Squabblin’ Goblins – Part 8

Back at the end of September I showed a whole load of unpainted night goblin spearmen and archers and swore to have them all finished by the end of this month. As ever at least part of the credit for this rash decision lies with Azazel and the latest of his monthly hobby challenges. This month the goal is to complete a unit (or more than one if one is so inclined) and that’s exactly what I was hoping to do. Let’s take a look at how I got on.

First up there were a few more spearmen needed to round out the ranks of the malevolent little gits.

Night Goblins Wudugast Convert Or Die (1)Night Goblins Wudugast Convert Or Die (2)

Such a rowdy bunch of goblins need a boss to keep them in line, a musician to tell them when to march and when to stab and of course a banner with a suitably impressive moon on it.

Convert Or Die Wudugast Night Goblins (9)Convert Or Die Wudugast Night Goblins (10)

However that still wasn’t enough bodies to complete four whole ranks of the gits so a couple of quirky unit fillers were needed. This poor gobbo has looted so much he can barely stand up…

Convert Or Die Wudugast Night Goblins (4)Convert Or Die Wudugast Night Goblins (5)Convert Or Die Wudugast Night Goblins (7)

And then there’s this clump of friendly looking mushrooms that have sprouted from the floor of the gobbo’s cave…

Convert Or Die Wudugast Night Goblins (6)

And with that the whole 40-ish strong mob is ready to make mayhem!

Convert Or Die Wudugast Night Goblins (1)Convert Or Die Wudugast Night Goblins (2)

On top of that there were a whole heap of archers to paint…

Night Goblins Wudugast Convert Or Die (8)Night Goblins Wudugast Convert Or Die (9)Night Goblins Wudugast Convert Or Die (6)Night Goblins Wudugast Convert Or Die (7)

And they too needed a musician and a banner to round out the squad.

Convert Or Die Wudugast Night Goblins (8)

And with that a second goblin squad is ready to defend their cave from any wandering adventurers…

Convert Or Die Wudugast Night Goblins (11)

Readers who recall my summary of the gobbos at the end of September will remember that I didn’t get the last squig finished in time. Not to worry here he is now.

Night Goblins Wudugast Convert Or Die (3)Night Goblins Wudugast Convert Or Die (4)Night Goblins Wudugast Convert Or Die (5)

Needless to say I’m really proud of the progress I’ve made over the last couple of months. Here’s a reminder here’s how the army looked at the beginning of September…

Night Goblins Convert Or Die (1)

…And at the end of September…

Greenskin Army Sept 2018 Convert Or Die

And here it is now.

Convert Or Die Wudugast Night Goblins (3)

Big thanks once again to for Azazel encouraging me to tackle this heap of unpainted models and turn it into a little army that I’m feeling justifiably proud of. Of course there are still various other little greenskins hanging around and waiting for attention – you’ve not seen the last of these boys yet!

26 responses to “Squabblin’ Goblins – Part 8

  • theimperfectmodeller

    Brilliant mate, a great looking army. What do you plan do do now?

  • imperialrebelork

    Proud you should be mate. An evil yet colourful little group you have there. Well done

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! I always had an image in mind of the whole army gathered together and creating this bright and colourful effect with all the shields, mushrooms etc, but of course I couldn’t be sure it had actually worked until I had everything finished and was able to set it all up together.

  • James

    Nice work. Might start working on ny own goblins. A night goblin was the first model I ever painted and I’ve always loved them. Hopefully they get somemore models soon

    • Wudugast

      Must admit, even though I’ve only started painting Night Goblins recently, I’ve been admiring them for a long, long time. They’re really synonymous with Warhammer for me, and if things had been just a little different they would have been amongst the first models I painted too. Fingers crossed for new models for them, they definitely deserve it 🙂

  • Carlo

    Pride well deserved, I especially like the archer unit – it made me want to paint more goblins, and that’s something! 🙂

    • Wudugast

      After all the greenskins you’ve painted that really is something. Credit where it’s due though, seeing you doggedly working your way through your orcy horde was a big inspiration in getting me to crack on with these 🙂

  • Pete S/ SP

    Great work on those- nice to see the army coming together.



  • Faust

    Love the dusty looking color on those Archer robes. But really, there is so much cool stuff to look through here. Great job on getting that army beefed up.

    Now, I have questions, haha! Several of those make me wonder about in-game effects. Just wondering if you happen to know….

    What’s the little guy carrying the loot about? Was that a custom mini you made? Does he have a purpose in the game?

    Also wondering what the mushrooms do in the game or are they just some sort of scenery?

    Lastly, looking over the army, it looks like there are a lot of different units within. I’m guessing they all function differently, with some different rules?

    I might also have a squig question for you someday, but I think I used up my allotment of questions this month, so maybe later! 😉

    • Wudugast

      There is no upper limit on questions so fire away 😀

      The little guy with the loot is a conversion, he’s an ogre knoblar (a goblin race that co-existed with the ogres in Warhammer) with a Night Goblin head. Neither he nor the mushrooms have any in-game effect, they’re just there to make up the numbers. In old Warhammer it was quite common to have unit fillers like that, quirky things going on or even mini dioramas, that broke up the large blocks of troops. The nature of the game meant you often ended up with huge blocks of infantry which wasn’t always that exciting to paint so people would add “unit fillers” to bulk up units and add some visual interest. Because everything operated as distinct blocks of troops it was always pretty clear what belonged where so people could get away with being a bit more wild and creative.

      The make-up of the army currently is; one unit of goblin spearmen (light infantry), including netters and fanatics, one unit of archers (shooty infantry), one unit of squigs (bitey beasts), four goblin big bosses (heroes) – one of which carries the battle standard, and a shaman (wizard). Beyond a rough idea of how they function in game that’s pretty much all I can categorically say, my grasp of the rules was always a bit rusty!

      Of course, I’m now desperately curious to know what the squig question might be..!

      • Faust

        Thanks, man. Interesting bit on the fillers there.

        I used to be super interested in war-games, but I could never convince anyone else to play. I tried to run my own a few times, I think it was mainly with some TSR (D&D) rules, and it didn’t turn out too well, as I was trying to learn as I go. Still, they are intriguing in their own way, and I’m also curious how different things work in these games. Especially since I’ve played so many RPGs and computer games, that use the same mechanics.

        Nah, if I ask you the Squig question, then I’ll forget the answer before I get around to it. I’ll let you know though. Thanks man!

  • Azazel

    Bloody awesome mate! You’ve done a great job finishing up a heap of stuff this month. More importantly they look great on top of it all. 👍
    Looking forward to seeing those trolls…

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! Yeah, I’m pretty pleased with everything I’ve managed to batter through this month actually, it’s been a surprisingly high output for me 🙂 Think I might even put together a post to summarise it all towards the end of the week.
      The trolls are standing ready for paint, they should add some mass and height to the look of the army, especially if I stick to my “no orcs” rule.

  • Alexis West

    That is a very impressive body of work for just a couple of months! Those painting challenges really do help.

    I like the Spearmen better than the Archers, just because the shields really do add a ton of variety and visual interest to the unit.

    I got to play with the Shadespire Gobbo Warband on Sunday, and they’re a whole lot of fun, if somewhat unreliable. Thought I’d mention it, just, y’know, in case you’re running out of Goblins to paint 😉

    • Wudugast

      😀 I did think about getting the Shadespire gobbos to mix in to these units but in the end I restrained myself. I already have more than enough on the painting desk and other things are demanding my limited hobby funds. They are really nice models though so the temptation hasn’t entirely gone away. Keep hearing good things about Shadespire as a game too, might need to give it a try at some point.

      • Alexis West

        I was just talking about getting into Shadespire, actually, not about mixing them in with these. It’s my favourite game to come along in quite some time, and I heartily recommend it.

  • Alex

    Well done dude, that is an impressive mob! Love the unit fillers too, those ‘shrooms are brilliant 🙂

    • Wudugast

      Cheers mate 😀 Those shrooms are awesome aren’t they? Got them through the Greenskin Wars kickstarter, sadly it looks like they were a limited run. I did try painting them in more natural colours but it wasn’t working and they were just crying out to be a bit more psychedelic!

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  • backtothehammer

    Love that mob, it has come out really nicely. The bold colours are even more prominent when they are together. And +1 for the square bases 😀

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! I don’t usually use such bold colours so it was an experiment but I think it came together nicely in the end. And yeah, square bases will never die! At some stage I’ll do an AoS army but these are Night Goblins and they live in the Old World. Judging by the trailer shown at Blood and Glory last night they will be reinvented fully for AoS soon, it’ll be interesting to see if any new models can be incorporated into this army (on a square base of course!)

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