Green Iz Best – Part 3

Orktober is rolling to a close and its almost time to hang up the greenskins for another year but before it’s gone completely there’s still time for one last update. First off here’s another new nob, bringing the squad up to ten.

Convert Or Die Ork Nob (5)Convert Or Die Ork Nob (7)Convert Or Die Ork Nob (8)Convert Or Die Ork Nob (6)

I also finished rebasing the older models in the squad. As mentioned last time this is for aesthetic reasons and not to exploit some clever gameplay shenanigans, although since last time we discussed this GW themselves have announced that Nobs, and indeed Boys, will now be released on 32mm bases. Now for the Nobs I think this is great news but the sword of ” aesthetic reasons only” cuts both ways, I certainly won’t be rebasing all those boys any time soon!

Convert Or Die Ork Nob (1)Convert Or Die Ork Nob (2)Convert Or Die Ork Nob (3)

That does leave the one with the Waaagh! banner needing to be rebased but as he breaks every time I look at him I’ll leave him alone for now in the interests of efficiency and sort it out next time I’m repairing him anyway.

Convert Or Die Ork Nob (4)

Of course any ork army could always use more boys so I’ve not been idle on that front either. Here’s the latest additions to the mob.

Convert Or Die Orks (8)

Convert Or Die Wudugast Orks (2)Convert Or Die Wudugast Orks (3)

I’ve no idea how many ork boys will make a unit in the new codex but, with 70 of them now painted, there is undoubtedly room for another boss nob. For some reason I always find painting boss nobs a bit of a chore. Aesthetically I’ve no idea why this might be but somehow I always find myself a little less enthusiastic about them than I would a normal ork boy. That said I’m still pleased with the end result. Do you have any models in your own collections which you like the look of but find yourself struggling to muster the enthusiasm to paint?

Convert Or Die Orks (4)Convert Or Die Orks (5)Convert Or Die Orks (9)Convert Or Die Orks (10)Convert Or Die Orks (3)

Here he is posing with his colleagues, the other two boss nobs in the army.

Convert Or Die Wudugast Orks (1)

And given the new recruits a proper bossin’…

Convert Or Die Orks (6)

With it looking unlikely that I’ll get the chance to finish any more orks by the end of the month (but fear not I’ll have plenty of other models to show you over the next couple of days) here’s a roundup of all the models I painted for Orktober. Not masses I’ll admit but solid progress nonetheless and considerably bolstered by that Deff Dread.

Convert Or Die Orks (1)

As I mentioned in a previous post, the orks were the first of the 40k factions to really grab me. I’ve been adding units to it for over a decade so, in celebration of our new buggies and codex (not to mention to round out Orktober in style) here’s the whole army gathered together.

Convert Or Die Orks (7)

For those who count points I’ve no idea how many that comes to, although I’ll probably tot it up at some point just for fun once I’ve seen the new Codex. In the meantime however I need to put the finishing touches on a few other, smaller, greenskins and hopefully by tomorrow I should have a post finished showcasing progress on my goblins. Just don’t tell the Orks about my affiliation to their smaller kin, they might start thinking I’m a weedy git…

31 responses to “Green Iz Best – Part 3

    • Wudugast

      Thank you – there’s something special about seeing a whole army gathered together, especially one like this which I’ve been chipping away at for so many years and which really charts my progress as a hobbyist. My very first 40k model is in there (the one in the red heavy-armour up in the top right corner) and of course my most recent one is there too (the boss nob).

  • Djar

    Great job! Nize detailz you’ve done here. A Norkvember Waaagh can be donde.

  • imperialrebelork

    Excellent all round man. They look grubby yet menacing. Still no repeats on heads? Where are the heads with the eyepatches from? I like the bayonet add on too. I’m actually working on some Mega Knobz as we speak and just added a bayonet to a big shoota thingy (haha I never remember the names). The group shot looks great. A really impressive army. Who knows, maybe my white Albino mob might have an issue with your green skin lot and stoush it out.

    • Wudugast

      Still no repeated heads that I’m aware of. The nob with the eye patch is from the feral orks (Bonesplittas now) and the boy is from the Ironjaws.

      I reckon white vs green would be a battle to behold. Of course, at least one of us would have to learn the rules of 40k (or at least a semblance of them) but given that we live as far apart as is physically possible without colonising space that would be the least of our challenges! Some day though eh – after all, nothing is insurmountable to men of our calibre!

      • imperialrebelork

        You never know mate, you never know. Yeah the rules are something I want to learn but not be bored senseless at the same time haha. I’ve watched so many “how to play videos” but they all speak far too quickly for me. I need someone with the patience of a Buddhist monk to teach me. I watched a battle report last night called Orks Drift. Hehe. It was guard V horde after horde of Orks. I could see us doing a similar thing but just with hundreds of Orks instead hehe. It’d be bloody!

  • Alex

    Great additions mate, that’s a tidy Orktober haul! Ace to see them all together like that 🙂

  • Alexis West

    Good stuff! That first one, the highlights in a couple of the angles make it look almost like he’s got a spike on his eyepatch, which I might need to actually do on an Ork at some point.

    Solid batch of greenskinz done for Orktober, and the whole lot looks very impressive all together at the end there. Nice job maintaining a consistent look across a decade of painting!

    • Wudugast

      Haha! That’s probably the orkyist thing I’ve ever heard of! “Roight yoo gitz, settle down and behave or I’ll stab ya wiv my eye!” Might have to make something like that myself now 😀

      Anyway, cheers, it’s been interesting keeping the look consistent but luckily the ramshackle appearance of the orks has worked in my favour, I think if I’d gone for a more uniform army like the Space Marines or Tau the changes in style might have been more noticeable.

  • Thomas

    Great looking models. The one with the rusted face mask was my favourite one of the batch.

  • Faust

    Wow man, that’s a field of green! I really love some of those minis. I think that might be another reason why I’m not crazy about the metal masks with big jaws, is they lose the expressions that the mask-less minis have. Though in your big army, I can see that there aren’t that many of them, so I guess they add just a nice bit of variety.

    Speaking of the big army, any chance of seeing the helicopter like ones closer up at some point? I don’t know that I’ve ever seen those models.

    Things that I struggle to paint…pulls up a chair, lights a cigar “So, it all began back in….”. 😉
    I’d say the Van Saar gang. They have proved more fiddly to paint than I like. Though after painting straps and belts on Blood Bowl Dwarves last night, I’d say those sorts of parts are generally my least favorite parts to paint. I kind of fell into the ‘just suck it up’ mindset. It’s likely never going to get easier or less mundane to paint them, and I just got to push through to the next areas.

    Speaking of Orcs, there is a good chance they will be next on my paint list. I’ll have to find a good recipe for Orc flesh that I like, as that’s been making me pretty hesitant. Everyone seems to do Orc skin so differently. Which is cool. But also daunting for someone looking to getting them just right. Too bad I wasn’t 2 months ahead on my painting schedule, else I could have had a nice entry for Orktober.

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! Yeah, I like the iron masks on the orks but equally I love their crazy expressions as well, there’s got to be a mix for me. Part of the joy of orks is the way that they have so much character, there’s always something quirky or silly going on. It actually strikes me that the Orc blood bowl team are relatively “straight”, whilst the other teams are a send-up of their WHFB counterparts the orcs are already a pastiche of themselves.

      The deffcopters can be seen here:
      Not my finest work by any means, they got a bit of a touch up back in 2015 but they’re still pretty old models and to be honest I never really enjoyed painting them that much. They were in the Assault on Black Reach 40k starter set and so for a while they were everywhere and painting them myself felt a bit samey, plus they’re not that easy for a beginner (as I was then) to convert so I found them a bit of a slog. I’ve got a few more in the bitzbox so I might try painting some new ones at some stage, once I’ve given myself a few more years to get over my aversion!

      I sympathise on the Van Saar. I feel like I have a scheme for Van Saar that will be easy to paint, but I just keep on putting it off and doing something else instead, which is probably a bad sign!

      Dunno if this will help but my tried and tested recipe for Ork skin is Waaagh! Flesh, then Warboss Green, the Skarsnik Green to highlight. On Goblins I sometimes use Moot Green to mix things up a bit but I normally avoid it with orks, it makes them a bit too bright (GW have indoctrinated me to believe that among orks the darker the skin the tougher the ork, so gobbos should be lighter, black orcs darker and so on). I don’t do much shading on ork skin but I use a little reikland fleshshade, sparingly, on fleshier parts, and sometimes even a little dab of druchii violet, I reckon it helps to make them look more organic.

  • Faust

    What do you mean by “straight”? For a sort of bashy team, they have more variety than other teams. They can have a troll, goblins, etc. There is a lot of variety in the team, and I’ve always wanted to give them a good try someday, because of that. Though when I have lots of choices like that, I’ll usually end up leveling in the worst ways, as I’m just not a very good min/maxer.

    Thanks for the link on the deffcopters. Those are super sweet. I can see how they’d be a major pain to paint though. Too bad, as I think they are pretty cool.

    No worries on the Van Saar. I was starting to get the hang of them, but still slow going. Not too bad if I only tackle about 3 at once. Even then I found on some I would only get 1 color applied on 1-2 minis that night. Still, I’ve been feeling in the painting mood lately, so I hope I can get back to them soon.

    Thanks for the tips on Orc skin! It’s mainly a matter of seeing what looks right to me, and then figuring out how much work it is to do just that. I have a feeling the look I wanted to emulate, probably was the result of some heavy wet-blending or glazing. Two techniques that I would say I’m far from mastering.

    • Alexis West

      I think he just meant that they have essentially the same vibe as a regular Orc army, while the others all have their aesthetic tweaked a bit more.

      The AI is pretty stupid, but I like the computer/tablet version of Blood Bowl because I can get through games whenever I want, which means I can go through a whole cycle from starting a team new to ditching them because the TR is so high that it’s boring in less time than it would normally take to run a single season. Lets me try out lots of different options.

      • Wudugast

        That is precisely what I mean, thank you 🙂 Essentially every other Blood Bowl race is a slightly silly version of it’s WHFB equivalent, whereas the Orcs (and Goblins) are wonderfully silly to begin with!

      • Faust

        Yea, I really wish the AI was better. I haven’t checked it out to see if that improved in the BB2 version, but I kind of doubt it. is a great place to play with human opponents. I got some games in that way, with just a few friends.

      • backtothehammer

        The AI has not improved a great deal in the second game and if you rarely get to play multiplayer then I actually rate the first games single player more due to the campaign where you can win all the cups on the map.

      • Faust

        Thanks for the update on that! I know that the AI likely wouldn’t be super easy to program for that program. But some of the mistakes the AI makes is mind numbingly bad. Also, the get the ball and cage tactic gets boring quick. Not that the tactic isn’t bad, but coaches should know when to do that and when not too.

  • Pete S/ SP

    That is a great collection you have there.



  • backtothehammer

    A fantastic collection. I love they have the uniform beaten up armour. I’d also not seen those ‘coptors before so thanks for the link above.

  • Marouda

    Absolutely Love these! I really like the effect you have given to all the metal and your painting of the musculature turned out great. Love the Deff Dread, his eyes really pop with that yellow.

    • Wudugast

      Thank you very much 😀 I always think that the Deffdred has a very expressive face and I wanted to draw attention to that by really making the eyes pop. Glad you like them all!

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