The Cult of the Abyssal Gaze – Part 4

The creature known as The Lurker is a true horror, its name a byword for shapeless dread amongst those who work the dank pipes that run beneath the ash-crust from Ironhouse to Sumpside. To the Cawdor bone pickers it is a devil made manifest a monster risen from the ashes of the God Emperor’s dreams. The Orlock clutch there weapons closer as they pass through the dark reaches of its territory, the cyber-mastiffs brisling and growling as the headlight beams are swallowed by the shadows. None have yet connected the ragged corpses it leaves in its wake with the ash miners attempting to establish an outpost in Ironhouse.
Korak however has seen the fear growing amongst his people and heard the whispers that the Lurker prowls within the walls of his domain. Soon, he knows, the people will fear the beast more than they do him. If he is to nurture his little kingdom through its first cycles he must rid it of this monster. He has broken gang-lords and mutant-kings before, but some amongst the Irondogs fear that they have not yet gathered the strength to deal with with such a monster and when Korak begins his hunt in the darkness of the tunnels, he does so for the final time…
The Lurker (1)The Lurker (2)The Lurker (3)

22 responses to “The Cult of the Abyssal Gaze – Part 4

  • Mikko

    Looks great! Love the write-up too, very atmospheric.

  • Faust

    Nice man, you’re kicking butt on getting these out!

    I was going through my boxes earlier and found the Genestealers I bought off EBay. Originally I thought they were a bit too small. But I lined one up with the Van Saar, and they look right on for size. Pretty sweet! I’ll look forward to tackling those at some point. Any particular reason your partner wants to play Genestealers?

    • Wudugast

      Cheers mate – they’re just such nice models to work with. 🙂

      I just asked her and she said it’s mainly their aesthetic, the way they look creepy and weird, and she feels she wouldn’t be as precious with them as individuals as she feels she is currently with her Eschers (i.e. she wouldn’t be so worried about getting a genestealer cultist killed by a rampaging Goliath!) which is something she often finds when she starts out with a new game before she’s really comfortable with the rules.

      • Faust

        Makes sense. Personal investment can certainly be a hindrance when it comes to making sacrifices!

      • Faust

        Oh, and I should have mentioned that the ones I got off Ebay were already glued, maybe some painted….so I won’t really know how nice they are to work with. Though I might also have picked up a sprue of them or the Chaos Cultists. Will find out next time I go digging.

  • Alex

    Superb mate, love that rock-saw. I certainly wouldn’t want to bump into this dude in a dark tunnel!

  • Alexis West

    Q: “Monster flick? Or chainsaw slasher flick?”
    A: “”

    Seriously, it’d make a good monster for a horror flick of some kind. Both creepy and brutal. I’m guessing it uses scent or something to get around in the darkness. Echolocation probably isn’t terribly compatible with a huge buzzsaw 😉

    • Wudugast

      It would be terrifying in a horror film. I’m picturing Alien with a big nasty saw!
      Personally I think it tastes the air with it tongue, flicking scent particles into some kind of special organ like a snake does.

    • Games Scholar

      Exactly what I was thinking – a sort of fusion of multiple kinds of horror villain into one monster – zombie/mutant, alien infestation, and “driller killer”

  • theimperfectmodeller

    Excellent and clearly fits in well with the rest of the gang. Looking forward to the next group shot, if only because I’m to old to keep count of this growing band! 😉

    • Wudugast

      Oh, me too – I just got in a complete pickle over how many I still need to paint, even though the list and the models were right in front of me! Should be four more models (I think!) for the starting set, and then a group shot will definitely be forthcoming!

  • Pete S/ SP

    That looks great- a very nasty character.



  • James

    Loving the orange jumpsuits. Are you doing a full army or just a kill team? Ive started work on mine as it happens. Decided to go for a purple scheme. hope to see both our armies progress.

    • Wudugast

      Thank you. My plan is to start out by doing a Necromunda gang, then expand it into a Kill Team by swapping a few models around, then use this as the seed of a full sized army.

      I went for an orange colour scheme to emphasise the idea that these are workmen, and clothes which are easily visible would be vital out in the ash crust where they work. Good luck with yours – I think genestealer cults are one of those factions that really suits a purple colour scheme.

  • James

    How did you do the skin i love it?

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! It’s Rakarth flesh, then a wash of Reikland Fleshtone with a bit of Druchii violet in the recesses, then a highlight of Rakarth flesh and a final highlight of Pallid Wytch Flesh.

  • Azazel

    After reading this post originally, I had to go poke around and look to see/make sure that I own this kit …and then I forgot all about commenting!
    Take that as a compliment!

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