The Irondogs – Part 4

Slightly delayed as all my attention was focused on hurrying to get the warplighting canon finished by the end of the month but the next two Goliath gangers are ready for action.

First up is the unflappable, gun-toting Fender.

Goliath Necromunda Convert Or Die (1)Goliath Necromunda Convert Or Die (2)Goliath Necromunda Convert Or Die (3)Goliath Necromunda Convert Or Die (4)

Alongside him we have his close-combat focused vat-brother Rukk.

Goliath Necromunda Convert Or Die (6)Goliath Necromunda Convert Or Die (8)Goliath Necromunda Convert Or Die (7)

The gang still only stands at four members but with the arrival of the brothers it is at least starting to look like a little crew. Hopefully I’ll get some more finished soon, although I’m also itching to get started on the Eschers, as well as having plans of a rather more chaotic nature waiting to be revealed shortly.

Goliath Necromunda Convert Or Die (5)

As if that wasn’t enough to be going on with, with Cawdor just around the corner I dug around in the bits box until I found the first recruit for my gang of rubbish-sifting zealots; Boneripper the bomb rat.


Of course now this means I’ll have to get my partner’s Eschers a cat to chase him. The cycle never ends!

28 responses to “The Irondogs – Part 4

  • theimperfectmodeller

    Very nice indeed! If the cycle ended we wouldn’t get to salivate over what each of us does, so crack on and get some more done!

  • LeVermenarque

    Nice take on the Goliath! Really like the “grimdark” feel you instill in them. I am late on my own Goliaths, but hope to get them done….before the end of the month.

  • Miniature Minded

    These guys look fantastic! Definitely hit the grimdark feel compared to the more bright coloured versions that GW painted.

    • Wudugast

      Thanks! Yeah, the citadel style is very much more about making their models pop out on the table top or in displays, whereas I want to capture some of the grubby realism of the Underhive.

      • Miniature Minded

        Yeah you are right there, although I do like the bright colour for necromunda too, feels like something you would see in a sci-fi punk future like altered carbon or something.

  • imperialrebelork

    Great paint work on them mate. They’re vibrant without being too colourful. I also like the position of Fender on the base. That little rat is ace. I can’t bloody wait for Cawdor. I still haven’t picked up a box of Van Saar yet so might order a box of each. Or maybe two boxes of Cawdor and one of Van Saar. Sorry, just thinking out loud… beans on toast yeah that’s what I’ll have for dinner. Bloody hell its raining hard tonight…. and so on and so on……

    • Wudugast

      See that’s power of the internet at work! How else would I have known it was raining round your way tonight? You going to mix a little curry powder in with those beans? Maybe grate some cheese on them? I just had an omelette and bloody good it was too! Think its going to rain here later too.

      Anyway… Yeah, I can’t wait for Cawdor. Think I might pick up some of the new ghosts alongside them, even though that seems a little decadent when I’ve still got loads of other projects on the go. I like the idea of having lots of bodies in my Cawdor gang so I did wonder about getting a second box but I think I’ll start with one and see how it goes.

      • imperialrebelork

        I love cheese Beano’s

        I never seem to have enough legs in my bits boxes. Lots and lots of heads and arms and legs but not many legs and torsos are second on that list.

      • Wudugast

        Two reasons for that I reckon. For one you always get loads of spare heads in kits. You never see them advertising “16 optional legs” on a box. Secondly heads and weapons are cool and inspiring. A whole new model can grow in your mind’s eye from just seeing a head or weapon so you keep it safe in the bits box. I don’t think I’ve ever come up with a conversion based on a cool leg I found.
        For me it’s bases. No matter how many of the damn things I buy I never seem to have enough bases, and a model can really stall waiting for me to pick up some more.

      • imperialrebelork

        That’s funny because I seem to have tons of bases. The only legs I’ve been inspired by are the ones in the Greatswords kits. I bloody love ruffled pants haha. I have about a gazillion stock standard Cadian heads

      • Faust

        I haven’t ordered the Cawdor yet, as I placed two orders last month, which kind of puts me over the limit (not more than 1 a month). I’ve also been stalling on that Van Saar, and I really want to force myself to paint that team and start playing before I buy more new stuff.

        I really do want those Cawdor though, and your comment about buying two boxes is making me wonder now. It seems the other gangs are playable at 6 minis, and maybe 10 is decent for backups. But Cawdor are like Starcraft Zerg or something? Wondering what a decent number of minis is for their gang. The scenarios tend to dictate how many minis you can have on the field, right? Maybe I should read through those and see.

      • Wudugast

        Yeah, it’s good to have a budget for these things, I try to avoid going too mad as well. The nice thing about knowing roughly when Necromunda releases will appear is that we can plan in advance, I set a little money aside for Cawdor and Gang War 4.

        I’m not actually sure how many Cawdor gangers I’ll go for, I’ll wait until I’ve seen the rules properly. In an interview Andy Hoare said that they’re the most numerous house and that you can reflect that in your gang if you choose to. I also just like making gangers though, I’ve got a tendency to make more than I actually need just because they’re such cool little characters. That way I can adapt the gang to the scenario. The kit should be good for equipping scavies and hive scum as well.

      • Faust

        Thanks for the info. Good point on the kit being good for other stuff.

        I just mainly like to know how many of what type of mini I’ll need beforehand. I did the same with Blood Bowl, got teams and Star Players all listed in a spreadsheet, and jotted down which 3rd party minis I would want to use, how many of each I’ll need, etc. No doubt that you can always reuse other stuff later, but my main purpose is still to make cool minis for games. Whereas a number of people just like to make cool minis.

  • Pete S/ SP

    Great work- love the colour pallette that you used.



  • Azazel

    Yeah, the muted scheme works well for a more “realistic” look to these guys.

  • Faust

    Lovely, lovely work, man! I can’t help comparing these to the ones I did, because I now know those models pretty well. I like your flesh tones way better than what I came up with. It’s also very interesting to see the difference in paint schemes. I like your muted tones, but at the same time kind of like the SciFi paint scheme I followed. I guess on my end, that will end up contrasting well with some more muted scenery (maybe, someday?). Painting muted colors is a bit of a challenge for me right now though.

    Great job on your paints overall, but what I really have to commend you on is the changes you made to the models. So you put together “wonky arm”, but you swapped out the gun on the left arm with a second melee weapon, and gave him the ‘psycho’ head. Another head swap on the second model and you tilted the rifle up into a firing away/recoil pose.

    Your version of “wonky arm” is basically the same as mine, before I covered his messed up shoulder with a shoulder pad (, but you managed to make it work through the flesh shading. I had highlighted the arm before attaching to the model, which I see was a mistake. But more importantly, your head and arm swaps, resulted in a more natural pose. Leading with his left shoulder, counter balanced by his right leg pumping forward. Then the head tilted to the left. It’s the same sort of pose I’ve seen in running pics. The head swap works particularly well, as you know you have to be a bit psycho to bring melee weapons to a a gun fight.

    On mini #2, you got the cigar chomping, firing rounds, *BOOM BOOM BOOM, BOOM* look of a soldier in an action movie. I’d be pretty tempted to make that guy the leader or at least a champion.

    Looking at the poses that GW put together, it looks like there is a lot more ‘standing around looking fierce’ than actual ‘doing stuff’. It’s pretty amazing how some ‘little’ changes can really make the mini that much better. You got some mad skills! 😀

    • Wudugast

      First off, thanks for all the compliments – it’s very gratifying! 😀

      I think Necromunda works really well in both the muted, grubby style I favour or in a brighter, almost comic-book style. I really like the way you’ve painted your Goliaths and I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of your gangs as they emerge.

      As for old wonky-arm, I’m really pleased with how well it worked here, I’ve got a second model using that arm on the desk right now and its proving much harder to make it behave (indeed I might end up cheating and using a different arm…).

      I very much had an action movie hero in mind when I made Fender, hence going for the head with the cigar chomped in his mouth for extra cool points! He’s not going to be the leader or a champion though, just a bad dude with an attitude. If you want to see the champions they’re both lurking in this picture, as for the gang leader – you’ll just have to wait 😉

  • Faust

    Oh man, so you’re still holding out on the leader?! Mind blown! 😀

    Yea, Fender definitely gives off the bad dude with an attitude vibe. Nice head for the guy on the right. Suits his weapon pretty nicely.

    • Wudugast

      Well, don’t get too excited about the boss, he’s nothing radical in terms of conversion. He’s based pretty closely on the leader from the studio gang with one tweak; he’s got the head of the Khorne dude with the whip from the previous AoS starter set which I think gives him a mean, gladiatorial look 😀

  • Alex

    Beautifully done mate, nice job

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