Squabblin’ Goblins – Part 9

Not wishing to rest on my laurels – suitably green though they may be – when it comes to my Night Goblin army, I’ve added a couple more recruits, a pair of fanatics whirling destructively into battle. These two were half finished at the end of October and rather than allow myself to get distracted and leave them incomplete for who knows how much longer I wanted to put brush to model and finish them off properly.

Night Goblin Fanatics Convert Or Die (1)Night Goblin Fanatics Convert Or Die (2)Night Goblin Fanatics Convert Or Die (3)Night Goblin Fanatics Convert Or Die (4)Night Goblin Fanatics Convert Or Die (5)

Unleash the fanatics!

Night Goblin Fanatics Convert Or Die (6)

Something I have been keen to avoid, especially after pouring so much effort into the army over the past few months, is allowing progress to stall entirely whilst I concentrate on other projects. Thus, whilst I was working on the fanatics I decided to press on and paint up this goblin shaman as well.

Gobbo Shaman Convert Or Die Wudugast (1)Gobbo Shaman Convert Or Die Wudugast (2)

With these latest additions the heap of unpainted greenskins continues to reduce in a pleasing manner but there is still plenty more to finish and, with signs of a forthcoming Moonclan/Night Goblin release from GW which may well lead to me relapsing into my old goblin-purchasing ways, I’ll keep chipping away at them for now.

16 responses to “Squabblin’ Goblins – Part 9

  • Mikko

    I’m going to be intentionally oblivious to any double entendres here, but man those fanatic balls are getting bigger by the year. Great work on them!

    • Wudugast

      Oh dear, I can’t believe I wrote this whole post without incorporating any double entendres! You’re right though, when you look at that group shot and see the new plastic ones next to the old metal one those balls have certainly grown over the years. That said I don’t think they’re ridiculous, if only because goblin fanatics are ridiculous enough to begin with, indeed the one with the biggest ball is the one I converted. Glad you like them 😀

      • Mikko

        They’ve always been one of my favourite things in WHFB, even when smashing through my own ranks. It’s just a wonderfully zany idea!

  • Alex

    Lovely job mate – how did you resist the temptation to paint that lack’o’lantern ball orange!! 🙂

  • Le Bim

    Very Nice ! Contrast works are impressive !

  • James

    Love how you do the black.
    Tip for fanatics. Mount one or two on the ball not their feet so it looks like they are really spinning out of control

    • Wudugast

      Damn – why didn’t I think of that! Excellent suggestion but sadly I appear to have painted all my fanatics, although if I find another lurking unpainted in the cupboard I’ll definitely do that. Of course an inner voice is now whispering “they’re cheap, why not buy some more!” I shall try manfully to resist!

  • Alexis West

    Nice! Fanatics are always fun! In the first pic that shows two of them, I can totally see them getting entangled and everything ending badly. Which is entirely suitable XD

    Pretty sure the reason the metal ones have smaller balls is just the limitations of the material. Make them too big in metal, and the odds of the chain bending or snapping start going up. Still, I can totally see the plastic ones lining up and busting out some AC/DC lyrics. “And we’ve got the biggest! Balls of them all!”

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! Honestly I think Goblins, Orcs and Orks are all at their best when you look at them and think “this is seconds away from ending very badly indeed!”

      😀 Going to have to crank up some AC/DC now!

      • Alexis West

        To re-purpose an old joke:
        “What’s the last thing an Ork says before he dies?”
        ” ‘Old my fungus beer and watch dis!”
        “What’s the last thing an Ork hears before he dies?”
        “Yer doin’ it mate! Yer doin’ it!”

    • Faust

      Random note, just learned the other day that Axl Rose is/was singing for AC/DC. That seemed so odd to me, but I guess it probably works. And yes, I live under a rock.

      • Alexis West

        Udo Dirkschneider, from Accept, would have been my choice. At this point, I kind of don’t really feel like it’s still AC/DC. Without Malcolm Young around, it’s just not the same. More like The Angus Young Experience or something, since he’s the only member of the band who’s been in it for more than a couple of years at this point.

  • Faust

    Nice work, and love those minis. I can’t help but think Blood Bowl, every time I see a Fanatic. And the Night Goblins would make super cool BB Underworld team figures. I really have to give it a go someday. If only, not project overload!

    • Wudugast

      Yeah, using Night Gobbos rather than normal gobbos would be a nice way of making the Underworld team feel more like a distinct entity. Most of the current night goblin heads are sculpted to the body but the ones from the fanatics kit are separate and fit nicely on the BB goblin bodies (I just went and checked and it looks amazing!).

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