this time a converted Juve built from a model released a number of years ago by Mad Puppet Miniatures. Some time ago I bought a whole load of models from them but my painting skills at the time were less than impressive and those that I did manage to finish have mostly been gathering dust ever since. This scavenger had been sitting around part-painted for several years and I realised I might never get her finished without doing something to stoke the fires of enthusiasm. My solution was to make a few tweaks and incorporate her into the Escher gang instead. For those unfamiliar with the original model main changes I made were to replace her original weapon, a crude club, with a suitable laspistol and give her a knife strapped to her back.

Escher Juve Convert or Die Wudugast (1)Escher Juve Convert or Die Wudugast (2)Escher Juve Convert or Die Wudugast (3)

There’s not a big height difference between her and the other girls, although it’s there, but her ragged clothes and armour, and rounder, younger face, should be more than enough to sell the idea that she’s a Juve.

Escher Juve Convert or Die Wudugast (4)

Getting her finished has also encouraged me to dig out my other, long neglected, Mad Puppet models. They really are gorgeous miniatures so I’d like to get to work on them soon – although not straight away as I’ve got plenty of other things to work on first, starting with more Escher gangers. Next in line I’m going to take a stab at one of the gang’s champions, a sinister looking lady with a chem-thrower. All being well she should be ready to reveal soon.

19 responses to “The Ladykillers – Part 7

  • Alex

    She fits in beautifully mate, and makes a perfect juve – I’m off to check out Mad Puppet’s range! 😉

    • Wudugast

      Cheers man! Yeah, it’s well worth checking out. He’s not done anything new in quite a while (understandable as I’m pretty sure he’s now working for GW) and some things seem to be out of stock but well worth a rummage all the same.

  • Alexis West

    She fits in surprisingly well there. The detail isn’t quite as fine, I assume because she was hand sculpted for metal casting rather than CAD sculpted for top of the line plastic casting, but it works with her being a Juve and having to make do with gear that’s not as cool until she can earn herself a proper place in the gang. The fact that her hair isn’t as elaborate helps, too. Nice work!

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! Yeah, it’s amazing how plastics have come on over the years really. I remember when I first got her I was absolutely blown away by the level of fine detail and I didn’t dare dream that we could have plastic models of the same standard. When you look at where we are now it really is quite staggering 😀

      • Alexis West

        I still always remember a comment from when a pic of the 3rd Ed starter set Marines were first revealed, and one guy said he would have sworn that it was a metal Model, because the detail was so good. And now plastic has overtaken metal by miles for quality. It’s pretty cool living in the future sometimes!

  • imperialrebelork

    She’s a beaut mate and fits perfectly into the team. I like her stance

    • Wudugast

      Thanks mate! Her stance is great for the role isn’t it? There’s something about her that makes it seem like she’s a little bit cocky but underneath that bravado, a little bit unsure. I might be reading more into it than anyone else of course but I feel like she’s trying to look meaner than she is – perfect for a Juve!

  • Pete S/ SP

    Great work- never underestimate a juve btw.



  • Argentbadger

    Nice work tying these two different ranges together so nicely. I actually prefer the slightly more realistic (or perhaps ‘less unrealistic’) look of this Mad Puppet sculpt.

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! Yeah, much as I love the Eschers there’s a real, grubby post-apocalyptic charm about the Mad Puppet stuff which is just perfect for ‘munda. Just wish there was more stuff in the range really, but then if there was it’d be cluttering up my desk part-painted as well…

  • mcmattila

    Definitely a cool model, and reads as a juve! It’s nice that she doesn’t yet have to fight in high heels!

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! Yeah, she’s yet to earn that honour! (Honestly I think combat heels are an abomination most of the time but I’m cool with them on Eschers – the exception to every rule and all that).

  • Ross

    That’s a really nice model, (with a paint job to match!). I’m not usually a fan of non-GW minis in GW games, but this one fits in very nicely.

    • Wudugast

      Thanks mate 🙂 On the topic of non-GW models used for GW games it’s not something I have any strong opinions on either way. As a general rule of thumb so long as something adds to the quality of the appearance and experience of the game I’m all in favour of it. Equally if it distracts or takes away from that experience I’m opposed (accepting of course that no-one has infinite cash/time so sometimes proxying something in is the only way to go). Funnily enough though I’ve probably seen it more often going the opposite way, I can think of plenty of occasions when people have said “Well, I don’t have the models for this (fairly obscure game that someone wants to try out) – how about using some orks instead?*”
      *Indeed I’ve been guilty of that one myself more than once – when our unpainted adventuring party made their way into the Blackstone Fortress over Christmas they found the place to be completely devoid of spindle drones and negavolt cultists but swarming with orks of various descriptions…

      • Ross

        A lot of the time for me it’s a scale or continuity thing. Either the heads/hands are too small to match the GW models, or they’re too tiny. And obviously other sculptors can’t or don’t want to put lasguns and bolters on their figures. That Juve of yours works well because it’s the right size and you’ve taken the time to graft on a laspistol, not a big change, but enough to link her to the rest of the range 👍🏻

        I’m guilty of proxying in GW to other games myself. No need to buy D&D models when I’ve got hordes of Night Goblins and FEC ghouls lying around!

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