Rodents Of Unusual Size – August

Another month has been and gone so it’s time to take a look at the latest progress on my Skaven army. First up a hulking brute sewn together in the labs of Clan Moulder; it’s another rat ogre. Having already got two ugly old rat ogres painted previously this time I tackled one of the far better looking beasts from the Island of Blood boxset.

Rat Ogre Convert Or Die Warhammer (4)Rat Ogre Convert Or Die Warhammer (5)Rat Ogre Convert Or Die Warhammer (1)Rat Ogre Convert Or Die Warhammer (2)Rat Ogre Convert Or Die Warhammer (3)

The two ugly old rats are joined by their rather more handsome new brother.

Rat Ogre Convert Or Die Warhammer (6)

Alongside the big bruiser I also started work on the third squad of clanrats, adding a second squad of spearmen to the army. Here’s the first of the newcomers.

Skaven Convert Or Die Wudugast (1)Skaven Convert Or Die Wudugast (2)Skaven Convert Or Die Wudugast (8)

I might even have got a few more painted but I took a little more time instead to work on the unit’s banner. Having painted it as a sub-assembly I realised at the last moment that I didn’t have a rat to go with it and galloped through painting this scabrous rodent in time to include the finished article in this post.

Skaven Convert Or Die Wudugast (4)

Inspired by the banners in Andy Chamber’s famous Skaven army (you know the one, White Dwarf 137 if you don’t) I thought about writing “Gaze Into The Eye Of The Warp And Despair” on the banner but bottled out in the end and stuck with just the rune of the Grey Seers, plus various Skaven squiggles.

Skaven Convert Or Die Wudugast (3)Skaven Convert Or Die Wudugast (5)

Finally, in spite of all my grousing about plague monks and swearing that I would never paint another I’ve done exactly that. That said these are a little nicer than their brothers in the rank and file. I know I’m becoming something of a stuck record on the subject but we can only dream that someday GW get around to releasing a kit for the normal monks of similar quality.

Skaven Convert Or Die Wudugast (6)Skaven Convert Or Die Wudugast (7)

Naturally these monks are not intended to stand alone but will be part of something much bigger. That, however, will have to wait but I’ll see what I can manage by this time next month.

12 responses to “Rodents Of Unusual Size – August

  • Leif “Laffe” Eriksson

    Awesome progress.
    Have you got the Shadespire Skaven warband? They are very dynamic and characterful models and a joy to point. They lured me into thinking that more skavens would be nice and despite your warnings I splurged on a Start Collecting Clan pestilens early summer, so I do recognize those monks. Look forward to see what you do with the kit.
    The plague monks are as you say, quite drab. I envision a very quick spray – drybrush – dip process when I get around to them myself. By contrast the Shadespire skavens are pure works of art.

    • Wudugast


      I haven’t got the Shadespire Skaven yet but I’d like to, they’re all such nice models and they’d add a little extra character to the units. Plus the leader of the group would make for a cracking warlord. Some of the Shadespire warbands weren’t anything special but in the main they’re fantastic, I’m really looking forward to seeing what we get with Nightvault.

  • backtothehammer

    I love all the Skaven warmachine models but agree that the RnF are not great at all and it’s the main reason I never fancied getting that army. That said, I love your paint jobs on these as it actually makes them look appealing (the banner is quality) and makes me think ‘perhaps I should get them’.

    • Wudugast

      Yeah, I love the clanrats, although I wish they were a little more convertible, but the rest of the infantry is pretty rough. I’m still dreaming of a future Skaven release that refreshes the old clans. Even though I imagine my rats as firmly rooted in the Old World I’m hopeful that anything they make for the Skaven in AoS will fit in with the army, and of course I’d love to see some new units and fresh ideas. However what I really want is to see old models like the gutter runners and so on replaced.

      Glad you like the banner, I still find them a bit of a challenge to paint but I’m really starting to enjoy them as well 🙂

  • Alexis West

    I’m not sure I could call that Rat Ogre “less ugly” than the others. It’s just more intentionally ugly 😉 Nice job painting it up, tho. Looks like a real brawler.

    Clanrats are pretty much just Clanrats, yeah. The standard is pretty cool, tho. I particularly like the little rat perching on top of it.

    I’m definitely interested in finding out what those Plague Monks at the bottom are doing!

    • Wudugast

      Nah, that ogre is a handsome young man! 😀

      Must admit I’m super happy with the little rat sitting on the banner, I thought he’d be a real chore to paint but I think he’s come out rather well.

      Those plague monks are definitely up to something aren’t they? Hopefully all will be revealed next month 😀

  • Alex

    Great additions mate, loving the retro banner! What’s on the other end of the chain that the plague monks are hanging off??

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! Well, the plague monks aren’t part of a conversion, the model will be pretty much as the designers intended if that helps shed any light. I’ve also picked up some of the new Nighthaunt paint to finish the model off, so whatever’s on the other end of that chain it’s going to be a lurid green 😉

  • Azazel

    Very cool. I do like those Rat Ogres much more than the multiparts and you’ve done very nicely on this guy. Looks like there’s a Plague Furnace in the near future, perhaps?

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! I did think of trying to finish off the other rat ogre from Island of Blood this month as well but it didn’t come together in the end. Soon though.
      Yup, the Plague Furnace is in progress, hopefully I’ll get it done by the end of September 🙂

  • heresyofus

    Loving that yellow mate. You are on fire with your painting at the moment. Keep it up dude.

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