Get Sick Or Die Trying – Part 10

One of my goals for 2019 is to get all of my poxwalkers painted up. Having been included in the Dark Imperium box set and as a easy to build set, Games Workshop have been practically giving these away and as a side effect of this profusion, coupled with my tenancy towards bargain hunting, I’ve ended up with 40 of the shambling corpses, enough for a proper zombie apocalypse. I wasn’t entirely idle on this front in 2018 so with these latest two models finished we are now up to the halfway mark (and a full unit for 40k for those who like to keep up with these things).

Poxwalkers Convert Or Die Wudugast (2)Poxwalkers Convert Or Die Wudugast (3)Poxwalkers Convert Or Die Wudugast (4)Poxwalkers Convert Or Die Wudugast (5)

Of course such a moment calls for a group shot.

Poxwalkers Convert Or Die Wudugast (1)

My intention is to keep working on these over the next few weeks. I know I’ve claimed on several previous occasions that more poxwalkers would sooner be forthcoming only to get sidetracked by other projects but this time I mean it (honest!).

22 responses to “Get Sick Or Die Trying – Part 10

  • Rotten Djar

    Great poxies! The green helmet gives a living touch to the miniature.

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! I wanted to add a detail that told the story of who he was in life, plus there’s a morbid irony to the fact that he’s still wearing the rebreather – some good that did him.

  • Alex

    Getting there mate – very nice additions. 40 of those poor unfortunates will look amazing!

  • Maurice Micklewhite

    Suitably grubby and horrible looking – in the best way, of course.

  • Faust

    Looking ….*barf!* (that translates to “awesome” in Nurgle-ese).

  • Alexis West

    That first one is one of my fave sculpts, and you’ve done a great job of bringing out the cheeky “who, me?” vibe it has.

    And, as you mention, the helmet on the second one ties in with a number of touches that they put in here that do a great job of showing off that these were individuals at some point, with their own stories and lives.

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! Yeah, that first one really looks like he’s trying to act all innocent, as if anyone will be fooled. “Zombies, you say? Not seen any of them guv”.

      I really like the way each one is a character and ties back to a profession they had in life. It’s interesting actually that many of them are the first proper glimpses we’ve had of Imperial civilians (GSC notwithstanding).

  • Pete S/ SP

    They look great. I should really get another box and try to improve on my original efforts.



  • Azazel

    That’s a great set of Poxwalkers. I should start on mine, but I really want to finish all of my old Nurgle metals before starting in on the plastics. Well, maybe not all of the Nurglings. Posts like these make me want to queue-jump them, though!

    • Wudugast

      Maybe paint a couple of poxwalkers by way of scratching that itch, then get back to the rest of the Nurgle? I’ve found, and this may well just be me, that painting poxwalkers doesn’t necessarily make me want to paint more poxwalkers, but it does often make me want to paint more Nurgle. For a rank and file horde they’re actually surprisingly resistant to batch-painting so if you’re like me you might find that it helps to spread them out a bit, but also that it get’s the creative juices going for the rest of the plague god’s minions.

      • Azazel

        Maybe. Though I’ve only got a few metals left. It’s just finding time to concentrate on them (assembly, bleugh!) I’ve got a bunch of poxwalkers I started cleaning up, but I think I’ve lost the second halves of them somwhere – literally, the other push-fit halves of the models!

      • Wudugast

        Oof – that’s harsh! Good luck finding them, they’ll be around somewhere (although I know all too well the frustration of knowing that what I’m looking for is undoubtedly in this very room, probably in a box mere feet from me, but can I find the damn thing…)

      • Azazel

        Yeah, they’ll turn up. What I need to do is when I find the first halves of them put them somewhere obvious, and then when I find the other halves, do the same thing. Bottom of the Detolf, I think!
        I couldn’t find an old-school RT dreadnought arm yesterday after deciding to (finally) paint him as a reward for getting through so much terrain so far. That POed me immensely. Every other part of him is where he’s supposed to be, blu-taced together. Just missing one arm (that should be with the rest of him!) *&%%$^%#!

  • imperialrebelork

    Cool man!! Love what youve done with the Cadian head.

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