The Cult of Ruin – Part 2

Magic is worming its way into the world of Necromunda. First the genestealer cults, then the chaos cults, and now Gang War 4 are all bringing psykers of various descriptions into the Underhive. At first I wasn’t sure that this was a good thing. After all psykers are rare and powerful individuals, deserving of their place in mighty armies or the personal retinues of equally influential persons like Inquisitors, and shouldn’t be running around with the gangs of the Underhive. A child on Necromunda found to have such powers would be quickly sold uphive and bundled onto a black ship or sent to be trained as a sanctioned psyker. In time they would use their skills to fight for whole worlds, not to stake a claim on a short section of ill-lit corridor.

However the more I thought about it the more compelling the counter-argument became, namely; wizards are awesome. Regardless of what job you do and how much you may or may not enjoy it, you’d really rather be a wizard. Wizards make everything better.

Plus, there are a lot of people on Necromunda. At least some of them will be unsanctioned psykers so inevitably some will be sanctioned psykers sent to deal with them before they make merry mayhem and let daemons into the world. This lady falls firmly into the first category.

Thanks to their unhealthy relationship with the Warp, the chaos cults get access to low level psykers in the form of witches. These individuals have enough power to fear the black ships but not enough to have value to the Imperium and are thus easily won over by gangs of disaffected cultists. Through foul rituals and blood sacrifices they bolster their power with warp-energy borrowed from the Dark Gods, power that I’m hoping will give my band of malcontents an edge when it comes to overthrowing the houses and guilds.

Necromunda Witch Convert Or Die (1)Necromunda Witch Convert Or Die (2)

The aim with the model is to emphasise the power that comes through blood sacrifices and dark magic rather than the brute authority shown by Skaverghast the demagogue. He may lead the battles but she organises the rituals and communes with the gods. Whilst he thinks in terms of territory to be seized and materials to be gathered she guides them on their spiritual path, a path that will see reality torn open and daemons walking through the ruins of habs and manufactories alike.

20 responses to “The Cult of Ruin – Part 2

  • theimperfectmodeller

    Nice figure. Interestingly my wife and I have similar roles!

  • Alexis West

    Also on the argument in favour of their inclusion, Psykers are becoming more and more common, and the crews of the Black Ships are overworked. More and more slip through the cracks every day. It only makes sense that the ones who do escape make their way to the Underhive. And once there, for many of them, their powers will soon draw attention for their use as weapons, and/or they will need to join Gangs for their own defense.

    A variant on the argument GW uses for allowing Special Characters all over the place applies as well. Our games are intended to represent the more high-stakes and exciting events here, and Special Characters and Psykers are likely to be involved in those events at a much higher rate than their appearance in the general population.

    She certainly looks appropriately Warp-crazed for a Cult’s spiritual/psychic leader!

    • Wudugast

      Both excellent points. Ultimately, I want to have the odd psyker pop up in games so where’s the harm? Dunno why I didn’t like it at first really, hence in part why I wanted to draw attention to it, in case anyone else was feeling the same way and might also find themselves feeling more enthusiastic about it after giving it a bit more consideration 🙂

  • plessiez

    Great looking figure. I assume the head is from one of the new AoS elves? I haven’t followed that range very closely but that’s a really good choice for a witch.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers 🙂 That’s right, it’s from the Melusai (the half-snake women). I spotted it on one of the bits sites and thought it would be perfect for a witch and then the whole model grew from there.

  • Alex

    Nice work dude – she’s looking superb already!

  • James

    What parts is this model made out of. Its brilliant.

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! Let’s see, the core body is from the Sisters of Silence, then the bunch of hearts tied at her waist, the arm with the heart in it and the masked head are from the Melusai and the arm with the hooked blade is from the Khinerai (both Daughters of Khaine).

      • James

        Thank you. Ive seen this body quite a few times and never figured out what it was. I’ll definately be picking up some sisters of silence!

  • Ann

    “Wizards make everything better.” Truer words were never spoken!

  • heresyofus

    Cult of ruin is a wonderful name. She’s looking pretty mean mate. Wizards are cool and definitely make all things better even the psychopathic ones are awesome, which I’m guessing she is. 😈😀

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! The Cult of Ruin is a reference to my old chaos space marines, the Beasts of Ruin. Yeah, she’s definitely from the megalomaniacal school of wizardry, rather than the Dumbledore/Gandalf school 😉

  • savageddt

    If you’re name is Dan Abnett, then psykers are going to be rare, yet manage to find their way into most of your books…

    • Wudugast

      I think Alexis nailed it really, psykers may be rare but they’re memorable, they’re where the action happens, and on a planet with a population in the billions there’s still going to be quite a few of them around. The day that half the crew got blown to smithereens by a telekinetic maniac is one that all the (surviving!) gangers will remember for the rest of their lives. These are key moments in the adventures of my crew and so I want to be around for it and see what happens first hand.

      Plus I’m happy enough to have the likes of Grendl Grendlsen, Eyros Slagmyst or Slate Merdena hanging out with my gangers and whilst there may only be a few thousand psykers on the whole planet there’s only one each of them in the entire galaxy! 🙂

  • Azazel

    Great work here. Looks to me like A Wizard Did It!

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