Take Cover! – Part 1

To my mind any game needs scenery, a landscape to capture the rusting darkness of the underhive, the magically infused Mortal Realms or the war torn 41st Millennium.

Remember that great Black Library novel where the heroic and square-jawed space marines storm across the kitchen table to defeat the tyranid menace lurking behind the heap of books and beer cans? Funnily enough, neither do I. Now I know the role-players out there are shaking their heads (justifiably) at the implied lack of imagination here, and I’ll also admit that back in my university days we played some damn exciting games with books for hills and beer bottles for towers, but given a choice between that and the rich reality of the worlds in which our games are set it’s really no contest.

Because I haven’t played much for the last decade or so my terrain collection is next to nonexistent (and the fort made of cardboard and yogurt pots that I was once so proud of has long since gone into the bin – and yes, it was as bad as you’re imagining). However, now I’m gathering a band of ruffians to explore the Underhive I need to make sure there’s an Underhive to go exploring in. So far I’ve mostly concentrated on painting up the barricades from the Necromunda boxset but expect to see more terrain from me soon.

Necromunda Terrain Convert Or Die (1)Necromunda Terrain Convert Or Die (2)Necromunda Terrain Convert Or Die (6)Necromunda Terrain Convert Or Die (7)Necromunda Terrain Convert Or Die (8)Necromunda Terrain Convert Or Die (9)Necromunda Terrain Convert Or Die (10)Necromunda Terrain Convert Or Die (11)

Convert Or Die Necromunda Terrain (1)Convert Or Die Necromunda Terrain (2)

I don’t think I’ve shown this bit of ruin before (with almost 400 posts on the blog now it’s getting hard to keep track). It’s an older piece but I reckoned it would tie in nicely here.

Necromunda Terrain Convert Or Die (5)Necromunda Terrain Convert Or Die (4)Necromunda Terrain Convert Or Die (3)

19 responses to “Take Cover! – Part 1

  • savageddt

    Looking great so far mate, good luck with collecting more

  • imperialrebelork

    Lovely work mate. I love terrain! Have you seen the new gear coming out from GW for their kill team games? Looks ace. I enjoy building my terrain but definitely love painting good quality terrain too. Not sure if you’re on instagrams but take a look at what a fella in the states is doing with his terrain. He calls himself Dark_tech. I’ll try and link something.

    • Wudugast

      Hadn’t checked out Dark_tech’s stuff for a while, he’s added some nice stuff since last time I looked so cheers for the reminder.

      Yeah, I’m very excited about the new terrain coming from GW. I’ve been saving up for some terrain for a while so it’s come at just the right time. All those statues are going to look cracking, very much the crumbling Imperial grandure I’m looking for.

  • Azazel

    A nice start for sure. I found my Necro bits a few days ago, too!

  • Pandoras Bitz Box

    These look lovely, i should try and do a scenery post myself this year with an unpainted, scratch made building and two ad mech kits that are still on the sprue, im feeling some shame. The necromund sceneey looks great and im pretty excited about the faction specific kill team scenery.

    Looking for seeing more cool posts more like this to inspire me!

    • Wudugast

      Get that scenery built mate 🙂 I’m also in constant need of inspiration! Looking forward to seeing some pictures of that scratch built building, that’s something I’ve yet to manage but have often aspired to.

      • Pandoras Bitz Box

        Its nothinh crazy, but its one of the few non-ruins we have. I also have this idea i stillbwant ti try, which seems a little over ambitious… 2 ruins that fit together to make a whole one.

  • Alex

    Nice job mate – fair do’s, GeeDub are killing it with their terrain these days!

    • Wudugast

      They really are doing a cracking job at the moment. Well timed too, I’ve been planning to make a terrain board for years but I’ve only just got around to it!

  • Alexis West

    The barricades and bulkheads and stuff from the new Necromunda box are pretty fun to work on. Lots of variety there. I got totally carried away with the rust on mine. The more restrained look here shows them off much better.

    • Wudugast

      The stuff from the Necromunda box are great aren’t they? I thought I’d gone a bit mad on the rust but now I’m thinking I could do some that are even filthier! I’ll try to do a variety though, so that the duplicate pieces don’t end up too samey.

  • Pete S/ SP

    Nice work there.

  • Faust

    More dirt, haha! It might be the light, but they look just shy of the completely filthy, dirty, grimy look. In my experience, I just can’t seem to get them dirty enough. Mine are shinier than yours, I’m sure.

    Really nice rust stains and I like that broken pipe piece. Have you tackled the tentacle monster yet?

  • steinbergshedspace

    Love the terrain so far. Can’t wait to see more.

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