Water Water Everywhere…

Perhaps my favourite character model from Necromunda is the bounty hunter, Eyros Slagmyst. As soon as I saw the miniature I was blown away by it and knew I wanted to paint him up – even if the price of the Forgeworld characters remains a little hard to swallow.

Essentially an Underhive reimagining of a vampire Eyros went into the hive depths seeking a cure for the plague that was ravaging his home settlement. Instead he found an ancient armoured suit. The suit provided him with great strength and endurance, but combined with an all consuming and maddening thirst. On Necromunda the nearest thing to a water filtration system is someone’s kidney, so fresh water is one of the most valuable things imaginable, yet the suit is able to purify water from any source. Sadly all too often the most convenient  source is the blood sloshing around inside unfortunate hive dwellers. A ruthless gang however may well be willing to purchase clean water from Eyros and hire him to “purify” their enemies into the bargain. Although the official background doesn’t specify I tend to assume that Eyros did eventually make it back to his old home where the survivors of the plague were briefly overjoyed to see him alive, until of course he realised he was thirsty…

eyros slagmyst convert or die wudugast (1)eyros slagmyst convert or die wudugast (2)eyros slagmyst convert or die wudugast (3)eyros slagmyst convert or die wudugast (4)

Nothing too fancy here, just a straightforward and relaxing paintjob on an excellent and quirky model. The water effect in the tank on his back has come out looking rather flatter than it does in real life, which is unfortunate, although that’s definitely an area where I could use some practice. All in all though I’m pretty pleased with him. I also really like the various bounty hunters and special characters to be found in Necromunda so I’m planning to add a few more over the next little while, using a mix of official and kitbashed models.

23 responses to “Water Water Everywhere…

  • Maurice Micklewhite

    Blood. The water of life that isn’t whiskey!

    Lovely model that, never actually seen it before and it’s really rather nice.

    • Wudugast

      True, although personally I’ve found blood to be a disappointing substitute at the best of times… 😉

      He’s a nice one isn’t he, and rather unusual in the 40k setting. It’s another nice thing about Necromunda actually, it allows them to play around with things we might not otherwise see through the bigger factions.

  • Alex

    Oh, he’s come out really nicely mate – I think a more relaxed painting style suits him perfectly, and that water looks great to me dude! I agree that he’s one of the more interesting characters in the underhive, and is a nice twist on the vamp trope. I also like that the provenance of the armour is kept a mystery, and is quite unlike anything else in 40K… is the spine a bit Necrony? AdMech? Does that hat have a hint of Tau? It’s good to have more empty spaces to play in 🙂

    • Wudugast

      Cheers mate, sometimes you end up looking at something so long you can’t tell if it’s good or not anymore.

      Completely agree on the mystery surrounding the suit (personally I blame the Iron Lords). There are so many of these unknowns in Necromunda itself, let alone the wider 40k setting, and I’m really glad they don’t feel the need to explain everything but leave us these gaps to explore ourselves. The suit hints at all the factions you listed but doesn’t tie into any of them completely which is just perfect for me, it shows it’s part of the universe but it doesn’t obviously anchor it anywhere. Then again there are some mysteries I do want to get to the bottom of, starting with exactly how long House Orlock have been serving Perturabo and his legion!

  • mcmattila

    That’s one of my favorite Necromunda models too! I wasn’t aware of the background story, pretty sinister stuff. You’ve also done a great job on the painting. The only thing that I’d maybe change is to give the hands a little more color to contrast with the clothes.

    I’m eagerly looking forward to more bounty hunters!

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! Good point re the hands, I might try getting some blue veins in there (although it would have to be very small). I don’t want too much warmth in his flesh, I reckon the suit is probably cannibalising a lot of his own blood to keep it running between meals (just my theory) so I thought he should look quiet anaemic. Maybe just a light blue wash will do it. I’ll sleep on it.

      I’ll have to have a think about which Bounty Hunters to tackle next. Maybe my homemade versions of Gor Halfhorn or Grendl Grendlsen.

  • Pete S/ SP

    I love that figure too- though the price is still putting me off.

    Really like the paint job that you’ve given him too.



    • Wudugast

      Yeah, the price is a right gouge. Took me a long time to convince myself he was worth it but in the end I decided to treat myself. I’ve got him forever now though right 🙂 Glad you like what I’ve done with him!

  • Thomas

    The water effect is really good. It popped and drew me in. How did you paint it up?

    The lore is pure 40k. Excellent.

    • Wudugast

      The lore is perfect 40k isn’t it? Never try to do good in the 41st Millennium, it’s bound to go horribly wrong!

      For the water, unfortunately I didn’t write down the recipe afterwards. I know I started with Kantor blue and worked up, can’t think for the life of me what I used for the lighter tones though – sorry!

  • Mikko

    Lovely painting on a lovely mini. That’s a really cool bit of backstory too! New Necromunda seems really interesting, story and miniatures-wise.

  • castigatoruk

    Yet another cracking ‘Munda miniature, you’re really knocking these out at an impressive rate.

  • Alexis West

    Very nice! Based on how some similar effects of mine have come through the camera, I can tell that the water effect looks better in person. It’s a thing 😦

    And yeah, he’s one of the cooler characters they’ve done in a while, both in terms of Model and backstory.

    • Wudugast

      Ah, I’m so glad that’s not just me. I was sitting there with the model in one hand, looking at the computer screen and trying to work out what was wrong!

      I really like some of the ideas they’ve come up with for Bounty Hunters etc, although Eyros still tops the list for me. I know they should probably be concentrating on sculpting and releasing the rest of the pets/brutes/bounty hunters/etc that we’ve already seen but I really want to know what else they have up their sleeves!

  • Faust

    Nice work there! Hadn’t read his back story before, not really what I had pictured. I thought the thing on his back was like a weapons bag or something. Though I guess I did see that it was canister at some point. The mini would fit in pretty well with the Star Wars Bounty Hunters too. I haven’t bought him, because of that price, but maybe someday.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers man, he’s an unusual character isn’t he? You’re right, there is something very Star Wars about him now you mention it, although of course with a thick slice of 40k “good intentions always lead to bad things” laid over the top 🙂

  • imperialrebelork

    You’ve been on fire lately so a bit of water should be good hehe. I think you’ve done really well with the water. You can definitely tell it’s water and to me it pops out really well. I like the white cloak as a nice contrast too. Really nice model actually.

  • Azazel

    Really nice work here on this model. I also like these little glimpses into the wider, hidden, and usually-ignored parts of the 40k setting.

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! Yeah, I love that about Necromunda, it’s a way of peering into a tiny corner of the Imperium, looking at a narrow microcosm of the setting and pulling out all the weird and wonderful characters that live there. I find yourself wondering who you’d find living on the next hive world along, what the great houses there are like, what about the hive world after that, and so on. Of course there is some common ground amongst all of them- wherever you go there’s plenty of genestealer cultists…

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