October Challenge Round Up

You’ve seen most of this stuff before so feel free to skip on but I really couldn’t pass up the opportunity for some self congratulatory back patting. (I could pretend that it’s just to make Azazel’s life easier when he comes to writing his community challenge round up but really it’s all about the backpatting!) Most hobbyists will be aware of Azazel’s Bitz Box and the monthly challenges he’s been running throughout 2018 (and if you’re not, make yourself aware and in short order!). October’s challenge called for the completion of a squad or squads, whether that be building and painting them from scratch or adding the last few layers to the final model that you’ve just never found the time for. As it turns out I managed to complete quite a few. Let’s take a look at them all.

In the grim darkness of the far future humanity won’t be left entirely undefended as my space marine squad grew to ten men.

Space Marine Convert Or Die (7)

When I posted the squad’s sergeant last week Alex, of Leadballoony fame, suggested that I’d forgotten to drill out the barrel, although in fact I thought I’d forgotten to paint in the lens. This led to an interesting discussion on how plasma weaponry actually works in the 41st Millennium. In the end I’m holding to my theory that the gun ends in a lens but, in the interest of keeping it from getting cracked and chipped, it should be recessed a little way inside the barrel.

Convert Or Die Space Marine (2)Convert Or Die Space Marine (1)

Lest this new strength on the part of the Imperium go to humanity’s collective heads I recruited a few more Ork Nobs as well. As I’ve yet to see the Ork codex (which is fair enough, it’s not even officially released until tomorrow) I don’t know if this is still a full unit or not (it was in Index Xenos) but I’m going to count it for this month anyway. More Nobs will be forthcoming from me at some point, but for now I’m calling this squad done.

Convert Or Die Ork Nob (4)

Meanwhile over in the old world of Warhammer my goblin spearmen unit grew to its full size…

Convert Or Die Wudugast Night Goblins (2)

As did the Archers…

Convert Or Die Wudugast Night Goblins (11)

…whilst the Squigs may not be a full “official” unit (8th Edition Warhammer rules called for at least ten) I’ve painted all the models I own so I’ll be calling it at that for now as well.

Convert Or Die Squigs

The underground arms race between the goblins and the Skaven means it was vital that the ratmen brought in reinforcements to deal with all these extra greenies, so I also completed my squad of rat ogres. When I posted him the other day I forgot to include a group shot of the squad but not to worry, here’s one now!

Covert Or Die Rat Ogres

Add in the various other things I’ve painted this month and it comes to a not insignificant 69 models. Suffice to say I’m rather proud of this progress but fear not, I won’t be resting on my laurels, there’s plenty more to come. Next on the list will be building my House Cawdor Stig-Shambler for Necromunda. The half of him that hits things still needs a little more work before he’s ready to show off but the half that does the thinking has been ready for action for a while, so here’s a little sneak peak of the brains behind the operation.


You’ll have to wait a few more days before the rest of him is finished but, all being well, I’ll crack on with him over the weekend. Watch this space!

31 responses to “October Challenge Round Up

  • imperialrebelork

    Wow mate! 69 is very impressive. You’ve done very well indeed. I like the barrel, lens whatever thing too haha. Great work

    • Wudugast

      Cheers dude! Not sure if I’ve ever painted that much in one month before. Fair enough a lot of it was Night Goblins which are fairly straightforward but I’m pleased all the same 🙂

      • imperialrebelork

        I don’t recall you painting that much in one month but I’ve only been following you since the beginning of 2015. A mighty effort mate. I might start trying to keep track of my own output next year.

  • Pandoras Bitz Box

    That an alarmingly successful haul there. Awesome job man, pretty inspiring stuff. All I managed was a 10 man unit of Rubrics. These minis look fantastic, I wish I had the time to get this much done… And the painting ability to make them look this good 😆

  • Alex

    Great haul mate, and high-5 on that plasma barrel – I’ve never seen one painted that way before, and I love it! Also intragued by the stig-shambler, looks like a really interesting project dude, what’s the score?

    • Wudugast

      Cheers mate – and thanks again for setting me on the path that led to that plasma barrel. Funnily enough I was so pleased with it I tried to repeat the trick with my Goliath gang boss and screwed up a little so he’ll be having a normal drilled out barrel with none of this high-tech malarkey. On reflection though that’s no bad thing, a Space Marine sergeant should have a fancier gun than some Underhive ganger.

      The Stigshambler is the house brute for House Cawdor. Essentially each house in Necromunda will get their own “big guy” and the Cawdor version is something akin to Master-Blaster, a little guy riding around on the shoulders of a big guy. The little one has the brains, the big one has the brute strength, and together they do violence in the name of their house. Because they deviate from the human norm they suffer the stigma of mutation (hence “Stigs”) but of course they’re not different enough to be proper mutants, otherwise they’d be going on the fire! I’ve got all the bits I need to finish them off now so I’m aiming to get them done over the weekend and posted up at the start of next week.

  • Alexis West

    It really is nice to get it all collected in one place like this. So often, it’s easy to lose track of just how much we actually accomplish, and feel like we’re slacking, and these round ups make a nice way of reminding ourselves of how much we’ve done. Excellent productivity for the month!

    • Wudugast

      I know, I really didn’t think I’d done all that much last month (certainly I’d planned to do more, which says it all really). I fall into the trap of having so many things I want to paint or that I’m inspired to create that it’s easy to get down on myself and think “why am I wasting money on this and then not getting it painted!” It’s good to remind ourselves firstly, that this is just for fun and secondly, that we often do a lot more than we realise 😀

  • Thomas

    Geez, that’s a lot of painted minis. Great work, mate!

    • Wudugast

      ” Geez, that’s a lot of painted minis”
      Pretty much exactly what I thought when I counted them up! That and “Am I sure I didn’t miscount somewhere, I can’t possibly have done that many…”

  • Pete S/ SP

    Great work keeping the consistency up over all 69 models.



  • James

    New destruction teaser was a bad moon at blood and glory. Looks like ne night goblins. Well done on the models as well. 69 is loads. I really lkke those primaris marines which just goes to show that they do look better when they’re not blue.

    • Wudugast

      Nah, all marines look good in blue… when they’re the Alpha Legion! 😀

      Yeah, I liked the look of that bad moon trailer – but then I was distracted by Wrath and Rapture, House Delaque and Blackstone Fortress. So much exciting stuff at the moment!

      • Faust

        Yea, that was really exciting. My only lament, was nothing for Blood Bowl. Undead on the way, certainly, but still. I’m mainly super excited about a consolidated rulebook, to make it easier to run games.

      • Wudugast

        Well, if it helps they said on Warhammer TV the other night that they’re still planning to release four Blood Bowl teams per year (one per quarter) for the foreseeable future. Sounds like Necromunda and Blood Bowl are both doing really well at the moment.

      • Faust

        Did they give any hints about next teams?

        Not sure if they will actually have four this year. Only three so far (Chaos Chosen, Dark Elves, and Nurgle), and the year is pretty close to the end.

      • Wudugast

        Afraid they were very tight lipped re the next team (people did ask but it was a firm “no comment”). Reading between the lines I reckon Necromantic Undead are a very long way away yet, for what that’s worth, sounds like development may not even have started yet. They did say they’re planning to do all the current teams eventually however.

        Fourth team for this year will be the Shambling Undead, release date they gave was the 1st of December.

      • Faust

        Oh wow, so they are going to get out Undead before end of year. Very nice! Yea, I had heard Necro weren’t soon. Seems odd, but maybe it’s just because of the team composition with Werewolves and Flesh Golems. They also mentioned last year that they will do all the current teams, and are interested in doing alternate teams like Slannesh, etc. I think that it would be pretty interesting to see some new teams. Though that might backfire with the tournament community.

  • James

    Luckily its christmas lol

  • Faust

    Great work, man. Glad you got the rest of your Rat Ogres showcased. But only 69 models, couldn’t you have pushed for one more, just to make an even 70?! My ‘amazing’ output for the month was 7 minis, haha!

    I also really like the energy lens gun idea. I could see that becoming a thing, and wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people steal your idea.

    • Wudugast

      If I’d known that’s how many I’d painted I would definitely have pushed to do one more (even though all the 69’s round here lately have been making me giggle childishly!)

      Glad you like the energy lens, if that becomes my legacy to the wider hobby I could be proud of that 😀

      • Faust

        I’m guessing that wouldn’t be your only legacy, as I keep hearing “I’m stealing that!”, haha!

      • Wudugast

        Well I steal plenty of ideas from other people, weld them together and fire them back out into the universe to be stolen anew. What goes around comes around and all that. I think of myself as a Deathskull Ork of miniatures converting!

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  • Azazel

    Thanks for compiling all of these together. You really knocked it out of the park last month!

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