The Irondogs – Part 3

Right – after a long day at the forge taking the metal we bought off filthy Orlocks and turning into something the equally filthy Van Saars can use to make weapons for (presumably also filthy) offworlders to shoot aliens with, it’s time to down-tools, grab a few mates and head down into the Underhive looking for a scrap. Since I first started working on my Goliath gang Necromunda has grown wonderfully. We now have hangers-on, bounty hunters, brutes, hive scum, pets, even a squat. The starting gangs have been bolstered by five more; the Orlocks, Van Saars, Chaos Cults, Genestealer Cults and Venators. I’m rather taken with both the clean, sci-fi look of the Van Saars and the biker gang style Orlocks, although I’ll admit that I’ve always been particularly interested in (the as-yet unreleased) Cawdor and Delaque. Throw in the fact that I have a natural affiliation to Chaos, a long-standing desire to join a Genestealer Cult and a love of coming up with gangs and warbands of my own design, and it’s clear that I’m going to be delving into the setting in force over the coming months. What’s more, unlike Warhammer, 40k or Age of Sigmar, I’ve actually managed to get my head around the basic rules after a couple of bashes at the starting scenario, so who knows – I may even end up getting a few games in.

It certainly seems a lot more smooth and straightforward than 40k, a game bogged down by all its turns and tables. That said they still insist on confusing me with their insistence on measuring things in inches – it’s 2018 guys, what the hell is an inch?! That minor quibble aside it does look like a lot of fun to play, and as fun games demand painted miniatures (and that’s why we’re all here right?) it’s time to break out the brushes and get to work on another unreformable brute with a face only a knuckle could love.

Goliaths Necromunda Convert Or Die (2)Goliaths Necromunda Convert Or Die (1)Goliaths Necromunda Convert Or Die (3)

Naturally old Grak was getting a bit worried guarding the gang turf by himself but now Rex is here things seem a little easier. Life is better with a friend after all!

Goliaths Necromunda Convert Or Die (4)

26 responses to “The Irondogs – Part 3

  • imperialrebelork

    Very nicely painted mate and yeah what’s with he inch thing? I could understand if the game originally came from the US but I think the UK stopped using inches back when Mr Churchill decided to give cigars a go. I haven’t got hold of any Van Saar yet but the plan is to get at least one box of each gang. Not really for the game more so just to use for me delicious kitbashing.

    • Wudugast

      It’s a generation thing, I know plenty of older people who only use inches but I haven’t used inches since school and I find them really abstract to use.

      The gangs are just cracking aren’t they, even if I wasn’t interested in the game I’d be after them for the kitbashing potential. I’ve been enjoying what you’ve done with them so far, looking forward to seeing what you come up with using the Van Saar 😎

  • Alex

    I’m really loving these gangers mate, the dusty blues & browns are spot on, and the flesh-tones are bloody lovely!
    Oh, and inches are awesome dude… Fact. It is the perfect unit of measurement for 28mm wargaming, and for penis boasting.

    • Wudugast

      Aye, if it wasn’t for the gentlemanly art of penis boasting I reckon the humble inch would be long extinct. I’m still not convinced of its place in wargaming though. At least partly I put that down to not really “thinking” in inches, so that when, for example, someone says “this weapon has a range of 20 inches” I’ve got to really work my brain to get a feel for how far that’s likely to be. It may just be my dyslexia making trouble for me but it creates another layer of abstraction between me and the action on the tabletop. That said I do measure people (not just their organs!) in Imperial (eg that bloke is six foot four and weighs fourteen stone) but things in metric (the table he’s leaning on is 2 metres long) and I drive in miles but walk in kilometres so maybe I’m just messed up?

      Glad you like the colour scheme, rather pleased with it myself especially as it took a lot of interpretation to make sense of my notes from back in January.

      • Alex

        Oh, don’t get me started on miles vs. kilometers… my wife and I both run, but I do it in miles, while her watch-thingy insists on km… bloody typical innit? 🙂

      • Wudugast

        Ah see if I’m on foot km is great but as soon as I’m behind the wheel metric is right out. Actually maybe I should try setting up some games in the back of the car, that might solve all my problems. 😉

        One thing that will never change though, I’ll always drink in pints 😀

  • Thomas

    Inches are marvellously anachronistic. Certainly not the rational nor logical choice but it’s what we use.

    The gangers look cool. Excellent skin.

    My personal favourite so far is the Van Saars. They look so damn sci-fi it hurts. I think I have to pick up that kit for use in Kill Team.

  • Faust

    Really nice Wudu! I like how all their chest plates (at least so far) are metal, and you kept them pretty drab with grey, but some small spot of red here and there. What did you use for the red/green buttons on his arm bracelet? I tried that sort of thing on mine, but I probably need to go back and redo it.

    It’s also interesting, that one of my fears in painting these guys, was worrying about them looking too similar. But you manage to make them look very different, without a lot of variation in armor/clothing. Kudos on that man!

    I think you swapped heads on some of the guys, and looks likes some arm repositioning too?

    Ace job, I can marvel at these all day. Really good job on the metals and especially at the skin! 😀

    • Wudugast

      Thank you for the high praise! 😀 Basically the scheme you see here is the one I’ll be using for the whole gang, so (unless I change my mind!) it’ll be bare metal for everyone. My thinking is that the Goliaths are practical to a fault, they won’t have anything ostentatious. Why waste time painting your armour when that serves no practical purpose? Plus physical appearance is king for a Goliath, he doesn’t want fancy armour distracting attention from his muscles!

      For the red dots on the arm I think I used Mephiston red with a tiny spot of wild rider. For the green it would be warboss with a spot of moot green.

      I’m with you on trying to make sure they look different, the Goliaths do run the risk of ending up a little uniform and that’s something I was keen to avoid. We’ll see how well I manage to keep it up with the rest of the gang. The Eschers and Orlocks should be easier to make individual and I’m planning to make my Van Saar as uniform as possible (which will be a change of pace for me!).

      • Faust

        Haha, “No distracting from mah man muscles!!!”. Wow, those dots really popped for just being regular colors. I’m going to have to look at mine again. I think I tried some fluorescent red (which failed) and a green. The green probably needed a bit of a border around it, to work better.

        I think you’ll pull off the individual look of the Goliaths really nicely. You have a good eye for picking out which details to enhance and which to leave the way they are.

        I’m both excited and worried about painting the Eschers. It’s a set of minis that can really benefit from creativity and a wide range of patterns and colors.

      • Wudugast

        Well thank you again!  Yeah, the Eschers are going to push me out of my comfort zone as well, but it’s a challenge I’m excited about. I don’t usually let myself play with bright colours!

      • Faust

        I have them lined up after the Van Saar, as it’s the team she was interested in. But I might want a break in between.

      • Wudugast

        Yeah, the Eschers I’ll be painting are for my partner. I’ll probably end up painting them alongside the Goliaths to keep things varied. Plus all the other dozens of projects clamouring for my attention at any given moment…

  • Alexis West

    GW use inches because the last time they tried releasing a game in cm, the colonies revolted and threw all the Battlefleet Gothic sets in the harbour 😉

    • Wudugast

      Yeah, I know the American market would rebel at metric measuring so GW will never dare switch over, which is fair enough really – they need to follow the money. I know I’m not onto a winner here 😉
      That said whilst I fully support chucking tea into the harbour (it’s a pretty hideous drink and anything to escape London rule is to be embraced really) but Battlefleet Gothic? I heard it was a pretty good game. Get some divers down there!

      • Alexis West

        Yeah, BFG was fun, even tho I’m terrible at it. Actually, LotR would probably have been a better example. I don’t know anyone (in person) who’s ever played it, tho I do know a few (including me) who have a few figs just because they like those characters or for D&D or something.

      • Wudugast

        LotR is a funny one actually because I never got into it at all. I’m not sure why, I loved the books, loved the films, love other miniature games so you’d think I’d be all over it but it’s never really grabbed me. I’ve met quite a few people who are or were into it, especially when they find out I’m into miniatures, but none of them have been into 40k or Warhammer. It’s almost like a whole different hobby, people seem to have either been into the Warhammers (of one type or another) or LotR but not both. Back when I was at university, before I was really into this kind of thing, I had some mates who joined the university gaming society to play some 40k and they said no-one else was interested, it was just Blood Bowl or LotR. Think that was probably just a local phenomenon though.

  • Pandoras Bitz Box

    I think these guys look awesome. I really like the weathering on the armour, weathering is something i really want to get into to improve my minis. Also the skin, i really need to practice skintone and i really impressed by the job you’ve done one these guys. Very cool.

    Ice never played Necromunda, id like to give it a go but we have no time to play the games we are familiar with. I will probably try to get into kill team at some point with the models i already have. I love little skirmish games.

    • Wudugast

      I know, I’m really getting into the idea of playing some Necromunda but at the same time I know I struggle to find time to paint, and I only have a few real life friends who might be up for a game and the nearest of them lives more than 200 miles away. Is that going to stop me? Certainly not! Plus my partner is up for giving it a shot, just as soon as I’ve got her Eschers painted…

      I do like the look of Kill Team too, mostly because it’s a fine excuse to model some crazy conversions and explore races that I otherwise wouldn’t.

      As for weathering I really enjoy it, and it’s ludicrously straightforward once you get used to it. Real life is a bit hectic at the moment for writing long blogs and tutorials but once things settle down a bit I’ll try to do a few “how to’s” on things I get asked a lot.

      • Pandoras Bitz Box

        That would be awesome, although im happy enough to wait. With 2 children under 3, i very much appreciate how reality can hinder hobbies.

        I do enjoy your quickfire posts on the odd model here and there. I find it impressive how quickly your getting them out, and i look forward to the little surprises thst crop up in between the other few blogs i follow. That being said, id love to read a more in depth one, if you save that for a weathering tutorial i’ll just start rubbing my hands together now with Antipation…

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