Squabblin’ Goblins – Part 7

I planned to paint this very old spider-loving goblin shaman for Neglected Model Month but alas he was so neglected I didn’t even manage that. Never mind though at least he’s done now!

Spider Gobbo Convert Or Die (1)Spider Gobbo Convert Or Die (2)Spider Gobbo Convert Or Die (3)

Oh, and for anyone who thinks that an overabundance of skulls is a modern phenomenon amongst GW’s miniatures there are seven of them on this little dude. Indeed his love of both spiders and skulls puts him on a par with most goths I know (which needless to say is a very good thing indeed).

27 responses to “Squabblin’ Goblins – Part 7

  • Carlo

    He loves birds too 😉

  • imperialrebelork

    Haha cute! I like the headdress

    • Wudugast

      Cheers man – he is cute isn’t he? I don’t often get to paint anything cute (apart from Nurglings) – might have to paint Aximilion soon, he’s cute as well 🙂

      • imperialrebelork

        You and your damn knowledge. I had to google the dog to see who the heck you were talking about. I never use the word heck. It felt ok but kind of American.

      • Wudugast

        Yeah, I almost never say “heck” either, it feels like it might lead to a slippery slope to saying “shucks” and ending in the wearing of a Stetson. That said I can see why you’d use it here, you wouldn’t want to swear in front of Aximilion, he’s only a little dog after all.

      • imperialrebelork

        A lot of Aussies here say crikey but I don’t like it. I’m not the bloody crocodile hunter!

      • Alexis West

        I never realized that “heck” was an Americanism. Makes sense, I guess, we’ve always been way too uptight about swearing over here.

  • Alex

    He’s brilliant mate! Such a cool character 🙂

  • Alexis West

    Arguably, there are 8 skulls on there, since the spider symbol atop his staff is also pretty much a skull with legs. Despite the spider theme, he manages to come out very cute indeed! The headdress definitely helps there. A good hat always increases cuteness.

  • Subedai

    I love that sculpt, nice work on him in those natural and subdued colours. Giving me ideas for my Forest Goblins!

  • Thomas

    Ah, ain’t he a cute one

  • Faust

    Nice paints, man! I imagine that mini might make a pretty good Underworld coach in Blood Bowl. Of course, I always say that…do some googling, find a half dozen more that are even better, then finally talk myself out of buying anything!

    Goths are still a thing? Can’t recall the last time I’ve seen someone wearing all black, with the white makeup. Not that I miss that, haha!

    • Wudugast

      Goths are still an (awesome) thing. You may be right that it’s gone out of style a bit, and certainly the heady days when whole armies of them sacked Rome are now long past, but as far as I’m aware they’re still out there making the world better and more exotic by their mere presence.

      You’re right, I could see this guy sitting at the sidelines of a Blood Bowl match. And I know exactly the process you’re describing, ebay consumes a great deal of my time (if not always my money, will power varies greatly from day to day!). On this occasion however he was but a bargain.

      Seen all the rumblings of an undead team soon? I need to get caught up with Blood Bowl soon I reckon.

      • Faust

        Ah, maybe we aren’t talking about the same sort of “Goths”? I’m thinking of the fad around the late 80s/90s. Most of the ones I knew, were a whiny lot, always going on about Gaiman’s Sandman comic. Though certain individuals can always make a subculture look particularly bad. I loved Alternative music (still do mostly), but never ran around in plaid and smoked weed all day.

        Yea, that Undead team is probably one of my faves yet. I have pretty fond memories of the team I was running in our tourney, so a fair bit of nostalgia as well.

      • Wudugast

        Aye, we’re talking about the same goths 😀 Can’t say I’d go out dressed like they do (any more) but fair play to them for doing what they do with such style! And speaking of looking stylish that Undead Blood Bowl team is just lovely. I had high hopes that it would be Delaque that was revealed at SPIEL but given that we should be seeing them very soon anyway I’m content to wait a little longer, especially when instead we get a BB team as nice as that. Hopefully it’ll be fairly easy to individualise them, it looks like the mummies at least have two different heads, hopefully they’ve managed to squeeze something similar onto the sprue for the rest of them.

      • Faust

        Haha, okay, wasn’t sure if we were talking the same group. And I certainly had my weirdo styles of dress growing up, so each to their own.

        I have a feeling not much variation, as they are squeezing both Skeleton and Zombie linemen on the team. Undead is unique in that they can have either, but most teams only have one type of Lineman. A Forgeworld pack of 1 Mummy, 1 Wight, and 2 Ghouls will setup the team nicely. I wouldn’t mind seeing some more variety of Zombies, as most coaches use them for the bulk of their line. These are all minor complaints though, as the team looks really great.

        Yea, I want to see Delaque soon too. Unless something majorly good comes out after them, I’ll probably curb my Necro spending a bit with the release of that team. Which might give me more time to get caught up on painting.

      • Azazel

        Great job on this old Kev Adams classic. I have only a few Forest Goblins, but now you’re making me think I should do them when I finish the current crop of started-greenskins. A worthy addition to Orktober, nonetheless!
        Funny thing how people grow out of “youth” subcultures for the most part. That girl in the pic has done well on her gear, but she’s clearly not a real goth. Look at the background!
        Bloody cosplayers!

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