2018 – In Case You Missed It

As the curtain falls on 2018 or (depending on where you are in the world and assuming you’re not reading this at the very moment of publication) the sun rises on 2019, it’s time to take a rambling look back at the year that’s past.

For fans of the various universes created by Games Workshop it’s been a packed twelve months. 40k has continued to grow into its post- Guilliman landscape and although at first I feared the impact a loyalist Primarch would have on the flavour of the setting I have to say I’m pleased with how things have developed so far. Guilliman himself, often maligned as the most boring of the Primarch (even by the other Primarchs), has developed into a strong character and may now hold the title of my second favourite loyalist (after the Khan of course). The reason this has been successful, in my view, is that GW have not forgotten the grim darkness which lies at the heart of 40k. Rather than allow Guilliman to become the super-heroic “good man” who saves the day at every turn, they’ve allowed the speck of light and hope he’s brought to the galaxy to emphasise how truly dire the setting truly is. 2016 saw the first Primarch making a return (the spectacular Magnus the Red), followed by two more in 2017 (Guilliman and Mortarion). 2018 gave us a bit of a rest, allowing us to become familiar with the new setting whilst turning the focus onto the dark corners and less explored parts of the galaxy, the shadows where Inquisitors roam and mighty heroes are few and far between. Thus, much like buses, after waiting thirty years for a Rogue Trader, this year we saw two of them come along at once, accompanied by a whole host equally interesting, but traditionally sidelined, characters; from mutants to death cult assassins, ratlings to navigators and beastmen to dogs. Who, at the start of the year, would have guessed that GW could reveal both a glimpse of the Old Ones and an actual Man of Iron, and what’s more do so to almost universal acclaim?

Doggo (1)

The only truly good boy in the 41st Millenium

My own relationship with 40k as a game remains complicated. Much as I love the setting, and building armies to fit within it, the game itself still fails to engage me. My heart as ever belongs to small-scale, “crunchy” games, which is why I’m being drawn ever further into the embrace of Necromunda. Thus the arrival of Kill Team did manage to excite me as a chance to engage with smaller, character driven, forays into the 41st Millennium, rather than the sprawling maths-fest of 40k proper. As yet I’ve not given the game itself a shot but the idea of creating some teams is certainly compelling, as is the opportunity to dip a toe into some of the factions which don’t engage me sufficiently to build a whole army around. For instance the likes of the Dark Eldar, Tau or Necrons have never really interested me but the chance to make a little Kill Team and see what I make of them could be a lot of fun.

Mobile Artillery

A plucky band of heroes who could someday become an Imperial Guard Kill Team, if only that Catachan would get off the phone!

Speaking of games which sound like they might be fun to play this year saw new editions of both Lord of the Rings and Adeptus Titanicus. Lord of the Rings has always been something of an oddity for me. I grew up with the books, indeed some of my formative memories are of my dad reading me the Hobbit, and later Lord of the Rings, when I was a child, something which undoubtedly paved the way for my love of fantasy and science fiction. The Lord of the Rings films remain some of my all time favourite movies, and are amongst the few films I’m happy to re-watch on a semi-regular basis (less so the Hobbit films which were a little hit-and-miss, although when they got it right they too proved to be outstanding). Thus I do find myself wondering why, given my love of Tolkien’s worlds, and my even greater love of painting miniatures, I’ve never been that interested in painting Lord of the Rings’ models? Admittedly some of the sculpts are less than impressive but some are truly outstanding, and from everything I’ve seen and heard the game itself looks like a lot of fun to play, but beyond the occasional brief flash of enthusiasm the thought of painting any models for it rarely raises any more than a mental shrug. I do have a heap of goblin town goblins lurking amongst my hobby stuff, but in typical fashion I’ll be converting them into Necromunda mutants. That said I did recently receive a warrior of Minas Tirith as part of a bits drop sent by the inimitable IRO so who knows, this could be the start of something.

Adeptus Titanicus is another game that looks genuinely entertaining. After all have many of us not dreamed of piloting a titan, duelling like metallic Godzillas as buildings tumble around us, or simply stepping on your boss’s flash new car on your way into the office? Watching a few demo games online it struck me that this one could be a lot of fun, but luckily the miniatures have failed to really capture my imagination, probably a good thing as the cost is quite eye-watering. Instead I think I’ll stick to things like Necromunda and Blood Bowl, where one can start a new faction without needing to give up food or take up crime to pay for it.

Unicorn Convert Or Die

Without a hobbit or a titan to my name, here’s a handsome unicorn instead.

2018 was also the year in which Age of Sigmar began to realise its potential, outgrowing the (frankly shoddy and underdeveloped) early years and tapping into the rich veins of creativity that the setting allows for. Morathi became perhaps the first of the established characters of old Warhammer to transition to the new setting without seeming jarringly out of place, a whole faction of ghosts were summoned (including some truly outstanding models) and GW even managed something previously thought impossible and created a faction of Stormcasts that seem genuinely interesting. In one of the standout releases of the year GW completed their elemental quartet, adding the watery Idoneth Deepkin to the firey Fyreslayers, earthy Sylvaneth and airy Kharadron Overlords (and proving at last that Fishmen would indeed get models before the Sisters of Battle).

As it stands I’ve yet to dip my toe into AoS properly. For me an interesting setting is one of the most important things when it comes to getting me into a new game and until recently AoS was almost completely lacking in this area. Like 40k the Old World had plenty of dark corners which you could make your own, and thus for me struck the right balance between the potential to develop your own ideas and still having a framework to work within. The “anything goes/make it up as you go along” blank canvass of early AoS was a little too intimidating and so I stuck with what I knew and kept my Skaven and Night Goblins firmly in the dank caves and filthy cities of the World That Was. The new edition however has reinvigorated my interest. At last the world has come alive and I’m finding myself drawn in. Over the last six months or so I’ve found myself increasingly tempted to sell my soul into Nagash’s service and recreate my Vampire Counts army in the Mortal Realms. I managed to get my hands on the ghosts from the AoS starter set when they were first released and I’ve enjoyed putting the first few together, so who knows – 2019 could be their year.


So what about the developments in my own collection? Tallying up the numbers I’ve discovered that, in 2018, I managed to paint a total of 277 models. This may not equate to  the same giddy heights which some hobbyists can accomplish but I’m still rather proud of this achievement, especially as I feel I’ve managed to achieve a reasonably high standard on all of them. It certainly beats (indeed it more than doubles) my 2017 output of 129, even if many of this year’s recruits were the (relatively easy to paint) Night Goblins.

Although I like to avoid deadlines as much as possible in my hobby activities I still took the chance to get involved in a number of challenges throughout the year, in addition to my self-imposed goal of “at least one Skaven per month”. Probably the most defining of these, in terms of my own output, were the monthly challenges organised by Azazel, a phenomenon which is fast becoming an institution amongst the blogging community, and which I’m pleased to hear is set to continue in 2019. Once again therefore Azazel deserves a huge “thank you” from me, and if you’ve not been following his blog, or getting involved in his challenges, I strongly urge you to do so. I’m not entirely sure how many models I painted this year that I wouldn’t have completed without Azazel’s challenges but there’s no denying it was a fair number, ranging from mighty centrepieces like the Screaming Bell to hordes of little Night Goblins. May, for example, was Neglected Model Month, aimed at encouraging participants to pick up that miniature which had been gathering dust and just finish the damn thing. With this as a spur I managed to complete this heap of chaotic characters, each of which had been abandoned on the shelf of shame for far too long.

Convert Or Die (3)

Meanwhile February was renamed Femruary by Alex of Leadballoony which aimed to encourage us to add some female models to our respective collections. This year I took the opportunity to paint up this little group of 41st Millennium ladies, and I’m already thinking ahead to Femruary 2019, with a heap of unpainted women ring-fenced to tackle.

Fembruary Group Shot Convert Or Die

February also saw Big Boss Redskullz putting out a call for genestealer corrupted civilians to take part in the Nestorian Infestation. This ongoing project is the product of collaboration between Big Boss RedskullzEchoes of Imperium and Wilhel Miniatures, and is set around a world overrun by genestealer cultists and the arrival of Imperial forces in the form of the Deathwatch.  The whole story has been a joy to follow and it was a real pleasure to be able to get involved. Here’s a few shots (courtesy of the guys themselves) of my models lurking on Wilhel’s beautifully grubby terrain, and probably only moments away from being casually murdered by the Imperium’s finest.


Meanwhile at the opposite end of the year Orktober continued the longstanding tradition of greenskin fans building up their collections. Despite being an Ork fan for over a decade now I’m fairly certain this is the first year I’ve actually participated in it, turning out this mob of new recruits for the Waaagh!

Convert Or Die Orks (1)

I’ve already shown you the current state of my Skaven army but I’m not ashamed to show it off again (although you can read the full story here).

Skaven Convert Or Die Wudugast (29)

Their dominance of the tunnels won’t go uncontested however as a green menace has begun to emerge in the form of a growing clan of rapscallion Night Goblins. Most of these were painted in September and October which goes to show what one can achieve if one put other projects aside and focuses one’s efforts. Speaking of Night Gobbos I’m sure it comes as no surprise to many of you that, having seen the latest previews from Games Workshop, I’m already planning to expand my greenskin horde in the new year.

Night Goblins Convert Or Die

They are not the only greenskins I’ve worked on either as, in the grim darkness of the far future my Ork Waaagh! continued to gather in strength. Since the end of Orktober I’ve only managed to add a single Ork nob to my collection so this image still shows almost the full extent of the army.

Convert Or Die Orks (7)

That said when I finished the aforementioned nob I also completed his squad and as I never took a group shot of them all together at the time here’s one now.

Ork Nobs Convert or Die Wudugast

Greenskin fans will be pleased to hear that there are still plenty of Orks and Goblins on the painting desk waiting for attention so expect further additions to both collections in the new year.

Another army set to grow soon is my Death Guard collection. With the recent change in scale of the plague Marine models I’ve decided to retire many of my old models, whilst some of the others will be tweaked and improved upon. Expect to see this army growing larger and stranger over the next twelve months. Here’s a look at how it stands currently;

Nurgle Convert Or Die 2018 Wudugast

Of course whilst some of the older models have been banished to Nurgle’s garden a host of new recruits have crawled from the plague pits in the form of a growing hoard of poxwalkers – and you can definitely expect to see a lot more of them in 2019.

Poxwalkers Convert Or Die Wudugast

Faced with such a foul hoard it’s a good thing that the Imperium has received reinforcements in the form of a growing number of space marines, imperial guardsman and even a dog.

Imperium Convert Or Die Wudugast

2018 has also been the year in which I’ve really started to take an interest in Necromunda. Regular followers of the blog over the last month or so will have seen me painting up a gang of Genestealer cultists with which to carve out a corner of the Underhive in the name of the four armed emperor.

Genestealer Cultists Convert Or Die Wudugast (2)

Their foul xenos scheming will not go unopposed however, with the muscular men of the Goliath Irondogs gang standing ready to defend their turf.

Goliath Necromunda Convert Or Die Wudugast

The Ladykillers of House Escher are slightly further behind, boasting only six (exceptionally well dressed) ladies so far. Expect to see them undertaking a recruiting drive early in the new year.

Escher Convert Or Die Wudugast

Finally I also started work on a large terrain project for Necromunda. With each piece being so big this is taking me a while to produce but fear not, a desolate industrial hell will soon be revealed.

Terrain Imperial Convert Or Die Necromunda (8)

New Year’s Resolutions.

As noted above I don’t usually go in for setting myself strict targets when it comes to my hobbies, after all the aim of the exercise is to relax and enjoy myself. Deadlines are for work. That said here are a few things I’d like to do in the coming year.

Skaven; as mentioned previously I’m now at a point where I have pretty much everything I want for my Skaven army (unless of course Games Workshop decide to release some new models for the rats – no harm in hoping eh!). All that needs to be done now is to get them painted. Getting it all done by the end of 2019 looks quite achievable if I just knuckle down and get on with it.

Necromunda; this one almost goes without saying but you can expect to see plenty more of the denizens of the Underhive coming up. I’ve got another Goliath I want to finish, a few Eschers to work on plus various bounty hunters, scum and hangers on. I also have several new gangs planned, although I’m not sure which I’ll start with first but it’s safe to assume there will be plenty more of them appearing in the coming months.

Cawdor Convert Or Die

Terrain; this is a big project and as a result slow going. Nonetheless I’m keen to crack on with it and aiming to get it done in 2019 should be the spur I need to make sure the project doesn’t stall.

Chaos Knight; speaking of larger projects, it seems that every year I think “let’s get the Chaos Knight done this time” and every year it gathers another layer of dust. This time though right, this time I mean it!

Poxwalkers; a hoard of part-built/part-painted plague zombies is currently occupying my painting desk. Wouldn’t it be nice if they were all finished instead?

Blood Bowl; I know I’m about 20 years behind everyone else but I do like the look of Blood Bowl, I’ve just never got around to painting a team. Will I do it in 2019? I’m sure with people like Faust to chivy me I’ll get something done!

Blood Bowl Orcs

Of course only time will tell how many of these goals I actually managed to achieve, or whether some of the other projects I have planned manage to seize the entirety of the limelight.

Lastly I’d like to wish all of my readers a very happy New Year (there really are an intimidatingly large number of you now!) and to offer a particular thanks to everyone who has commented, offered feedback or encouragement, or just appealed to my ego in 2018 – here’s to plenty more hobby shenanigans in the coming year.


51 responses to “2018 – In Case You Missed It

  • Thomas

    You’ve had a productive year. Loads of great stuff.

    Happy New Years!

  • Alex

    Great round-up mate, and what a year! You’ve churned out some fantastic stuff mate, and it has been a pleasure following along. Happy New Year to you too dude, looking forward to seeing what you get up to in 2019!

  • theimperfectmodeller

    Nice round up mate and good to see you won’t be sitting on your laurels in 2019. Have a great New Year! 😊

  • Pete S/ SP

    Nice round up- you made some lovely collections for yourself there.



  • backtothehammer

    Sweet recap and loving the models. The skaven and goblins are looking great. Nice that you had almost the exact same intro to fantasy with your dad.
    I’m immensely looking forward to the new squigs and might finally finish off my 25+ year old orcs and goblins at last! Happy new year to you and yours.

    • Wudugast

      I know, those new Night Goblins are just amazing! The really nice thing about them, I think, is that whilst pretty much all of them would fit into a Warhammer army, they’ve also managed to capture a bit of AoS in there too. It gives me a lot of hope that someday they’ll fix up the Skaven too. One of my biggest problems with the Moonclan up to now has been that the Night Gobbos are so iconic of old Warhammer that they just seemed out of the place in the new set-up. I’ll definitely be getting some to round out my Night Goblins army but I must admit I’m tempted to try the AoS skirmish rules from White Dwarf to play some goblin vs goblin clan fights (in some dank cave under the World’s Edge Mountains of course!)

      • Faust

        Wait, are the new Night Gobs the same scale as the old?

      • Wudugast

        Pretty much, yeah, as far as can be told. The first ones have only just been released so I’m just getting a proper look at them now but they look roughly right. I’ll get some assembled later so I can compare properly, might even post a size-comparison later in the week if I get my act together. I’d guess the new trolls will be bigger than the old trolls but they’ve only just gone up for pre-order at the time of writing so I could be quite mistaken.

      • Faust

        Hmm, I’ve been curious about converting some for BB, but they might be a bit too small then. Guess it will be another experiment.

      • Wudugast

        The rank-and-file night gobbos (or as they’re now called Gloomspite Gits Shootas and Stabbas) are noticeably smaller than the Blood Bowl gobbos. However any spare heads, which come separately on the old fanatics kit and the new squig hoppers (but not on the rank and file!), are a nice size for the BB bodies. I just tried it out and it works really well I reckon. The old fanatic heads are a neat fit with no work required, the squig hopper heads look like they’ll need some tweaking but should work well as well. I think when I get around to doing a goblin team I’ll mix them in, it should make for a nicely unique looking team.

      • Faust

        Thanks for the heads up. I like the robes on the Night Gobbos, even though it probably is a pain to play football in that get up. If the new ones are a bit smaller, then I guess they are just smaller. Will have to think about that some more. Thanks again for the info!

      • Wudugast

        Well, if I recall correctly, in BB any player just occupies on square regardless of the size of the model, so the actual size of the miniature matters less than it does in 40k or AoS etc. Would that mean you could get away with smaller than average models? In which case have you considered the new squig hoppers? You’d need to carefully cut away the part where the goblin’s hand grips on to the squig but otherwise you’ve got lots of crazy and dynamic poses, rather than being hauled along by a charging squig they could be throwing themselves after the ball etc?

      • Faust

        Yep, size doesn’t matter game-wise. It’s more aesthetics for me. I like the scales to be pretty exact. Also, the minis should be fairly representative of their armor and strength values. I don’t want a Str 6 mini looking weaker than a Str 2, for sure.

        There is a new Squig Star Player for Blood Bowl, so I’ve been eyeing the releases. I’ve been trying to figure out what size Squig I’ll need though, as I think he has a high Str stat. The pic in the rulebook is just of the squig, which makes it impossibly to tell exactly what size he is supposed to be. :/

      • Wudugast

        Well if it helps I’ve got the two new squig boxes (the squig herd and the squig hoppers – don’t look at me like that, I’ve been waiting years for them, of course I bought them straight away, I don’t have a problem dammit, I can quit whenever I like!) so if you have any questions about the models “in hand” just ask. Of the two the squigs from the squig hoppers set are considerably bigger.

        So if the star player is high Str maybe go for one from the Squig hoppers? I don’t have the rules for him but if he’s high armour as well then there’s even an armoured variant in the box.

      • Faust

        Thanks man, The hopper one looks like it should be about right. I’ll have to wait till I’m home to look up stats. Unfortunately, I can no longer pull up the rules through the app on my phone (a bit frustrating!). I’ll probably shoot you an email then.

  • Alexis West

    Excellent progress over the course of the year! I think Azazel’s challenges and your updates here have got me motivated to actually document my productivity in 2019, see how I’m actually doing.

    Titanicus is the one product that I really like the look of, but haven’t got into at all. The price point and lack of other local players just kills it for me. Which is a shame, since the original AT was my first introduction to GW and 40K, and I really liked that focus on just the huge War Machines. I probably am going to end up getting a pair of Warhounds and a box of Knights for it at some point, tho. They’re just too cute not to go for!

    • Maurice Micklewhite

      Agree on Titanicus. It’s not so much the price for me but the seeming lack of players around my way. Shame, as I suspect those models will paint themselves once they get going.

    • Wudugast

      I feel like Titanicus could draw me in but for me the models are key, anything else follows, and (I know this isn’t a widely held opinion) they don’t really do that much for me. They’re nice, but not nice enough to justify the cost, especially when I have so many planned projects eating up time and money, and not enough of either of those. I would add though, I’ve not see n them in the flesh. As far as I’m aware there isn’t really a gaming scene near me anyway. When I do get a game in it tends to be with friends/family and we play whatever we have. I’m sure if I had Titanicus I could get some people to play it but I’d have to buy and paint all the models and scenery, and that becomes expensive very quickly, especially when I’m not all that excited about them to begin with.

      • Alexis West

        I have really mixed feelings about the Titanicus Model line. I love the Warhounds, I think the Knights and Reavers are pretty cool, but something about the Warlord just doesn’t work for me. It’s partly the Missile Launchers (I think it looks much better with Turbo-Lasers up top), but also, something about the placement of the VSGs and the shape of the shoulders/carapace just doesn’t look right to me.

      • Wudugast

        Yeah, I just took a second look at the Warhounds and I like them a lot better than I thought at first. I’m not entirely sold on the Knights, although they are nice enough, but the Cerastus are just cracking little models, and the Reaver is ace. Agree with you on the Warlord, there’s just something slightly awkward about its pose, although the new one with the power claw is much better than the first one in my opinion.

  • Maurice Micklewhite

    Decent tally, high quality, great looking cohesive armies/warbands – all good!

  • Ross

    You and I are pretty well aligned on the hobby front. I’ve found myself less and less interested in full sized battles in the last year or so. It’s been all about Necro and AoS Skirmish for me this year. I gave Kill Team a go, but it can’t compete with Necro for me. I’ve not played the new LotR either, but I played the Skirmish version of the old rules back in the day and it was a whole lot of fun. Really felt like you were in the setting. I think it was called Battle Companies, and I’m sure the rules are still out there somewhere if you’re interested.

    You’ve got a whole lot more done than me this year, that’s for sure! Good job, dude.

    Happy New Year!

    • Wudugast

      I tend to agree on Kill Team, I’m really getting into Necromunda and I can’t see Kill Team ticking that box for me (beyond allowing me to put together some little warbands which should be fun). You’ve really got me interested in AoS skirmish though, plus having the rules in this month’s White Dwarf was a bit of a bonus. My latest scheme is to mix up some of the new Moonclan with the Goblins I’ve already got and use the AoS skirmish rules for anarchic Gobbo vs Gobbo clan fights.

      I have heard of Battle Companies, good suggestion, I’ll take a look for it. Now you mention it I feel a dim memory coming on that they’re planning to bring it back (don’t quote me on that mind, I think I got it from an official source like Warhammer TV but then again, I may not!).

      I got a lot done, and I’m really pleased with the results, but you still beat me hands down on quality. Oddly, although I expected painting a greater quantity of models would lead to a reduction in quality individually, I think the opposite has actually been true and my painting got better as well as faster. Hopefully if I can keep this up eventually the improvement will become exponential and I’ll be turning out Golden Daemon winning models in seconds flat.

      Happy New Year!

  • Mikko

    Amazing output! Really glad to have found your blog too, have definitely become a regular follower. Enjoy 2019!

  • heresyofus

    Wonderfull work and very productive, it’s a nice tally of finished models you have achieved and the standard in your painting is very good. Keep going mate and maybe this year I’ll get to meet you 🙂 Happy New Year!

  • Migs

    Incredible out put!!! Happy new year and looking forward to following what you do this year.

  • krautscientist

    Happy new year, indeed! What a lovely recap — agreed on most counts where GW’s various universes and properties are concerned. And that is a rather staggering output — let me tell you that 277 is an almost ridiculous number, and certainly one to be proud of!

    Looking forward to following your work in the new year! 🙂

    • Wudugast

      Thank you very much! It didn’t always seem like I was painting that much at the time, it wasn’t until I started adding it all up that I realised how much I’d got done. It certainly took a couple of recounts before I convinced myself it really was that many! 🙂

  • imperialrebelork

    Wow what a great flashback! A nice reminder and wrap up of a very interesting year for you. One of your best I’d say. Great to see pix of your minis in Big Boss’s project. Happy New Year pal!

    • Wudugast

      Thanks chief, glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, I’ve been a fan of that project for ages so seeing my stuff become part of it was a huge thrill. I’d definitely agree that last year was my best for miniatures, I think my painting continues to improve (which given that I’ve been at this for about 15 years now it’s nice to feel I’ve not levelled out!). Happy New Year to you too mate!

  • Faust

    I don’t know what “chivy” means, but get to work on that Blood Bowl team! Haha!

    Great post and Happy New Year! Nice recap on your 2018 output, and some excellent work!

    Does your partner have any interest in playing a Warhammer army?Just thinking you must be close to having some playable stuff there.

    • Wudugast

      Well, for one thing apparently I can’t spell – the word should be spelt “Chivvy”. According to the dictionary it’s only in UK english and it means “tell (someone) repeatedly to do something” – i.e. “I really had to chivvy him to take his turn doing the washing up” or “I’ve been chivvying him to paint his Blood Bowl team for months now but he keeps getting distracted by genestealer cultists and new night gobbos”.

      Really Janice and I both lean towards smaller skirmish games than big massed battles. Much as I enjoy building big armies, and much as I dream of commanding massed ranks on the battlefield, when it comes right down to it a dozen or so characters that bring a story to life is more our speed. It would be nice to see my Skaven at least hit the tabletop in anger someday, and I’ve got one or two mates who might be up for it next time they visit, but I can’t see it happening regularly. Mostly though I just like admiring their massed, verminous ranks like the filthy rat general I am!

      • Faust

        Well, I’ll hope you’ll tell us all about it, if they do hit the table. Thanks for the definition of “chivvy”, I think I had guess as much, but always cool to learn new things.

  • Azazel

    Huge posts like this always take me ages to get around to commenting on – even though I tend to have read them a few times by the time I have the time(!) to write up a comment!

    A great write-up and summary of the GW year here. I’m personally still …not cold, but indifferent on the AoS universe, so I just “headcanon” everything into The Old World, which somehow is still pretty easy. Not that it matters, since I rarely manage to get a game in these days.

    277 is also a pretty amazing number of models to have completed. I had never reached *anywhere* near that number (for myself at least) until a couple of years ago when I started seriously trying to get stuff done alongside this blog. My numbers are also “inflated” with scatter terrain that can be quite simple (hey, it still needs to be painted), rebasings (square to round, 25mm to 32mm, old flock to current base style), and “renovations” (what was I THINKING with this scheme?).

    Thank you for the shout-out – as I always say, my main impetus is to help myself get motivated, and if anyone else wants to join in to help their own motivation, then that’s awesome, gratifying (and kinda humbling/strange, truth be told) to me.

    Those armies, forces and gangs all laid out look awesome! On the Death Gurd front, I had the same quandry witht he older models – my solution was to roll them into my Iron Warirors army, made of the same size CSM, while my actual Death Guard will be made up of the newer models. Maybe something similar can work for you if you have an existing CSM force (or was ever considering one).

    Don’t think of them as Resolutions – those are apparently destined to fail by definition – think of them as personal goals of what you’d like to get done instead. And some you’ll achieve, and some you might not – but it’s okay either way!

    • Wudugast

      Yeah, I’m the same, much as I enjoy a really long post I like to take the time to sit down and savour them and then I realise weeks have past and I still haven’t commented on it.

      Yeah, the new AoS background is much better than the early stuff (which I thought was embarrassingly amateurish for a company of GW’s stature). It didn’t help that I’ve played a lot of Warhammer Total War so I’ve been immersed in the Old World more than ever in recent years. Still, they’re starting to do interesting things now like Kharadrons, Idoneth and so on, that can’t really be fitted into the Old World without a bit of fancy-footwork so I’m getting drawn into it more. I think of them as two different settings though, I don’t mind the Chaos gods/daemons crossing over but seeing characters like the named Undead lords, or even Sigmar himself, turning up still feels a bit weird for me.

      277 is a crazy number of models to have painted – I would never have dreamed of getting that many done. I had to double-check my numbers (and indeed triple-check them) before I accepted I really had done that many, and I certainly don’t expect to manage it again (although I’m willing to give it a bash – who knows, I may yet surprise myself).

      Ah, the old “what was I thinking with this scheme” moment, not to mention those conversions that seemed to look so damn good five years ago and now the cold light of day has arrived and they just look terrible. I have a few models that really need renovating for those reasons but I actually find they’re more work than just painting something from scratch so I keep putting them off. Ever thought of doing a “renovations” month, I’m sure I could drum up quite a few contenders!

      Good shout on the Death Guard, I do have a load of old Chaos Marines so perhaps I will just stick them all together and call them done.

      As for the resolutions, those are wise words indeed 🙂

  • Azazel

    I have to say that I’m still not fussed with the new AoS background really. I think that’s mostly because I stopped caring about “new fantasy universes” some time ago. (Same applies to sc-fi, as well) which is why Mantica or the background for never resonated with me. Though I still feel that The Old World was still big/broad/undiscovered enough that all of the new stuff can be shoehorned in there in the same way that GW always did. At least for my own Headcanon.
    All the little bits and scenery certainly help the totals, I found for myself. So I wouldn’t put it past you to be able to get that many done again. We’ll see how our year pans out, I guess. 🙂
    I reckon you could stick the “renovations” into “neglected models”. If you’re not happy with them, and they’ve been around for awhile and need a bit of repaint, then why not?

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