Green Iz Best – Part 1

You’d be if you’d be excused for thinking that I’d be a little tired of painting greenskins at this point given the number of goblins that have been across a painting desk lately. You’d be wrong…

This is Orktober which means it’s time to sort out some reinforcements for the boys. The Orks were very much my first love amongst the 40k factions yet in recent times I’ve not given them much in the way of attention at all. What better time to do something about that than right now? There are a bunch of Ork boys, plus various other orky models, waiting for attention  (although how many I actually manage this month with their smaller greenskinned brethren also demanding my time waits to be seen). The first two are done however which brings my long-term goal of one hundred of the green gitz just a tiny fraction closer.

Orks Convert Or Die (2)Orks Convert Or Die (3)

In an army such as this one which I’ve had for a very long time there will inevitably be some paint jobs which no longer look their best, or which hark back to a time when my painting skills were less than they are now so whilst I was about it I ended up grabbing a few of the older boys off the display shelf. All of them were models which, for one reason or another, I was no longer as happy with as I had been when I first finished them. Time to give them a little more attention – with their funny, sloppy paintjobs the newer boys must have been laughing at them. I didn’t go too mad on them, just enough that I no longer cringe when I see them.

Orks Convert Or Die (1)Orks Convert Or Die (4)Orks Convert Or Die (5)

Now I can’t deny that they still look pretty terrible next to the newer boys, but alas doing anything significant about that would probably entail a full repaint and I don’t have the energy or enthusiasm for that right now. Hopefully I will however be able to tap into the rising tide of orkyness being promoted by GW at the moment to get a few more green hooligans painted over the next little while.

18 responses to “Green Iz Best – Part 1

  • Alexis West

    2% closer is still closer! Also, while they’re not quite in the same category as Chaos Cultists and Gobbos, Ork Boyz are still one of those Units that you’re going to have enough of that a few being painted to a lower standard won’t really stand out. Especially if you pull those ones as the first casualties 😉

    • Wudugast

      Aye, that’s true enough! Especially as I have a plan to end up with at least 100 of them. Poor older boys though, first they have comparatively duff paint jobs now they’re being shoved headfirst into the enemy’s guns so the mob ends up looking better. It’s a tough life being an Ork eh?

  • Alex

    Looking good mate – even the older ones! They’ll fit right in once massed together 🙂

  • Azazel

    Nice work here – and ain’t nothing wrong with a bit of paint renovation, either!

  • imperialrebelork

    I like the old and the new mate. Great work. Will you be dipping into your money bag for the new Speed Freeks gear? I am losing my patience waiting for the pre-orders hehe

  • Faust

    Very nice looking. My favorite is the armored up one at the end, partially cuz I always like the look you give your metals.

    Totally unrelated question, but is there some relation between Orcs and Gobbos in the lore?

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! The trick is in the washes 🙂

      In the Warhammer lore (and roughly equivalent in 40k) orcs and goblins are related species. Orcs are bigger, stronger and more aggressive. Goblins are physically weaker (which always places them at a disadvantage, in greenskin society might always makes right) and quite cowardly but they balance the scales by being sneaky and cunning (whereas an orc generally doesn’t like to bother with too much ‘finkin’, even if he can actually manage it, it’s not really seen as proper behaviour when he could be solving every problem with his fists). Essentially an orc will stab you in the front, a gobbo will stab you in the back!

      • Faust

        Thanks for the background! I liked the recent Warhammer blog post about the Orc’s History, and how they basically just started it, because they didn’t really think about it or couldn’t be bothered with it. Funny stuff.

        Washes. My recent bane. Agrax has been drying glossy and sticky too much lately. I mix it with Flowaid mainly, but it has dried flat in the past just fine. Either my batch is going south or maybe a temperature change has been a bad variable. Guess I’ll be testing out Army Painter when I can get started on a new project.

      • Wudugast

        Yeah, I have that happen from time to time, I’m not an expert but I think it’s something to do with the temperature and the speed at which it’s drying. Hot summer days just seem to result in a glossy finish, to the point where I don’t use it unless the weather is a bit cooler.

        I really enjoy the background of the Orks, their whole kulture is so self-confident, self-fulfilling and yet comically anarchic, I’d argue it’s the best stuff GW has ever written. Fingers crossed they keep that up with the new codex.

      • Faust

        I would have blamed the temp right away, but it’s been cooler in these parts, and our furnace wasn’t even working for a few days, so even colder still. Hard for me to pinpoint exactly what’s going wrong.

        I also shake the bottle up for a good 30 seconds, then stir it together with the Flowaid on a wet palette. But obviously something is going awry. Hopefully I fare better with some Army Painter wash.

      • Wudugast

        Hmmm… Not mixing it enough is another cause but you’ve been doing that. Some people say it can be fixed by varnishing the model but obviously they’re filthy heathens who spray later models with varnish so shouldn’t be trusted on principal! Will be interested to hear how you get on with the Army Painter wash. 🙂

      • Faust

        Yea, I was curious if Dullcote will have any effect on taming down the gloss. That’s part of the (dirty heathen) plan, assuming I get these finished.

        I think Alexis and Azazel have both mentioned using the Army Painter washes, so it’s worth a shot.

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