Rhythm and Blues; from Rock Gods to Ultramarines

This weekend has seen Games Workshop’s latest showcase event, the Vigilus Open Day. For the avoidance of doubt I’d better clarify that I wasn’t there myself but, like so many other hobbyists and fans, I was glued as best as I was able to the updates and reveals coming out of the event via social media. Being at work over the weekend I’m only just getting the chance to catch up properly on everything that was announced now, long after the rest of the internet has had its say, but I still couldn’t pass up the opportunity to pontificate a little and share my thoughts on the things we saw.


Boys In Blue

Poor old Marneus Calgar. One of the most iconic and long established space marine characters, he’s been the posterboy for the Ultramarines and, as a result, the man everyone loves to hate, since the early days of 40k, when he wore the kind of coat any pimp would be proud of, cultivated an imposing man-spread and kept dinosaurs as pets.

Commander Calgar

Ultramarines Commander Calgar, as painted by David Gallagher.

Alas, whilst it’s all very well being second only to Roboute Guilliman himself when the Primarch is lying in state it’s a lot less impressive when he’s walking, talking and taking command of the Imperium. Love him or loathe him, and for many of us it’s a little of both, it’s been hard not to feel a little sorry for Calgar over the last couple of years. The return of Roboute has seen him pushed firmly into the backseat, a poor man’s Primarch if ever there was one.

Since the arrival of Primaris marines a popular theory (although I stress that it remains only a theory) is that GW will seek to weed out the old, distinctly undersized, marines of yesteryear through a process of slow attrition, allowing the old-style small marines to look increasingly dated, moving them out of the limelight, promoting the newer, more imposing Primaris models whilst the background describes a winnowing of the older troops. It’s a convincing theory but it leaves us with the problem of the special characters. Whilst it’s one thing to get rid of a tactical marine in this manner and replace him with an intercessor, it’s quite another to dispose of Azrael, Ragnar Blackmane, Mephiston or Dante. The answer; to see them reforged, renewed and reborn as newer, bigger, better Primaris warriors -and who better than Calgar to lead the charge.

Calgar 1Calgar 2

Speculation of other loyalist Primarchs making a return and joining Guilliman in defending the Imperium continues to rumble on, and could easily fill a blog or two by itself, but it’s worth noting that, however things turn out, the creation of some imposing, modern models for the heroes of the Blood Angels, Space Wolves or Dark Angels could still provide centrepiece models to be proud of, without such controversial moves as bringing back Russ, the Lion or even – whisper it – Sanguinius.

Of course I still find myself wondering how GW would, under this scenario, choose to handle those amongst the Space Marines like Gabriel Seth, who has expressed a distinct disapproval for the Primaris newcomers, historic characters like Tycho or the Grey Knights who, we’ve been repeatedly told, have no Primaris brothers at all. Then there are the stranger elements, reflecting 40k’s more mythic and fantastic side. Will the likes of the Sanguinor and the Legion of the Damned find themselves growing bigger over the coming years or will they end their days as bizarrely short characters, manifesting at little more than chest height amongst their younger brothers? Only time will tell.

As an aside, interesting though Calgar is from a theoretical point of view, I’m actually more impressed by his Honour Guard. They haven’t had the same attention paid to them as their boss so far but their predecessors were amongst my favourite Space Marine models, real exemplars of how the range could look at its best and these are worthy successors.

Honour Guard

In the old days the rules allowed for every Chapter Master to have a squad of Honour Guard so part of me is already wondering about how these can be converted to serve the Chapter Master of my own Knights Mortis. Then again converting them might involve removing some of the features that make them so iconic so who knows, maybe, just maybe, I’ll cross the Rubicon and paint them as Ultramarines.


In Black And Gold Reborn

First off let me note that the size of the new Chaos Marines is still something that I’m struggling to establish my thoughts on. At some point I’ll write a full post on the subject once I have something to say that I’ve not already said multiple times before. In the meantime though I simply wanted to acknowledge the fact and move on. Instead, let’s take a look at Haarken Worldclaimer – a man who, true to his name, has sworn to claim Vigilus in the name of Abaddon. Given that the Despoiler has little patience for those who waste his time we’d better hope for Haarken’s sake he lives up to the hype…

Haakan back to the old days

Haarken Worldclaimer may undoubtedly be a member of the Black Legion but his origins amongst the Night Lords remain stamped upon him too, from the skull helm to the flayed skins to the Nostraman spear he’s armed with. It will be interesting to discover if this is a new special character for the forces of Chaos or simply a generic chaos lord with a unique name and a little background as we’ve seen with the likes of Kranon the Relentless in the past.

I’ve actually been wondering what might become of the special characters set out in the Chaos Marines codex. Already we’ve seen the likes of Typhus and Ahriman farmed off into their own respective legion codexes and it seems likely that in time the Emperor’s Children and World Eaters will see the same treatment, taking Kharn, Lucius and Fabious with them. Is Abaddon to be left on his own or will GW take the opportunity to bring in more characters that exemplify other aspects of the traitor legions. Nice though it is to imagine I suspect that the other traitors – the Night Lords, Word Bearers, Iron Warriors and Alpha Legion – may not get the full codex treatment for quite some time, if at all. Of course all of them could be made into a unique army, both in terms of rules and aesthetic, but who could blame GW for shying away from concentrating exclusively on Chaos for the length of time that would require. Instead I imagine that as the Chaos Marine range is developed in the future we’ll see more of these legions and less of their monotheistic brothers. Then, assuming that these prove popular, and the god-specific legions are a financial success for GW, we might someday see Lorgar or Perturabo emerging from the warp at the head of a horde of cultists and possessed, or massed ranks of daemon engines. In the interim some new characters might just be the way in which they decide to drip-feed us with a little taste of the direction they could someday choose to follow.

Regardless Haarken himself is a striking model, if just a little over the top for my tastes. Now we wait to discover if he’ll be bringing any new friends with him in his campaign to seize Vigilus in the form of more new Chaos models. Who knows, perhaps when Marneus Calgar inevitably beats him up his boss Abaddon will have to put in an appearance…


Joining A Cult

For me, the best bit of these reveals are, without doubt, the genestealer cultists. It’s an army I have a real affinity for in both 40k and Necromunda and I can see myself using these both in my long planned 40k army and in narrative, house-ruled scenarios around the Underhive. I’m already considering transforming a Goliath Rockgrinder into an Orlock rig and one could easily do something similar with these to make outriders to accompany it, House messengers who need to be intercepted by your gang or, turning the tables as so much of the recent genestealer cult range has been borrowed from the Imperial Guard, how about making them into rough riders. Plus there are probably several clever people already cooking up house rules to incorporate these into Speed Freeks.

Cultist Bike 2Cultist Bike 3Cultist BikeCult Quad

Accompanying them we have the tactician pondering his already famous map of Warhammer World, a model which old timers will recognise as a remake of a much older, and extremely rare, figure from the early days of the range.

Again this is a brilliant model, with the expressively grumpy face being an excellent touch. Give it a few tweaks and once again it could fit in well with an Imperial Guard army or an Inq28 retinue (where it will doubtless prove popular). The only downside is the defaced aquila which sadly just looks amateurish. All of us who are fans of Chaos Marines or Traitor Guard have scratched through an aquila at one point or another so we could make use of a torso or piece of equipment that wasn’t otherwise available, and for all that it’s a rite of passage it’s also a cliché. I’m sure GW could have thought of something better here.


In some of the more frothy corners of the Internet there’s been a little chatter that GW have somehow “forgotten” about the genestealer cultists, simply because their codex hasn’t arrived yet (and despite the fact that GW haven’t been shy about promoting them lately). Of course GW has form here, they essentially abandoned the Sisters of Battle for over two decades, but I think that the idea that genestealer cultists have been booted to the kerb so soon after their relaunch in 2016 seemed far fetched. Did we really imagine that they were going to leave them without an 8th Edition codex forever, or perhaps mark their demise only with a glib assertion that the Squats must have eaten them all?


The Wrathful and the Rapturous

Over the last little while GW have been drip feeding us images of the contents of the forthcoming Wrath and Rapture box set, an all-daemons collection starring the forces of Khorne and Slaanesh. With the release date confirmed as falling within the next month they’ve shown us the two new characters which will be joining the new Flesh Hounds (good thing I finally got my old ones painted eh!) and Fiends of Slaanesh in the box.


Karanak looks a little odd but frankly a dog with three heads is always going to look rather weird as a physical object rather than as a mythological concept. Overall I’d say they’ve made the best job they could of done without straying too far from the design elements that had gone before. Meanwhile the Slaaneshi harpist has yet to be shown off properly beyond what can be made out from the promotional video and the photographs taken by those who attended the event. However it’s fair to say it’s looking very interesting already and packs a punch of body horror that should put paid to those claims that Slaanesh was going to be removed or toned down.


Not So Tiny-Titans

I almost overlooked the titan amongst all the other exciting stuff that was appearing, and judging by the chatter online I’m not the only one. For such a big and imposing model from me at least it’s only managed to generate a shrug.


The trouble with titans is that they are so astoundingly expensive. One could buy a few good armies for the price of a single warlord model so as a result the audience for them is extremely limited. I for one very much doubt that I will never own one. Of course I’ve always fancied the idea of riding to war in a Titan (or even just turning up to work in one) but not so much painting one (and certainly not applying for the bank loan required before buying one of the damn things).

Plus, as a small image on a screen they just don’t look their best. Nothing beats seeing a Titan in person. Even a gaming table isn’t really big enough for them, and the best place to really appreciate them is in huge dioramas such as the one at Warhammer World which shows the Ultramarines battling the World Eaters. Of course GW are a wealthy company and can afford to indulge in vanity projects such as this. However creating such a monster will have undoubtedly consumed a great deal of staff time and production resource. Surely that would have been better spent on subjects with a broader range of appeal such as Horus Heresy, Lord of the Rings, Necromunda characters and brutes or Blood Bowl star players, all of which still have plenty of gaps unfilled? Don’t get me wrong, the range we have already is great but do we really need more at this scale? Perhaps I’m alone in this but for me the best place for Titans is Adeptus Titanicus.


Bring The Noise

Saving the best for last we have this attention commanding model. Before you scroll down put on your eye protection and prepare yourself to return to an era when the grim darkness of the far future had a distinctly green understory…

Noise Marine 2

Isn’t he just a sight for sore eyes? Or perhaps it’s more the case that he’s a sight which causes sore eyes. Yes, GW are continuing to pillage the archives, this time bringing back this iconic old model.

Noise Marine

Now honestly I wouldn’t want every Noise Marine to look like this, guitars as sonic weapons as just too silly even for me (although if GW fancied a modern revamp of the old Ork Goff Rockers I wouldn’t say no!). I’m hopeful that sooner or later we’ll see a full Emperor’s Children release, complete with a proper kit for Noise Marines, and if they all look like this I might grumble a little, but as a one off he’s excellent, a real nod to the hobby’s past and a great trip down memory lane for us old hands. Newcomers however, raised to a 40k of unrelenting seriousness, must be trying to work out what hit them!


Overall then a very interesting set of reveals that give us plenty to look forward to as we head towards 2019. As ever if you have any thoughts on what we’ve seen here I’d be very curious to hear them, after all if you don’t share your thoughts in the comments box how am I supposed to rip them off and claim them as my own later?

27 responses to “Rhythm and Blues; from Rock Gods to Ultramarines

  • James

    I love the honour guard and the gsc bikes.
    Nice write up as well. These posts are my favourite part of this blog.

  • Alexis West

    Speaking of the other Special Characters getting re-done in Primaris scale, I personally hope that the Sanguinor gets re-done absolutely huge, and totally worth it, at some point. I really want it to be worthwhile to use the Celestant-Prime to convert him.

    It would be kind of hilarious to have Seth re-done, still in classic scale (or maybe even slightly smaller), and just looking totally grumpy instead of pissed off 😉

    The Honour Guard were what really caught my eye there, too. Just unfortunate that they’re so completely covered in Ultramarines iconography. Hopefully they’ll come out with a more generic set at some point. I’d also like it if they get the full range of Power Weapons back, rather than just Axes (like the Index ones) or Swords (all of seen on these new ones).

    I think Haarken is going to look a lot better without all those skulls. They just throw the balance off too much for a Jump Pack character. On a Terminator or something, they could pull it off, but not here.

    The Stealer Cult stuff just sent my brain straight to “IT MUST BE MINE!” I’ve been wanting Bikers scaled for regular humans rather than Marines for ages, and that Quad is pretty much what I was hoping for from an Ork Warbuggy re-design.

    Karanak might have worked out better if he was a bit broader, so there was more room for all the heads. It isn’t really the sort of thing that there are any good real life examples of to work from, tho. I am very much looking forward to that set, too. The Slaanesh Herald is growing on me more and more as I see better pics.

    Since the original of that Noise Marine was one of the Models that got me into 40K in the first place, I absolutely have to get at least one. And while I can understand the opposing point of view, I for one would be ecstatic if they did a whole multi-pose kit for them in this aesthetic. Updated Goff Rokkerz would be awesome too, especially if they did a drummer with a proper kit as well as the guitars.

    • Wudugast

      Good point on making the Sanguinor from the Celestant-Prime, I hadn’t thought of that. I’m guessing from what you’ve said he’s not great in game? Since I wrote this piece it’s occurred to me that they’ll probably say something to the effect of “the arrival of the Cicatrix Maledictum has empowered all who draw upon the warp for their nature, for good or ill” and make a huge, “super” version of the Sanguinor (indeed this could be their get-around for how to bring back Sanguinius without actually bringing back Sanguinius).

      Seriously, how hacked off would Seth be if they “Primarisised” him without asking first. Smacked over the head with a stun grenade and he wakes up two feet taller!

      Yeah, I wondered that about the Honour Guard as well. It would be nice if there were more of them, not sure if the two we’ve seen are all there is. I’m hoping they’ll be available separately to Calgar so one could have a larger squad, rather than just the two without ending up with duplicate Calgars. In some ways a generic set would be great, especially for those of us who’re not Ultramarines collectors, but on the other hand the last person in a chapter who should be generic are the Honour Guard, they should be blinged up with all of their chapter specific gear.

      Now I’ve seen some better pictures of her I think the Slaanesh Herald just needs that long hair tassel snipped off, it throws off all the lines a little.

      Just occurred to me that one could make a diorama of a whole band rocking out, with the Noise Marine as the centrepiece and various musicians from other sets for the rest of the band. There are plenty of drummers so there should be enough drums to snip off and build a kit. Might finally be a use for that Ironjawz Warchanter as well, he looks like he belongs behind a kit!

      • Alexis West

        The Sanguinor is good, but because he has a bunch of Aura buffs, any Conversion that messes with his base size is pretty sketchy. And he’s not US$80 good 😉

        That reminds me of my headcanon about Bjorn the Fellhanded. In my mind, he thinks all the decoration and battle honours and stuff are just meaningless vanity, and whenever he’s woken up again and realizes they’ve added more, he’s basically “Aw, man, you fuckers drew all over me while I was asleep again, didn’t you?”

        Yeah, the Honour Guard thing is tricky. They should be totally blinged out with Chapter symbols, but the options are basically: making like 7 different versions, restricting them to just a few Chapters, or doing a generic version.

        I can totally see doing some tweaks to that Herald, but from the initial preview, I was really unsure about even the basic concept of having a giant harp with a foot Character. Much more fitting when the harp is, itself, a dude.

        I wanted to do something sort of like that for my display board for the OFCC, have the Noise Marines up on a stage and the Daemonettes forming a mosh pit, but I ran out of time and just used my generic display board instead.

      • Wudugast

        Yeah, I hadn’t thought of that – the Celestant Prime is based on a hubcap isn’t he? Price is a bit of a gouge too.

        Re Bjorn; Ha! True – probably quite a lot of Dreadnaughts feel that way!

        Re the Honour Guard; perhaps it could be done by creating a generic frame and then providing loads of upgrade sets (heads, weapons, badges) to decorate them. Wouldn’t be straightforward but perhaps not outwith the bounds of possibility.

  • Alex

    Nice write-up as ever mate – those GSC bikes & quad are the absolute stars for me. The Noise Marine is a cute nod back to the old days, but I always thought the original was daft, so this one doesn’t really fire me up either. As for Calgar? Well, I think this is the first concrete evidence for the planned phasing out of the old scale puny-Marines…

    • Wudugast

      In regards to the Noise Marine that’s very much what I was thinking when I said I’d grumble if they did a full squad like that. As a one off, blast from the past, trip down memory lane, and a chance to really let my hair down and do something crazy with the painting – fantastic, I’m all over it. But if every squad of Noise Marines in every Emperor’s Children army looks like that it’ll overdo the joke.

      Yup, it’s starting to look very much like the small marines are going the way of squat – proof if any were needed that GW are all shortists!

  • Thomas

    I’ve been waiting for a Primaris Character since the start of 8th. Very fitting that they did Calgar first.

    Those GSC bikers are amazing. Like wow!

    • Wudugast

      Yeah, I think a lot of people were feeling a bit sorry for Calgar (I know I was). He used to be a real hero of the Imperium and since Roboute came back he’s been reduced to second fiddle somewhat so he really deserved to be first to get upgraded. That said his outgoing model is still quite nice, especially when compared to Ragnar and Azrael, hopefully we’ll see those two Primarisised soon because their current models are dire.

      Those GSC bikers are just gorgeous though! I can sense that my planned genestealer cult Necromunda gang will soon grow into a 40k army…

  • Argentbadger

    Lots of great stuff here; GW has really been doing a great job with their miniatures over the last few years. Those Cult dirt bikes might be enough to tempt me to start a small force when the codex comes out.

    • Wudugast

      They’ve been knocking it out of the park haven’t they? I’m already working on a genestealer cult Necromunda gang/Kill Team but I can see it easily growing into a 40k army now I’ve seen those bikes.

  • Mikko

    Really liking these! The bikers are definitely not overly grimdark 40K, but would be right at home in a post-apoc game. It seems to me that stylistically GW might be reaching out to people who don’t play GW games. These and some of the new Necromunda and Rogue Trader miniatures could very easily be slotted into a non-GW game.
    I’ve done my fair share of GW bashing through the years, but I must say that some of these new releases are definitely tempting me.
    Great write up, enjoyed reading this!

    • Wudugast

      You’re right enough, they definitely seem to be broadening their aesthetic beyond their core style which can only be good news I feel, a bigger range gives us more to work with!

      I too have done a bit of GW bashing in the past (still do from time to time), but I always try to keep in mind that the company is not the same as the worlds they create. I’m a fan of those universes (Necromunda, 40k, Warhammer, Blood Bowl, and to a lesser extent AoS) and the company is merely the engine by which those worlds are brought to me. When they do things I feel are wrong I’m quick enough to bash them for it so it would be disingenuous of me not to offer them praise when they do things well, and with a lot of their recent work I think they’ve done it very well indeed.

  • Faust

    No Blood Bowl?! For shame! The Undead team is coming out. Hurrah! It’s actually the team I played in our home league and in the computer game for awhile. The new minis look pretty sweet.

    Genestealers look pretty good, but seem weird to me. From my understanding, they work by stealth and infiltration, and not direct conflict? So I’m not sure where Biker gang Genestealers come into play. I would mainly want them for Necromunda if anything. Yea, an intercept the messenger mission or stop the caravan sort of thing would work, but not as much use out of that as a non-mounted mini.

    I kind of like the Noise Marine. Just crazy looking with that paint job. Would I ever find a use for him and/or buy him though? Not likely. I did marvel at the advances in miniature production though. Sculpted hair, splayed fingers (makes a big difference in guitar!), and they even squeezed a skull onto the guitar. Just amazing. Also interesting to see the differences in the paint job, especially how the leopard print pattern changed. Really makes me wonder where minis will be in 10 more years?!

    • Wudugast

      Yeah, I think we’ll see no more Blood Bowl or Necromunda stuff until into the New Year (except maybe from Forge World). They’ve been keeping to the schedule of one release for each per quarter and according to everything I’ve seen on the Warhammer TV channel that’ll be continuing next year so I’m guessing the next wave will be around about March(-ish). That said we’ve got a big weekend of stuff coming up in a couple of days. I’m not usually a big spender when it comes to miniatures (*cough*mostly…ish…) but Undead team, and Delaque and the new books and the Death Guard big box all at the same time – that’s going to give my savings a real kicking for this month.

      Essentially the idea of the genestealer cults is that they’re guerrilla fighters. The genestealers themselves work by stealth and infiltration whereas the cultists are basically armed civilians like gangers. Mostly they just work to support the rest of their “family” and wait for the day that they’re called upon to rise up and tear down any remaining Imperial loyalists (or whatever culture they’ve infiltrated). They will fight openly though if it’s a) the long awaited uprising, and time for the planet to be cleansed of non-believers, or b) something goes wrong (e.g. Orks invade and start trashing their mines and homesteads or the Deathwatch get suspicious and turn up to purge them) or c) they have some kind of mission from their Primus that involves fighting (“There’s some Imperial Guard troops doing an exercise in the wastes right next to our colony. Kill them before they work out what we are and report us to the Deathwatch. Make it look like an accident”). I always think that the genestealer cultists are some of the few “good guys” in 40k (them and the Orks basically). They just want to work hard and protect their family. They’re loyal to their community and they’re willing to tolerate the hardships of life in the Imperium only so as to make for a better future for the next generation. Whilst everyone else in the Imperium is browbeaten into stagnant drudgery they believe that things can get better, even if it takes many generations to get there, and the future will be brighter, less cruel and more liberated. Poor bastards…

      Totally agree on the way miniature design has progressed. Hats off to GW, I don’t always agree with everything they do but they’ve kept pushing the boundaries of what they can do and we’re reaping the rewards. For a long time it felt like they were no longer willing to innovate but now it seems as though they’re using the products they put out back then as a foundation to build exciting things on top of. Five years ago if you’d told me we’d have Necromunda, Blood Bowl, Ad Mech, Genestealer Cults, Rogue Traders, even separate Chaos Legions, I’d have thought you were daft. That said if you’d told me we still wouldn’t have revamped Sisters of Battle I wouldn’t have believed that either…

      • Faust

        Ah ok, didn’t know there was more distinctions in the various Genestealers. They always baffle me a bit, but that makes more sense. I think. 😉

        Yep, it’s going to a sucky month. Christmas time for our family, and then GW launches Necromunda and Blood Bowl stuff that I’m dying to have. Last time this happened, I want to say it was Cawdor and Dark Elves?

        I’ll end up doing the same thing I did back then. Make a list with prices, determine which items might sell out the fastest and how much I’m going to spend. Then backfill the remaining items later.

        With the rulebooks, I really need to figure out what to keep and what to sell. Sounds like the Blood Bowl Almanac covers all the Spike Journals. But I like them just fine in magazine form, and it would be pretty awesome to hand one of those over to a coach playing that team to reference and browse through before/during play.

        The Necromunda books though, doesn’t seem to be much incentive to hold onto those at all. If I give the rulebook to a player for a rules lookup…we are going to be looking at different pages and possibly have rules that have been errata’d in the old copy.

        Yea, I forgot to mention the Delaque last time too. Nice looking minis, and look way easier to paint than the Van Saar. If/when I get them, I imagine they might just jump up the queue, based on how fast I could likely get them done.

      • Wudugast

        Yeah, according to the official updated on the Warhammer Community site all the Spike journals will be in the Almanac. I see your point about both being handy though, but as I already picked up the previous Spikes I don’t think there’s any cause for me to buy the Almanac at the moment.

        As for Necromunda I’ve heard a lot of people saying they’ll be chucking out their old Gang War books and replacing them with the new books and although I’ll get the new books I’m not going to be too hasty about chucking the Gang Wars – I want to see exactly what’s covered in the new book and it’s not like the old books take up too much space (given how many old White Dwarfs, Army Books, Codexes and so on I have kicking around!).

        Completely agree that the Delaque are looking great, definitely a gang I’ll be adding to the collection in the near future.

  • Azazel

    I seem to recognise that last sentence…

    2019 is going to be another expensive year, I see…

    • Wudugast

      Well, they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, in which case I’ve flattered an awful lot of people in this hobby!

      I’m building up a bit of a backlog of things to paint at the moment, and I’m going to have to curtail spending a bit soon anyway, but damn they keep releasing such amazing stuff! Have pity GW – concentrate on the Tau or something else I’m not interested in, let me rest!

      • Azazel

        Nod. My backlog is quite insane at this point. I need to pick out a force to try to put a very large dent into over my time off work in January.

  • imperialrebelork

    Not sure how I missed this my man but great write up as per usual. I got some GSC bikes a couple of weeks back and I’m getting the truck thing too haha. Not sure if I’ll be doing a GSC army or just using all those lovely bits

    • Wudugast

      Yeah, I got the bikes too (and all the new characters…). Not sure if I’m going to make them into Necromunda characters or keep them as genestealer cultists (or both!). I’ve held off on the truck for now though, I’m trying to budget for all the Chaos stuff that seems to be on its way. 🙂

      • imperialrebelork

        Haha fair enough. I’ve heard whispers of new Imperial Guard

      • Wudugast

        I’ve not heard that one (although GW are running a pretty tight ship now, nothing leaks out unless they want it too). Would be good if the Guard did get a bit of love soon though, something a bit more grim and dark than the Cadians. If I can wish list then a plastic kit for Death Corps of Krieg or something based off the Solar Auxilia, but I’d be happy with new Steel Legion.

      • imperialrebelork

        I’ll second those choices. I recently bought some DKK and had to remortgage the house

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