Green Iz Best – Part 5

I just realised that it almost the end of the month and I haven’t painted anything for Januwaaaghry. I’m not even sure if Januwaaaghry is still a thing that people do or if it’s entirely been replaced by Orktober. Certainly when I first got into orks about 10 years ago it was popular but as you know I’m not up with the kids! Anyway having left it a little late I didn’t have a lot of time to paint anything but it seemed remiss of me to let the occasion pass entirely, especially as I can always use the push to get a few more boys done.

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As an aside writing this got me thinking about the pronunciation of the world Waaagh! Listening to other people in the broader hobby community it seems to be generally pronounced with a soft “ah”. I on the other hand always believed it was pronounced as in war, which after all is exactly what the Orks are shouting about. “Waaagh! Wot is it good for? Krumpin’ lotas humies! Say it say it say it again!” To me the latter makes more sense as well as being a better approximation of the guttural cry of an Ork. The former sounds more high pitched, the sort of thing a goblin would shout, but it does seem to be more popular and certainly ties in more closely with the pronunciation of January. Anyway, I now feel I’ve written the word “Waaagh!” more times than a grown man can really get away with so if you have any thoughts on this, perhaps the greatest issue of our age, the floor is yours.

28 responses to “Green Iz Best – Part 5

  • Alex

    Very nice mate – I do like the way you deal with the lips on your Orks… got me thinking about mine! As for Waaagh – don’t they pronounce war with a soft ‘ah’ in Nottingham anyway? Off t’ut waaagh and all that 😉

  • Alexis West

    Lookin’ good, plenty of Dakka there.

    I’ve always heard it with the “ah” sound. I think I like the harder “a” sound better now that you mention it, tho. The other weirdness around here, that it took me ages to unlearn, is that lots of people actually pronounce the “g” at the end.

    • Wudugast

      Plenty of dakka indeed but sadly, still not enough. The quest continues!

      Yeah, it’s always interesting hearing these variations in words we’re so familiar with (but which the rest of society somehow lives without). I was hearing a discussion the other day over whether it’s Ulthuan (clearly correct) or UlthooAn (just madness). A pal of mine always says “Skaven” as in “Scabrous” or “Scavenger” (which makes perfect sense and I rather like it) although I’ve always said it as in “Scabies”.

      • Alexis West

        Always need moar dakka.

        The name Skaven is apparently derived from the word scavenger, so that it the correct pronunciation. It was in some White Dwarf or something, can’t remember just where. I think it sounds better when it rhymes with “craven”, tho.

      • Wudugast

        I did not know that – so it turns out my mate is correct (who knew?!) I think I’ll just use the two interchangeably as the mood takes me 🙂

      • Alexis West

        Skaven don’t really seem to be the type to care much about precision in any regard. Can’t see why pronunciation would be any different 😉

        Oddly, I’ve run across another discussion about GW pronunciations on another blog this evening. Seems to be the topic of the week.

  • imperialrebelork

    I’ve always thought it was WAARR! Same as you. Lovely green skins mate. Still no repeats on the heads???

    • Wudugast

      Still no repeats that I know of 😀 (Actually there might be one but his head is hidden behind his gun so I don’t think it really matters). Should be fine for at least ten or so more, then I’ll have to see where I go from there.

      Glad to hear you’re a “War” not a “Waaa” – shows you’re a man of good taste!

      • imperialrebelork

        I’m guessing you’ve explored allllllll the orc head manufacturers? Kromlech, spellcrow, maxmini, puppets of war, rotten factory etc etc. I don’t think I’ve seen anyMexican orc heads yet hehe. Waaagh

      • Wudugast

        Yup, although so far I’ve mostly used official GW ones (there’s a surprisingly large number of them!) Have used some spellcrow ones though and will need to dig into some others to get to the full 100. Hadn’t even heard of Rotten Factory though (how did I miss them?!) – checking them out now! 😀

  • Thomas

    Isn’t it pronounced war?

    World shattered

  • steinbergshedspace

    My Ork pirates say Warrrgh with one eye closed… always with a strong g sound;-/

  • James

    Im thinking about starting a minatures blog. Does anyone have any tips?

    • Wudugast

      Do it! Took me a while and a lot of encouragement before I tried it out but I’ve really enjoyed it, the hobby wouldn’t be the same without it now.

      I’ve not used blogspot so I can’t comment on it but I’ve always found wordpress nice and straightforward.

      My biggest recommendation is to have fun with it. I see people make a chore out of blogging and of course that means then they don’t post as often and the whole thing withers. Rather than forcing yourself to post to a schedule just relax and enjoy it, post when you feel like it, and if you’re anything like me you’ll find it gathers its own momentum.

      Good luck – and pop a link here when you’re up and running so I can check out your work 😀

    • Alexis West

      Just dive on in. Don’t hassle people for follows or deliberately promo, but make nice and useful comments on other blogs and post cool stuff* and you’ll pick up followers as you go. Wudugast is right on with the advice about having fun with it. That’s really the key. Blogger is also very easy to get started with, btw.

      *Don’t worry if you think it’s crap. Trust me, the creator is always the hardest on their own work. People will groove on it.

  • Pete S/ SP

    Great work… though I always assumed it was waah….



  • Faust

    Nice looking green boys there, mate. Is the first one carrying an actual land mine or it that a hatch? Love the weapons on these guys. Makes me wish there was some cooler looking stuff for Necromunda at times. But then they would be on FW, and I’d be complaining about them! 😉

    As for “Waaagh!”. Well, you know I’m from the ‘States and can’t pronounce or understand half of the silly words you all use! Yep, I say it like “water”. I had no idea it’s supposed to be “Warrrrr!”. I do say Skaven as “craven”, sounds cooler, and it’s the way I first learned it. Makes more sense as ‘scavenge’, but I’m going to use the rule of cool on that one. I’m not sure I could even pronounce “Waaagh!” the way you got it.

    We’ve certainly had our share of pronunciation debates. Not so much in the GW stuff, because we weren’t into that much. But quite often with D&D and SciFi/Fantasy novels. Back when we couldn’t just google that stuff, it seemed to come up much more often. The biggest one was “Drow” (Dark Elves from D&D). In our games we always pronounced them like “row” your boat. We were playing this D&D campaign for a couple years and all were reading the R.A. Salvatore series, and someone decided that they should be pronounced Drow as in “cow”. Maybe it was from those books, who knows. Anyways, it sounded dumb, arguments were made, and I think the offender eventually reverted back.

    • Alexis West

      How now, brown Drow? 😉

      That first Ork is carrying a Tankbusta Bom. They’d probably find it hilarious if someone tried to use it as a hatch, tho!

      • Faust

        Haha, I bet they would!

      • Wudugast

        Funnily enough round our way it was the opposite, everyone said Drow like “Cow” and the guy who suggested saying it like “Row your boat” got laughed out of town. Of course as someone not terribly well versed in D&D and much more familiar with Warhammer I got to sound superior and say “Don’t you mean Druchii?” (which I always pronounced “Drookey”, as opposed to “Droochy” – and based on the pronunciation in Warhammer Total War I was right. Take that all you people who questioned my knowledge of an utterly inconsequential matter over a decade ago!*)

        As Alexis says that’s a Tankbusta Bom, although a sufficiently kunnin’ ork might well attempt to sell it to the local ‘umies as “Big Mek Gutspanna’z Patented Explodin’ Door”…

        *Of course with such a long memory for grudges I should have joined the Dawi instead…

      • Faust

        Oh man, thought that one was Droochy as well!

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