The Cult of Ruin – Part 1

Given my love of all things Chaos it’s actually a little bit surprising that it’s taken me this long to get started on a band of unruly gangers to bring the worship of the Ruinous Powers to the depths of the Necromundan Underhive. Never mind eh brothers and sisters, now is the time to throw off the shackles imposed upon us by the great houses, etc, distant, uncaring Emperor, etc etc, reject the rule of Terra and so on and so forth.

Now some of you may be thinking “steady on, how many gangs is he starting?” but the nice thing about chaos, for me at least, is that I already have most of the models ready to go. Having poured over the chaos gang rules in White Dwarf I’ve pulled together this disreputable mob which makes up most, if not quite all, of the gangers I’ll need.

Chaos Core Gang

There’s still a couple of gaps to fill but those places will be taken by models I’ve been meaning to get around to painting anyway so this should serve to encourage me. Of course I can’t seem to let any opportunity to make new models pass me by, especially when those models are beastmen, so I ended up assembling this pair as well. The one on the left will be squeezing his way into the gang itself, whilst the one on the right will be joining the Brayhorn Boys (an all beastmen gang mentioned in White Dwarf that I haven’t been able to resist planning).

Beastmen Necromunda Convert Or Die

When it came to choosing a leader for the gang I was already spoilt for options, and indeed any one of these five could have done the business.

Chaos Champions

However a new gang needs a new boss, and really it wouldn’t have been right not to come up with someone unique to lead the helots into the clutches of the Dark Gods. Enter Skaverghast the Pit Dweller, hated demagogue and enemy of the Imperium.

Skaverghast Convert Or Die Necromunda Chaos (1)Skaverghast Convert Or Die Necromunda Chaos (2)Skaverghast Convert Or Die Necromunda Chaos (3)

This leaves me with just two more models to build for the gang, a witch and a spawn, both of which should hopefully emerge soonish.

21 responses to “The Cult of Ruin – Part 1

  • Azazel

    Very sexy. Which White Dwarf were the Chaos Gang rules in again?

  • imperialrebelork

    Ooohhh yeah I like the boss man. He’s big and mean enough to be the boss of any crazy chaotic cultists. The Beastmen are cool too mate.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers dude. Yeah, the boss had to look like he could take charge. Chaos cultists respect strength and ready violence so he had to look mean enough to keep all those scheming malcontents in line. 🙂

  • Pete S/ SP

    Great work on those. I like the cultist models you feature but they seem to be unavailable from GW as they came in one of the boxewd starter sets sadly….



    • Alexis West

      The availability situation of Chaos Cultists right now is really awful. I very much hope GW at some point gets around to making a proper multi-pose kit for them, ideally with the same sort of spread of options that Stealer Cult Neophytes have.

      • Wudugast

        Absolutely, if the whole Sisters of Battle situation should have taught them anything it’s that whilst new kits and ranges are very exciting, updating the gaps in their existing ranges really ought to be more of a priority.
        Even back when Dark Vengeance was available a multipart cultist kit would have been a godsend – think of all that could be done with a kit similar to that available for the genestealer cultists, rather than every chaos cult in the galaxy being made up of the same handful of blokes.

      • Pete S/ SP

        I guess it is because they did sprues just for the box set release that couldn’t be easily split up afterwards.

        Looking in my mates starter box of the more recent for 40K had pox walker sculpts mixed in with plague marines.



      • Wudugast

        Yeah, in the starter boxes everything is generally mixed together. I don’t mind if it gives us a bunch of unique models at a bargain price but it would be nice to get proper kits or everything afterwards.

      • Azazel

        They seem to have recently learned that lesson with the newest starter boxes, where the two opposing forces are on their own seperate sprues, ripe for easy reboxing later.

  • Faust

    Nice work Wudugast! Congrats on getting your Chaos Cultist gang mostly together. That’s going to be quite the gang.

    “Skaverghast” is pretty exciting. He looks like your sort of Mad-Maxian villain. I think he could use some spikes. This from the guy who thinks he needs to trim some spikes off his BB minis! Will be really interesting to see how he looks painted up.

    • Wudugast

      Taking the spikes off BB models?! Then how will opposing players know when they’ve been tackled? 😀 Good shout re adding some to Skaverghast, I don’t want to deviate too far from his very heavyset profile but something a bit more jaggy wouldn’t hurt (well it would but you get my drift).

      Interesting that you mention Mad Max. One of the main influences on him was a character from a genestealer cults short story called Cast a Hungry Shadow (well worth a read by the way). The main villain is a chaos cultist who leads a gang of wasteland survivalist bikers. The whole thing has quite a post-apocalyptic vibe to it and I wanted to capture some of that character in Skaverghast whilst placing him in a more urban setting.

  • Alexis West

    Looking nice! I can also field basically whatever I might want Cultist-wise, but have been working on doing some up more nicely, specifically for (at first) Shadow War, and then Necromunda, and now Kill Team as well. I figure I should put a bit more time in if I’m only going to be running a dozen or so instead of 40-60.

    Good work on the Beastmen. It can be really awkward trying to get those guys to look right while using guns, but you’ve nailed it there. The new leader is nicely imposing as well. Good use of the Ruststalker Chordclaw. I can’t really get a good look at his gun in these pics, tho. Is it just an odd make of Bolter, or is it a Combi-Weapon?

    • Wudugast

      Yeah, that’s very much the appeal of Killteam for me actually, I can put in a bit of time and really craft a little group of characters and dig into races that I’d previously dismissed.

      I do enjoy making 40k beastmen, someday I’ll put a whole band of them together. Getting guns to fit right isn’t always easy though it’s true. I think I’ll come back to these cultists later and add a few more with unique models, perhaps finally getting my Tzeentchian band finished off.

      I’m in a bit of an odd situation with the chordclaw actually, I keep looking at it and wondering why I don’t take it off and turn it the other way up which, when I hold the model in my hand, I feel would look more threatening (not sure it comes across that way in the photos mind). However I also have a feeling that I tried this before I glued it down and it didn’t look good at all, I just can’t say for certain if this actually happened or if I just think it did.

      The gun is a shotgun he’s nicked off the Goliaths. 🙂

      • Alexis West

        I’m trying to sort of mentally flip it, and I feel like the angle wouldn’t work out as well the other way around. His arm isn’t held right for him to have his hand that way around without it just looking awkward rather than threatening, I think.

        That would explain why I didn’t recognize the gun. I’ve paid very little attention to the Goliaths and their options 😉

      • Wudugast

        Regarding the Chordclaw I think you’re right. I’ll leave it alone 🙂

        What is it puts you off the Goliaths then? I found at first glance their background seemed a little one dimensional but they’ve grown on me, I think the narrative hooks to keep me interested are in there, it just takes a little more work to dig them out than it does with the other houses.

      • Alexis West

        I don’t specifically dislike them, I just don’t really care about them one way or another. I don’t have the time and energy to get into every Faction of everything GW does, and when it comes to Necromunda, I’ve got enough going on with Orlocks, Eschers, Chaos Culties, Stealer Culties, and all kinds of random stuff for Venator bands (and Delaques by the end of the year, I think) that I don’t really feel any particular need to scrape up time to work on something that doesn’t grab me right off the bat. I don’t actually care that much about the Van Saar or Cawdor, either, but the Van Saar had some cool innovations like the energy shields, and the Cawdors will make great Chaos Culties, so I’ve paid somewhat more attention to them.

      • Wudugast

        Good answer 🙂 I must admit I don’t usually (in spite of appearances) get drawn into things to the extent that I have Necromunda. Part of the reason I asked was because with them being in the main box they’re a little bit harder to avoid than most of the other gangs. Personally I like the boxset but I’ve often wondered why they don’t just release the rulebook and tiles separately for anyone who doesn’t like Goliath, Escher or both.

  • Alex

    Awesome work mate – worthy servants of the ruinous powers!

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